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After These Photos Of YK4s By Pakistani Airlines

Fri Sep 12, 2003 6:45 pm

I am after the following photographs to purchase.

They need to be of a good quality, for instance free from clutter, the registration and airline titles clearly visible, sharp and clear, ideally good light, etc.

YK4 RA-42345 in Aero Asia colours
YK4 RA-42374 " " "
YK4 RA-42425 " " "
YK4 RA-42433 " " "

YK4 RA-42354 in Bhoja Airlines colours
YK4 RA-42412 " " "
YK4 RA-42413 " " "

TU5 RA-85773 in Shaheen colours
TU5 RA-85777 " " "
TU5 RA-85816 " " "



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