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My Screenshots

Thu Jun 06, 2002 6:33 am

Hey there!

Considering as of now I do not own a webpage to post my screenshots on, I will instead post a list of all the screenshots I have and if you would like to see any, you can email me.

My email is JetBlueAirbusA320@yahoo.com

Simply tell me the photo ID(s) and I will be more then happy to send the shots to you (JPEG form or BMP, your choice) free of charge. This is not an advertisment so I can brag about some dots on my computer screen but simply a way for me to show you my work until I get a web page running and I can post my pix directly onto a forum page! (If you think admin is gonna have a problem, please send me an URGENT email so I can delete this post as quickly as possible to avoid trouble.)

Thanks A Lot!

Album 1 (*=Reccomended)

000001- American Airlines MD80 “Criss Cross Contrails”*
000002- American Airlines MD80 “Passing Through Clouds”*
000003- American Airlines MD80 “Over Chicago”*
000004- American Airlines MD80 “Cloud Explorer”*
000005- American Airlines MD80 “Moon Chaser”*
000006- British Midlands B737-500 “Over the River and Through the Clouds”
000007- British Midlands B737-500 “Down the Foggy River”
000008- China Airlines A300-600 “Flower Power”*
000009- China Airlines A300-600 “A Perfect Day for Flying”*
000010- China Airlines A300-600 “Look At Me, I Am Airborne!”
000011- China Airlines A300-600 “This Side of the Sun”
000012- China Airlines A300-600 “Going To Soak Up the Sun”
000013- China Airlines A300-600 “Thunder Borne”
000014- China Airlines A300-600 “Winging It”*
000015- Indian Airlines A320-231 “Behind the Contrail”
000016- Delta Express B737-200 “Chicago Bound”*
000017- Delta Airlines B757-200 “Contrail Chaser”*
000018- Delta Airlines MD90 “Sunset Belly”*
000019- Indian Airlines A320-231 “The Rollercoaster”*
000020- Indian Airlines A320-231 “Cloudy Day”
000021- Indian Airlines A320-231 “Leaving the Thunder Down Under”*
000022- Indian Airlines A320-231 “Thunder Cloud”
000023- Indian Airlines A320-231 “Reach For the Sun”
000024- KLM Royal Dutch B767-400 “Raking the Clouds”*
000025- Indian Airlines A320-231 “Cloud Bound”
000026- Tango A320-231 “Look At Me Go, Mr. Contrail!”
000027- Tango A320-231 “Farther Down the Contrail”
000028- Tango A320-231 “Departure at Sunrise”
000029- Tango A320-231 “Night Line”*
000030- Tango A320-231 “Northern Sunset”*
000031- Tango A320-231 “Tango In the Pink Skies”*
000032- Thomas Cook A320-200 “Exploring El Prat”
000033- Thomas Cook A320-200 “Cockpit Contrails”
000034- Thomas Cook A320-200 “Leaving El Prat Behind”
000035- United Airlines B757-200 “Chicago Go Bye Bye!”
000036- Delta Airlines B757-200 “Foggy Chicago”*****
000037- Virgin Sun A320-200 “Touch Down In...Nowhere Land”
000038- Virgin Sun A320-200 “Virgin Sun is Rolling”
000039- Delta Airlines MD90 “Steep Fall at Dawn”
000040- Lan Chile A320-200 “Looking Out the Window at the Wing at Sunset”*

End Album 1

Remember- JetBlueAirbusA320@yahoo.com

Dont be bashful!

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