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Conair DC-6 C-GHCB In Auckland 1996

Tue Sep 24, 2002 2:52 pm

Hi there

For some reason, I was reminded today of the aerial spraying campain that occured in Auckland in 1996 to eradicate the white spotted tussock moth, which had somehow got into the country, possible in shipping containers. A Conair DC-6, C-GHCB, was used to battle this pest, and I recall being woken by it on more than one occaision - not that I was complaining, nothing like a classics prop at 50 feet above your house - everything rattling and all. I managed to get some pictures, but I think they may only have been on a disposable camera (i.e. quality two thumbs down), and they are hidden somewhere back home in Auckland. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else out there knew of pictures of this awesome sight floating around out there, and could point me to them (or upload them to if they're yours, I guess Smile) There is only one of it in the database here, on the ground at Whenuapai.

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Photo © Harry Follas


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