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377 Stratocruiser

Sat May 22, 2004 1:17 am

Back in the late 40's & early 50's decade,was the Airliner known as the 377 Stratocruiser.Only 5 Airlines back then flew with this Boeing Propliner,Panam,United, Northwest,BOAC & AOA. The big STRAT had a few nick names back then like---Castle in the Skies,Queen of the Airways & this one-- Pilots Parlor in the skies! The mighty STRAT was roomy & had both large bathrooms for the ladies & men. Downstairs at 2500ft & enjoying cocktails by way of the spiral staircase in the 14 people lounge! At night when it was time to settle in,you could have your own berth made up with private curtains & a window to look out. This really had to be the way to travel & enjoy flying in luxury back then! Only a decade gone by & it was all overwith. The big jets had arrived in the shape of the 707. Even then the mighty STRAT pressed on into the 70's but only to serve as a C-97/KC-97 cargolifter & airtanker with the USAF & Air National Guard units. The airframe also went on to be made into the famous Flying Guppy program. NASA today still flys one around. But even today & over fifty yrs old you can get to see a real "Airworthy" Boeing STRAT/C-97G. SHE is owned & operated by the BAHF from Toms River NJ.The big STRAT now rests in the big hangar in Brooklyn NYC. This aircraft will soon become a "Flying Museum of Cold War history.What many stories this mighty STRAT has to tell when SHE comes alive again! Lets here a few of your travel on the Mighty STRAT & the sound of those huge 4 P&W 4360 radial engines turning.
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RE: 377 Stratocruiser

Sat May 29, 2004 7:15 am

This was probably the single aircraft I never got a chance to fly on but wish I could have.

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