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Spring 2003 Wishlist Of Photos From SAN

Wed May 07, 2003 10:21 pm

This is the spring 2003 version of my previous upload requests for more photographs from San Diego's Lindbergh Field. Thanks go out to Tony Zeljeznjak, David Alders, Jose Carreno, Mike Bates, Mike "Rotor" Nowak, Bryan Painter, James Richard Covington, Chris Novak, Jeremy Irish, and Kevin Trinkle for taking the time to upload some great SAN photos in the last four months. I hope to see more uploads from these photographers and others over the next few months.

Obviously, some of the types listed below no longer fly to SAN. However, a good number of them fly in on a regular basis and could be photographed easily. Some new types being scheduled into SAN now or soon include the JetBlue A320, Delta MD-88, and Frontier A319. Other airlines are using smaller aircraft than normal on their routes so it should be possible to get photos of the America West 733 & A319, Continental 73G, and Northwest A319. Would love to see photos of these aircraft on Thanks in advance to anyone able to oblige.

Aeromexico: 757
Airborne Express: 762
Air Cal: 737, MD-80
Air Canada: A319
Alaska: 727, 73G, 739, all aircraft in old colors
America West: 733, A319, all aircraft in old colors
American: 707, 727, 763, DC-10
American Trans Air: 727, 757
BAX: 727
Braniff version 2: 727
Canadian: 732
Continental: 727, 73G, A300, all aircraft in old colors
Delta: MD-80, MD-90 and 733 in new colors; MD-80, 738 in 1997 colors; DC-10, 727, 757, 767, MD-80 in pre-1997 colors.
Eastern: 757
Express net: A300
Fedex: A300, A310; 727 in old livery
Flying Tigers: 727
Frontier: CRJ, A319
Hawaiian: DC-10 used for scheduled service
JetBlue: A320
Markair: 737
National: 727
Northwest: A319
Northwest Orient: DC-10
Pan Am: 727, 737
Piedmont: 727, 733
PSA: 727, DC-9, MD-80, Bae-146
Republic: 727 in older colors, DC-9 & 727 in final livery
Ryan International: L-1011
Sun Country: 727
TWA: 727, 767 in old colors
United: 747, 767, DC-10 in old colors
UPS: DC-8, 727
US Airways: A320, MD-80, Bae 146, BAC 1-11
Western: 727, 737, DC-10(All color schemes)

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