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How Do You Fancy An Airline Using *your* Photo's?

Fri Aug 17, 2001 7:57 pm

This is a serious request! You photo's could be used by a major UK based airline.

I'm working with this airline to roll out a new email and calendar system, and we are going to personalise this to include a different picture for each month.

What we're looking for is a set of 12 photographs (quality not too important) to go along with each month. So either different weather conditions or perhaps a different number of aircraft in each shot, 1-12?
The idea behind this is that each photo should signify the month in some way.

I can't say who the airline is until we choose a collection I'm afraid, and we can't offer any money. However, we can offer the opportunity for your photo's to be seen by *every* single member of the airline, from receptionists through to cabin crew and flight crew. You'll also have the honour of being able to tell everyone you know that our airline has used your photographs!

We may even be able to dig out some insider airline goodies for you if they are good enough!

If you want to email me photo's, or have any questions then please email me at: warren.elsmore@gecits-eu.com and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for you help!
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RE: How Do You Fancy An Airline Using *your* Photo

Fri Aug 17, 2001 8:46 pm

I have emailed you

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RE: How Do You Fancy An Airline Using *your* Photo

Sat Aug 18, 2001 4:36 pm

Sounds interesting. I do not have shots of every UK airline, but who knows I may have this one  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
I wish I were flying
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RE: How Do You Fancy An Airline Using *your* Photo

Tue Aug 21, 2001 11:13 am

I emailed you as well.

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