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I usually use CO, as I used to live in Houston and now live in EDI, so have racked up quite a few miles on both CO and KLM (used to have to connect in AMS to get to EDI from IAH) and like the service on both. In late Nov. Am planning a trip from either EDI or GLA to SIN to meet up w/ friends. Am currently Gold Onepass and will be Platinum by Nov, so mileage upgrade to WBC on KLM would not pose any difficulties (if space is available). I was wondering if EK allows Onepass members to do mileage upgrades, as I've heard their C service is amazing. Either way, both options would mean new equipment for me...KLM AMS-SIN on a 744 would be my first trip on such, and EK's GLA-DBX A330 and DBX-SIN 773 would both be new equipment. I'm leaning towards KLM, as I'm not sure for how much longer I'll have an opportunity to try out a 744 (most of my segments are transatlantic...CO T7's, 764's, 762's, and 752's). Is the new WBC up and running on most of the 744 fleet? Also, how does it compare to BusinessFirst? Would also appreciate any takes on EK's C service. And now that I think of it, CO should be skyteam by then, so I guess AF through CDG on their 773 CDG-SIN service is also an option.

Anyhow, appreciate any input y'all might have. On a completely unrelated note, am chuffed about a new a/c & route I get to try at the end of Aug. CO 622/1794 (IAH-LAX-IAH 753...& The red-eye!) Hopefully I can get a complimentary F upgrade, otherwise, will need to tank up in the prez club for that red eye...Y in a 753 sounds dubious.
Also get to try out the new EWR-EDI CO service in Sep. A 752 Transatlantic is always fun. Used to do the EWR-BHX run frequently. Some may gripe about crossing the pond in a narrow-body, but I've always felt it was a unique experience. Must say, though...T7 CO IAH-LGW is hard to beat in comparison. Will be sure to post trip reports when done.

Thanks for the input,

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