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What Airlines Would You Like To See At Akl

Wed Sep 22, 2004 7:42 pm

hi fellow kiwi's

just a basic topic,

if you had the choice what airlines would you like to see at akl,

mine would be;

1. Air China
2. British Airways
3. Northwest Airlines
4. United - please come back to us
5. Air India
6. Air France
7. Lufthansa
8. Hawaian
9. SAA
10. JAL
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RE: What Airlines Would You Like To See At Akl

Wed Sep 22, 2004 8:30 pm

I would like to see JAL return or ANA fly there. I know they both operate charters throughout the year to AKL. When I was last in AKL in April, there was an ANA B744 that was operatng a series of flights Japan-Auckland, and onto Samoa or one of the other nearby islands.

Air China did fly Beijing-Shanghai-Sydney-Auckland at one point , twice a week B744 service sometime around 2000, but it only lasted like 6 months the most.
China Eastern would also be another likely contender. At AKL I saw some special check in counters for them, must have been a special series of charters from Shanghai.

Also, does EVA Air fly their own planes there, or is it a code share purely on NZ metal?

Would be nice to see UA return again.
With SAA joining Star, perhaps there might be some codeshare with NZ, like extend the JNB-PER, or launch JNB-MEL-AKL. MEL could do with a direct feed to South Africa. There is a very large South African population in NZ.

I would like to see Varig fly to AKL. Star could do with a feed between the Pacific and South America, and a code share with NZ would work well. But can their 777s make it? However, I doubt RG are in any fit financial shape to take on a route like this.

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RE: What Airlines Would You Like To See At Akl

Wed Sep 22, 2004 8:37 pm

EVA Air do fly to Auckland but only during the New Zealand summer, rest of the year is code-sharing on NZ. China Eastern during the winter months operated charter flights because of the New Zealand Ski season. I hear these flights were nearly always full. ANA operate charter cargo flights to CHC to bring cars over, mostly during the winter months.
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