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AA Buisness Class 762/763 Cabin

Mon Aug 05, 2002 4:16 pm

Any pics out there of the AA 767-200 and 767-300 Buisness (and maybe first) class pics?
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RE: AA Buisness Class 762/763 Cabin

Tue Aug 06, 2002 6:28 am

Well...sorry i don't have pics, but if you have flown on a MD-80 or 737, the biz class has the same seat for biz. The black chair with the economy color middle section. Configuration is 2-2-2. For First Class, imagine a 777 Pacific first class, except the middle section has only one seat (2-1-2)...

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RE: AA Buisness Class 762/763 Cabin

Wed Aug 14, 2002 12:44 am

I took some pics back in Jan 2001 of the AA 762 I was on. I think I have pics of all three classes. If I have time I will try to dig around soon and send them to you. (Keep in mind tho, that they are not necessarily A.N quality)

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RE: AA Buisness Class 762/763 Cabin

Wed Aug 21, 2002 7:57 am

Just imagine the MD-80/737 first class seats. Add some width, height,recline, a legrest, footrest, and much more legroom.

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