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All Your Flight Log

Wed Sep 29, 2004 9:07 pm

I am interested to read what flights has everyone flown. I hope others will not be offended (i.e. "show-off" offense). My purpose is hobby-related-----I enjoy reading old timetables, flight guides and see what airline, what aircraft are flown on certain routes. I am also collecting data on flights that are not listed anywhere like charter flights, refugee/relief flights, hajj flights, military charters, head of state/entourage flights, Antarctic flights, etc.

The basic data that I would like to hear are: name of the airline, the flight routing (will appreciate the entire route of your flight number even if you only flown one segment of it) and the specific type of aircraft and the year or decade. You can add any memorable experiences you've had during that flight. For those who have flown countless times----just the ones that sound exotic, memorable or those flights not listed in timetables or flight guides will be appreciated.

I will try to repost this thread once a year for new members and for everyone who keeps adding data into their flight logbook.

To start, here are the ones I can remember:

PA Pan Am 747-100 Manila - Saigon 1975 my very first flight----Economy was First Class service and people dressed up to fly!

PA Pan Am 747-100 Saigon - Manila return flight. I saw SQ 737-100, TG DC833, VN 707-320C, VN DC6B, VN DC3, CX 707-320C, another 747 by AF,
(2) Flying Tigers DC8-63F (doing relief flights to Phnom Penh), Bird Air DC6F---all parked at Tan Son Nhut Airport in SGN
These PA flights were extensions of PA flight 841 SFO-HNL-GUM-MNL continuing to SGN

PR Philippine BAC-111-500 Legazpi - Manila 1984 Breathtaking view of the world famous perfect cone Mayon Volcano after take-off. The plane semi-circled the volcano showing its narrow crater!!!

JL Japan DC863 Manila - Tokyo Narita 1983

IR IranAir 707-320C Tokyo - Peking - Tehran 1983 --- my worst turbulence experience ever in my life when plane was over the Himalayas! Return flight to Tokyo was the same airline and aircraft. I saw PK 707, CA (CAAC livery) 747SP, CA IL-62, CA Trident, CA 707, CA IL-14, CA IL-18 at Peking's Capital Airport. The only 2 international airlines at PEK at that time were our IR and PK.

JL Japan 747-200 Tokyo - HongKong 1983 my first and only checkerboard approach into KaiTak. People get scared with that sudden jolt and turn when the plane is very close to the ground!

Cathay Pacific CX L1011-200 HongKong - Manila 1983

Will post more next time. And thanks for all your data and for posting!
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RE: All Your Flight Log

Thu Sep 30, 2004 3:45 am

All of my flying experiences are basically summed up at:
My own personal route map is at:

I do have a recorded log, but I don't feel like typing all that information out. Perhaps someday I'll transfer it onto the website above.

It's an entirely different kind of flying; all together.
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RE: All Your Flight Log

Thu Sep 30, 2004 7:20 am


Here are the legs from my RTW trip back in 2002.


LHR-BKK QF B747-400 leaving T4 at 2200 hours

Vientiane (Laos)-Hanoi Vietnam Airlines I believe it was a Fokker.

Saigon-Singapore Vietnam Airlines A321

Singapore-Cairns (via Brisbane) QF 767-300

Sidney-AKL QF B747-300 (one of those funny looking planes) worst approach ever into AKL, thought we where going to ditch in the water  Smile

AKL-Nadi Air Pacific 737NG? With winglets

Nadi-LAX Air Pacific B747-200!!! Great airplane though six!!! hours late due to mechanical problems.

Finally Montreal Dorval-LHR BA B777-200 and LHR-ARN BA A319.

Great fun. That is how a RTW trip ticket can be on OneWorld. (except the Vietnam airlines flights)

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RE: All Your Flight Log

Thu Sep 30, 2004 7:43 am

Standard airline stuff so far, but the most interesting was a flight from Belize City to San Pedro in a Tropic Air Cessna Caravan. I was in the right seat and before we took off he said "If anything happens to me, push these (the throttles) all the way up." I said "Ok."

Good thing I had soloed that year.
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RE: All Your Flight Log

Thu Sep 30, 2004 11:26 am

UA, ORD-LGA, Nov 2001 - I was sitting on the left side of a B727 on final approach to LGA when I looked out the window saw the World Trade Center missing for the first time. I could even see a little bit of smoke from its remainder. My gf at the time was sitting next to me and could not say a word. Most passengers looked awestruck and undoubtedly saddened and there was a slight eerie feeling all throughout the plane after landing. It was as if we were all blessed to be alive. I'll never forget that.

UA, ORD-LGA, Aug 2001 - I reversed the chronology intentionally... because two months earlier, once again in a B727 and again sitting on the left side on final approach to LGA with my then gf sitting next to me, we had just talked about how beautiful the WTC and the Empire State Building were and how majestic Manhattan looked at night with all its surrounding buildings... seen from the air. It was her first time at NYC at the time and could not believe Manhattan's densely populated set-up. Passengers, most of them appearing to be New Yorkers, were talking during approach and seemingly could not wait to get home.

UA, ORD-LAS, many times - The approach to LAS never ceases to amaze me... initially complete darkness and then out of nowhere here come the lights! First the Stratosphere's sheer colorful height and then The Luxor's super high beam pointed straight upward... and then the rest of the lights with every hotel recognizeable even from way up in the air. Along the same lines, taking off westbound in the daytime over Bryce Canyon is also a magnificent sight.

UA, ORD-HKG, April 2002 - I have flown this route a few times in the past... and the sights while flying over Alaska/Bering Strait/Polar Region always capture my attention. I love it when my eyes can't seperate clouds from horizon, where it's white all around and instead of boats floating on water it's broken glaciers. It's a good almost-halfway break from the long 16.5 hour flight.

Cebu Pacific, MNL-ZAM, Dec. 03 - Zamboanga is a tiny province further south of Manila and about an hour and a half flight away. En route was normal as usual but the approach was incredible! We seemingly made many turns left and right at fairly low altitudes to avoid the mountains... and when we finally turned to final (looking out the window and almost completely turning my head around) I could actually see our flight path from the soft trails we emitted. It was like going through a labyrinth of green hills and mountains executed with precision. It was awesome!

Seair, Manila-Boracay, June 2004 - All throughout the flight we never flew any higher than 9,000ft so we could pretty much see everything below us... all the beautiful islands and peaceful waters with huge ships next to tiny boats not too far away from their fishing nets. And then during descent you can actually see the island and the hotels and the tricycles, etc. It was a rather windy day so it was twice the fun! Beautiful sights all around!
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RE: All Your Flight Log

Wed Oct 06, 2004 5:01 am

Ok, not as impressive as some!

LGW - Orlando (Virgin 747-200) 1992
Cardiff - Verona (737-?) 1999
LHR - BCN (737) 2003
LHR - LAX (Virgin 747-400) 2003
LHR - Miami (BA 777) 2004
LHR - JFK (Virgin 747-400) 2004
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RE: All Your Flight Log

Thu Oct 07, 2004 12:37 am

05.7.79 747-206B PH-BUH KLM AMS-Montreal-
22.2.80 727-? N? National IAH-MSY
24.2.80 727-100? N? National MCO-IAH
30.3.80 727-200 N? Continental IAH-WAS
06.4.80 727-200 N? Continental WAS-IAH
16.6.80 737-200 N73??F Frontier HOU-DEN
16.6.80 Cv580 N731?? Frontier DEN-Jackson Hole
28.6.80 Cv580 N73165 Frontier Jackson Hole-DEN
28.6.80 727-200 N? Continental DEN-ORD
29.6.80 747-206B PH-BUG KLM ORD-AMS
27.7.90 737-306 PH-BDP KLM PRG-AMS
17.1.91 A-320 F-GFKJ Air France CDG-AMS
11.7.91 737-248 EI-ASH Aer Lingus AMS-DUB
22.7.91 Bac111-5 EI-CDO Ryanair DUB-LTN
24.7.91 BAe146-1 G-BKMN Dan-Air London LGW-AMS
20.7.92 MD-87 LN-RMK SAS CPH-AMS
23.2.93 737-530 D-ABJC Lufthansa AMS-FRA
23.2.93 A310-203 D-AICB Lufthansa FRA-ATH
02.3.93 A300-603 D-AIAP Lufthansa ATH-FRA
02.3.93 737-230 D-ABHB Lufthansa FRA-AMS
23.7.93 F-100 G-UKFE Air UK AMS-STN
28.7.93 F-27 G-BMXD Air UK NWI-AMS
11.6.94 A310-2 PH-MCB Martinair AMS-LGW
27.1.95 727-230 TC-ALK Air Alfa AMS-IST
29.1.95 720-023B OD-AGB MEA IST-BEY
1.2.95 707-323C OD-AHD MEA BEY-LCA
15.2.95 A310-3 D-APOP MEA AMM-BEY
15.2.95 707-323B OD-AHF MEA BEY-IST
19.2.95 A300B4 TC-ALN Air Alfa IST-MST-
10.9.95 767-3 PH-MCL Martinair AMS-LPA
10.9.95 767-3 PH-MCM Martinair LPA-AMS
2.11.95 757-2 TF-FIJ Icelandair AMS-KEF
4.11.95 757-2 TF-FIJ Icelandair KEF-JFK
10.11.95 L-1011-5 JY-AGB Royal Jordanian JFK-AMS
25.5.96 MD-11 HS-TMF Thai AW Int AMS-ZRH
27.5.96 MD-11 HS-TMG Thai AW Int ZRH-AMS
1.6.96 737-59D G-BVKC Br Midland AMS-LHR
2.6.96 737-5Q8 G-BVZI Br Midland LHR-AMS
8.8.96 Tu-154M RA-85625 Aeroflot AMS-SVO
9.8.96 Il-86 RA-86074 Aeroflot SVO-BKU-
16.8.96 Il-86 RA-86054 Aeroflot BKK-DEL
17.8.96 Tu-154M RA-85644 Aeroflot SVO-AMS
10.1.97 767-204E G-BRIG Britannia MST-LGW
12.1.97 737-3Y0 G-EZYA easyJet LTN-AMS
5.5.97 737-306 PH-BDC KLM AMS-BUD
7.5.97 737-406 PH-BDZ KLM BUD-AMS
30.9.97 F-70 PH-KZI KLM Cityhopper AMS-TRN
3.10.97 F-70 PH-KZF KLM Cityhopper TRN-AMS
21.11.97 737-3XX G-EZYE easyJet AMS-LTN
23.11.97 Visc-800 G-APEY HeliJet LTN-LTN
23.11.97 737-3XX G-EZYD easyJet LTN-AMS
24.1.98 F-70 PH-KZB KLM Cityhopper AMS-FRA-
17.3.98 A-320 HB-IJI Swissair AMS-GVA
21.3.98 727-2B6 CN-RMQ RAM RAK-CMN
21.3.98 737-4B6 CN-RNC RAM CMN-FES
23.3.98 B-1900D CN-RLB Regional AL FES-CMN
24.3.98 A-320 HB-IJO Swissair CMN-GVA
24.3.98 A-320 HB-IJL Swissair GVA-AMS
25.6.98 767-200 N646US US AW AMS-PHL
26.6.98 DHC-8-1 N838EX US AW Expr PHL-LGA
5.7.98 F-100 N864US US AW DCA-PHL
5.7.98 767-200 N653US US AW PHL-AMS
31.7.98 L-749 Constellation N494TW MATS/Connie Group ENS-ANR
30.10.98 737-33A 9H-ADI Air Malta AMS-MLA
6.11.98 737-3Y5 9H-ABR? Air Malta MLA-AMS
26.12.98 146-200 OO-DJG Sabena AMS-BRU
26.12.98 RJ100 OO-DWE Sabena BRU-FLR
2.1.99 RJ85 OO-DJO Sabena FLR-BRU
2.1.99 146-200 OO-DJJ Sabena BRU-AMS
19.3.99 737-3XX TC-IAC Istanbul AL AMS-IST
22.3.99 737-3XX TC-IAC Istanbul AL IST-AMS
19.5.99 777-222 N783UA United AL AMS-IAD
19.5.99 747-422 N109UA United AL IAD-DEN
21.5.99 757-222 N550UA United AL DEN-SFO
25.5.99 737-322 N397UA United AL SFO-LAX
29.5.99 777-222 N788UA United AL LAX-LHR
30.5.99 767-322 N656UA United AL LHR-AMS
11.8.99 767-3 PH-MCI Martinair AMS-Windsor Locks
11.8.99 Windsor-EWR
14.8.99 Saab 340 N305AE American Eagle JFK-BOS
15.8.99 MD-82 N555AN American AL BOS-JFK
17.8.99 757-231 N707TW TWA JFK-STL
17.8.99 757-231 N715TW TWA STL-ANC
18.8.99 DC-3 N1944M Era Classic AL ANC-ANC
19.8.99 L-188 Electra N1968M Reeve Aleutian ANC-Port Heiden
Port Heiden-Sand Point
Sand Point-ANC
22.8.99 757-232 N639DL Delta AL FAI-ANC
23.8.99 Cv580 N569JA Era AL ANC-Kenai
23.8.99 DHC-6 N886EA Era AL Kenai-ANC
24.8.99 757-231 N720TW TWA ANC-STL
25.8.99 767-3YO N691LF TWA STL-JFK
25.8.99 767-3 PH-MCL Martinair EWR-AMS
26.10.99 CRJ-100 D-ACJB Lufthansa Cityline AMS-MUC
26.10.99 A321 D-AIRF Lufthansa MUC-LIS
28.10.99 Emb 145 CS-TPJ Portugalia LIS-FAO
1.11.99 A321 D-AIRY Lufthansa LIS-FRA
1.1.00 767-3 PH-MCH Martinair AMS-LPA
4.1.00 ATR-72 EC-HBU Binter Canarias LPA-TFN
4.1.00 ATR-72 EC-GRU Binter Canarias TFN-LPA
8.1.00 MD-11 PH-MCS Martinair LPA-AMS
12.3.00 747-400 PK-GSI Garuda AMS-SIN
13.3.00 SIN-CGK
13.3.00 DC-10-30 PK-GIB Garuda CGK-DPR
14.3.00 C-212 PK-AIA AirMark DPR-Mataram
14.3.00 CN-235 PK-NME Merpati Mataram-DPR
16.3.00 F-27 PK-MFF Merpati DPR-Mataram
16.3.00 F-28-4000 PK-MGG Merpati Mataram-Surabaya
16.3.00 737-230 PK-IJI Bouraq Surabaya-DPR
16.3.00 737-4 PK-GWL Garuda DPR-DRW
22.3.00 Cessna402 VH-NMQ Airnorth Regional DRW-Bathurst Island
22.3.00 Cessna402B VH-PEK Kakadu AW Bathurst Island-DRW
24.3.00 737-4 PK-GWQ Garuda DRW-DPR
24.3.00 737-3 PK-GGR Garuda DPR-CGK
25.3.00 747-4 PK-GSH Garuda CGK-SIN
25.3.00 SIN-AMS
7.5.00 737-8K2 PH-BXC KLM AMS-MUC
7.5.00 MUC-AMS
8.6.00 737-683 LN-RPY SAS AMS-CPH
8.6.00 DC-9-41 SE-DON SAS CPH-BGO
9.6.00 F-50 SE-LEZ Skyways BGO-ARN
11.6.00 MD-90-30 OY-KIM SAS ARN-CPH
12.6.00 DH-8-400 LN-RDQ SAS Commuter CPH-Arhus
12.6.00 Sh-330 OY-MUB Muk Air Aalborg-OSL
14.6.00 737-783 SE-DTG SAS BGO-OSL
14.6.00 MD-87 LN-RMP SAS OSL-AMS
29.6.00 RJ-100 HB-IYX Crossair AMS-ZRH
29.6.00 A-330-200 HB-IQM Swissair ZRH-EWR
2.7.00 MD-81 N805NK Spirit Airlines EWR-Myrtle Beach
3.7.00 737-200 N127NJ Vanguard Airlines Myrtle Beach-ATL
4.7.00 L-1011 Tristar N1734D Delta AL ATL-FLL
9.7.00 727-200 N2819W Delta AL MIA-ATL
9.7.00 717-200 N945AT AirTran ATL-MDW
9.7.00 727-200 N783AT American Trans Air MDW-BOS
10.7.00 A-330-200 HB-IQJ Swissair BOS-ZRH
11.7.00 RJ-100 HB-IYX Crossair ZRH-AMS
24.7.00 757-256 EC-FYN Iberia AMS-MAD
24.7.00 727-256 EC-GCM Iberia MAD-LIS
30.7.00 727-256 EC-CBA Iberia LIS-MAD
30.7.00 A-321 EC-HAE Iberia MAD-AMS
8.9.00 757-236 G-BIKR British AW AMS-LHR
10.9.00 757-236 G-BPEE British AW LHR-AMS
4.10.00 767-322 N646UA United AL AMS-LHR
4.10.00 747-422 N117UA United AL LHR-ORD
4.10.00 757-222 N586UA United AL ORD-MEX
8.10.00 A-320 N369MX Mexicana MEX-Huatulco
11.10.00 A-320 F-OHME Mexicana HUX-MEX
12.10.00 727-23 XA-SKC Aerol. Internacionales MEX-Aguascalientes
13.10.00 757-222 N527UA United AL MEX-ORD
14.10.00 777-222 N767UA United AL ORD-LHR
15.10.00 767-322 N661UA United AL LHR-AMS
29.11.00 737-8K2 PH-BXL KLM AMS-MXP
1.12.00 737-8K2 PH-BXK KLM MXP-AMS
3.1.01 737-330 D-ABEF Lufthansa AMS-FRA
3.1.01 A-319 D-AILH Lufthansa FRA-OTP
6.1.01 ATR-42 YR-ATG TAROM OTP-Timisoara
6.1.01 Saab 340 YR-VGN Carpatair Timisoara-Cluj
8.1.01 737-330 D-ABEN Lufthansa OTP-MUC
8.1.01 BAe RJ 85 D-AVRA Lufthansa Cityline MUC-AMS
16.2.01 777-222 N776UA United AL AMS-IAD
16.2.01 767-322 N667UA United AL IAD-SFO
17.2.01 Emb 120 N393SW Skywest-United Expr SFO-FAT
18.2.01 DC-9-51 N411EA Allegiant Air FAT-LAS
19.2.01 DHC-6 N232SA Scenic AL LVegNorth-Grand Canyon Airport
19.2.01 F-27 N278MA Eagle Canyon AL Grand Canyon-LAS
20.2.01 MD-83 N917TW TWA LAS-STL
20.2.01 DC-9-31 N979Z TWA STL-IAH
21.2.01 717-200 N951AT AirTran HOU-Gulfport B.
28.2.01 727-222 N7265U United AL FLL-ORD
28.2.01 777-222 N776UA United AL ORD-AMS
3.3.01 A-321 EI-CPG Aer Lingus AMS-DUB
4.3.01 Sh-360 EI-CPR Aer Arann DUB-Sligo
6.3.01 Sh-360 EI-CPR Aer Arann Sligo-DUB
7.3.01 737-548 EI-CDD Aer Lingus DUB-AMS
8.4.01 F-70 PH-KZC KLM Cityhopper AMS-TXL
10.4.01 737-306 PH-BDI KLM TXL-AMS
17.5.01 747-406 PH-BFS KLM AMS-MEX
22.5.01 F-100 XA-SHJ Mexicana MEX-GUA
23.5.01 BAC 1-11-4 TG-TJK Tikal Jets GUA-FRS
25.5.01 737-200 N127GU Aviateca-Grupo TACA FRS-CUN
26.5.01 J-32 N934AE Aerocaribe CUN-CZM
Aerocaribe CZM-CUN
737-200 N127GU Aviateca-Grupo TACA CUN-FRS
27.5.01 BAC 1-11-4 TG-TJK Tikal Jets FRS-GUA
28.5.01 F-100 XA-TCG Mexicana GUA-MEX
29.5.01 747-406 PH-BFP KLM Asia MEX-AMS
19.6.01 DC-10-30 N241NW Northwest AL AMS-MIA
23.6.01 G-73 Mallard N2969 Chalks Ocean AW FLL-PID
23.6.01 G-73 Mallard N142PA Chalks Ocean AW PID-FLL
24.6.01 DC-10-30 N220NW Northwest AL MIA-AMS
10.8.01 Avro RJ-85 OO-DJT Sabena/DAT AMS-BRU
10.8.01 A-320 OO-SNG Sabena BRU-MAD
12.8.01 A-319 OO-SSM Sabena MAD-BRU
12.8.01 Avro RJ100 OO-DWB Sabena/DAT BRU-AMS
22.8.01 ATR-42 PH-XLK KLM Exel EIN-CDG
25.8.01 MD-80 F-GRML Air Liberté (fnc) ORY-TLS
26.8.01 MD-80 F-GPZF Air Liberté (no tit) TLS-ORY
27.8.01 ATR-42 PH-XLE KLM Exel CDG-EIN
28.9.01 F-100 G-UKFM KLM uk AMS-EDI
1.10.01 737-300 G-EZYP easyJet EDI-BEL
2.10.01 737-200 EI-CKQ Ryanair LDY-STN
3.10.01 737-300 G-EZYJ easyJet LGW-AMS
8.11.01 ARJ-85 HB-IXF Crossair AMS-ZRH
8.11.01 MD-11 HB-IWP Swissair ZRH-HKG
14.11.01 MD-11 HB-IWL Swissair HKG-ZRH
14.11.01 ARJ-100 HB-IXW Crossair ZRH-AMS
3.12.01 747-412 9V-SMO Singapore AL AMS-EWR
5.12.01 A-320 N522JB JetBlue JFK-BUF
5.12.01 A-320 N521JB JetBlue BUF-JFK
8.12.01 DC-9-30 N846AT AirTran LGA-ATL
8.12.01 DC-9-30 N807AT AirTran ATL-FLL
11.12.01 Emb-120 N267CA Comair FLL-MCO
12.12.01 727-221 N367PA Pan Am SFB-Gary
13.12.01 777-212ER 9V-SVA Singapore AL ORD-AMS
13.1.02 737-3K2 PH-HVN Transavia AL AMS-BCN
15.1.02 737-3K2 PH-HVN Transavia AL BCN-AMS
15.3.02 A-319 G-EUPP British AW AMS-LHR
16.3.02 BAC 1-11-5 G-AZMF European Avtn BOU-BOU
17.3.02 757-236 G-CPEN British AW LHR-AMS
30.3.02 777-222 N774UA United AL AMS-IAD
30.3.02 777-222 N766UA United AL IAD-LAX
2.4.02 DC-9-14 XA-LAC Aerocalifornia TIJ-HMO
3.4.02 727-223 XA-TPV Aerol. Internacionales HMO-TIJ
5.4.02 747-422 N190UA United AL LAX-SYD
7.4.02 737-800 VH-VOG Virgin Blue SYD-OOL
10.4.02 767-300 VH-OGV Qantas BNE-SYD
13.4.02 767-300 VH-OGH Qantas SYD-MEL
14.4.02 Saab 340 VH-EKG Kendell AL MEL-CBR
14.4.02 Saab 340 VH-EKK Kendell AL CBR-SYD
15.4.02 747-400 N189UA United AL SYD-LAX
15.4.02 767-222 N615UA United AL LAX-JFK
17.4.02 J-41 N308UE United Express JFK-IAD
17.4.02 777-222 N771UA United AL IAD-AMS
8.6.02 CRJ-100 D-ACLY Lufthansa Cityline AMS-MUC
8.6.02 ARJ-85 D-AVRM Lufthansa Cityline MUC-BCN
8.6.02 A-320 EC-HQM Iberia BCN-MAD
8.6.02 747-341 TF-ATI Iberia MAD-EZE
11.6.02 DC-9-41 LV-YOA Dinar AEP-Jujuy
12.6.02 DHC-8-1 LV-YTA Southern Winds Salta-Tucumán
12.6.02 737-228 LV-ZTX Austral LA Tucumán-AEP
14.6.02 J-32 LV-ZRL Aerovip AEP-ROS
14.6.02 737-228 LV-ZXP Austral LA ROS-AEP
17.6.02 747-341 TF-ATH Iberia EZE-MAD
18.6.02 A-320 EC-HDO Iberia MAD-BCN
18.6.02 A-300-600R D-AIAU Lufthansa BCN-FRA
18.6.02 A-319 D-AILB Lufthansa FRA-AMS
27.7.02 A-320 G-MIDS BMI AMS-LHR
28.7.02 Twin Pioneer G-APRS Air Atlantique Farnb-Farnb
28.7.02 A-320 G-MIDV BMI LHR-AMS
12.9.02 737-300 F-GFUA Air France AMS-CDG
12.9.02 777-232 N864DA Delta AL CDG-JFK
12.9.02 757-232 N6712B Delta AL JFK-MEX
16.9.02 DC-9-14 XA-LMM Aerocalifornia MEX-GDL
20.9.02 DC-9-14 XA-LAC Aerocalifornia GDL-MEX
24.9.02 MD-88 XA-AMU AeroMexico MEX-ATL
24.9.02 767-332 N194DN Delta AL ATL-AMS
4.10.02 F-70 PH-KZH KLM Cityhopper AMS-TXL
5.10.02 An-2 D-FUKM pvt LPZ-LPZ
5.10.02 Tu-154M LZ-LCA Bulgarian Air Charter LPZ-LPZ
6.10.02 F-70 PH-KZI KLM Cityhopper TXL-AMS
10.11.02 737-9K2 PH-BXP KLM AMS-BCN
13.11.02 737-406 PH-BDT KLM BCN-AMS
28.11.02 747-212B N641NW Northwest AL AMS-MSP
28.11.02 757-251 N544US Northwest AL MSP-PHX
29.11.02 737-3H4 N327SW Southwest AL PHX-SAN
1.12.02 737-3H4 N670SW Southwest AL SAN-PHX
3.12.02 A-319 N815AW America West PHX-LAS
4.12.02 B-99 N234AV Air Vegas VegN-VegN
5.12.02 757-
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RE: All Your Flight Log

Thu Oct 07, 2004 3:10 am

4.12.02 B-99 N234AV Air Vegas VegN-VegN
5.12.02 757-200 N915AW America West LAS-PHX
5.12.02 757-200 N526US Northwest AL PHX-DTW
6.12.02 727-251 N202US Northwest AL DTW-PBI
8.12.02 DC-9-30 N985US Northwest AL PBI-DTW
8.12.02 757-200 N531US Northwest AL DTW-PHX
9.12.02 A-319 N825AW America West PHX-SFO
9.12.02 MD-11 PH-KCI KLM SFO-AMS
24.1.03 CRJ-100 G-MSKT British AW-Maersk AMS-BHX
25.1.03 ATP G-MANP British AW Reg BHX-IOM
26.1.03 J-41 G-MAJF British AW Reg IOM-BHX
26.1.03 CRJ-100 G-MSKR British AW-Maersk BHX-AMS
22.2.03 A-321 G-MIDA British Midland AMS-LHR
23.2.03 737-700 G-EZJC easyJet LTN-AMS
26.2.03 737-330 D-ABEL Lufthansa AMS-FRA
26.2.03 747-430 D-ABVZ Lufthansa FRA-DXB
26.2.03 DXB-MCT
1.3.03 A-330-200 A6-EKS Emirates AL MCT-DXB
3.3.03 Il-18 EX-75905 Phoenix SHJ-MCT
4.3.03 A-330-200 A6-EKS Emirates AL DXB-MCT
10.3.03 A-340-200 D-AIBC Lufthansa MCT-DXB
10.3.03 DXB-FRA
10.3.03 A-321 D-AISE Lufthansa FRA-AMS
4.4.03 ARJ-100 HB-IXT Swiss AMS-ZRH
4.4.03 A-319 HB-IPT Swiss ZRH-MAD
6.4.03 Saab 2000 HB-IYB Swiss MAD-BAS
6.4.03 Saab 2000 HB-IYG Swiss BAS-AMS
6.5.03 A-320 OE-LBO Austrian AL AMS-VIE
6.5.03 777-200 OE-LPC Lauda Air VIE-KUL
8.5.03 DHC-7 9M-TAH Beryaja Air KUL-Koh Samui
10.5.03 ATR-72 HS-PGF Bangkok AW Koh Samaui-BKK
14.5.03 A-300-600R HS-TAC Thai AW Int BKK-HDY
16.5.03 737-300 9M-AAE Air Asia Penang-KUL
19.5.03 777-200 OE-LPB Lauda Air KUL-VIE
19.5.03 F-70 OE-LFJ Tyrolean AW VIE-AMS
31.5.03 A-320 G-SASS MyTravel Lite AMS-BHX
31.5.03 DC-3 G-AMRA Air Atlantique Cov-Cov
1.6.03 Rapide G-AIDL Air Atlantique Cov-Cov
2.6.03 A-320 G-FHAJ MyTravel Lite BHX-AMS
2.8.03 A-320 F-GFKR Air France AMS-CDG
4.8.03 737-7 G-EZJM easyJet ORY-TLS
6.8.03 737-7 G-EZJM easyJet TLS-ORY
7.8.03 A-320 D-AIQR Germanwings CDG-CGN
8.8.03 A-320 D-AIPD Germanwings CGN-BUD
9.8.03 Li-2 HA-LIX Goldtimer Buo-Buo
9.8.03 Parten 66 HA-ACD pvt Buo-Buo
11.8.03 A-320 D-AIPH Germanwings BUD-CGN
11.8.03 A-319 D-AKNJ Germanwings CGN-CDG
12.8.03 BAe-146 EI-CZO Cityjet-Air France CDG-AMS
7.9.03 A-340-300 B-HXJ Cathay Pacific AMS-HKG
8.9.03 747-400 B-HOS Cathay Pacific HKG-MNL
13.9.03 737-300 EI-CUL Philippine AL MNL-Tagbilaran
14.9.03 YS-11 RP-C2015 Asian Spirit Tagbilaran-Cebu
15.9.03 A-340-300 B-HXO Cathay Pacific CEB-HKG
18.9.03 747-100 HS-UTD Orient Thai AL HKG-BKK
21.9.03 747-100 HS-UTD Orient Thai AL BKK-HKG
22.9.03 A-340-300 B-HXA Cathay Pacific HKG-AMS
2.10.03 737-400 OK-FGS CSA AMS-PRG
3.10.03 Tu-134 EW-65754 Belavia PRG-PRG
4.10.03 An-140 UR-14002 Aeromost BRS-BRS
4.10.03 Let-410 OM-SDA Seagle BRS-BRS
5.10.03 737-300 PH-BDB KLM PRG-AMS
13.10.03 737-800 PH-BXG KLM AMS-BEY
20.10.03 737-800 PH-BXH KLM BEY-AMS
25.11.03 737-500 G-GFFC British AW AMS-LGW
26.11.03 A-319 G-EUPL British AW LHR-AMS
29.12.03 737-8X2 PH-BXI KLM AMS-MAD
01.01.04 737-406 PH-BDR KLM MAD-AMS
11.02.04 A-321 G-MIDA British Midland AMS-LHR
11.02.04 747-400 ZS-SBK South African AW LHR-JNB
12.02.04 737-844 ZS-SJU South African AW JNB-CPT
19.02.04 F-28-4000 ZS-XGX AirQuarius/SAA CPT-PLZ
20.02.04 737-200 ZS-OVG Nationwide PLZ-DUR
22.02.04 727-281 ZS-OZR Nationwide DUR-JNB
26.02.04 DC-9-30 ZS-NNN Sun Air LAN-CPT
27.02.04 737-244 ZS-SIL South African AW CPT-JNB
28.02.04 A-340-600 ZS-SNA South African AW JNB-FRA
28.02.04 ARJ-85 D-AVRK Lufthansa FRA-AMS
13.03.04 Saab 2000 D-AOLA OLT BRE-LCY
13.03.04 F-50 OO-VLY VLM LCY-LPL
13.03.04 ATP G-MANH British AW-Citiline LPL-IOM
13.03.04 ATP G-MANP British AW-Citiline IOM-MAN
15.03.04 DHC-8-1 G-JEDY FlyBe NCL-BHD
15.03.04 DHC-8-4 G-JEDJ FlyBe BHD-LBF
15.03.04 737-377 G-CELV Jet2 LBF-AMS
21.04.04 A-320 G-MIDS BMI AMS-LHR
21.04.04 A-321 G-MIDJ BMI LHR-GLA
23.04.04 737-300 TF-ELC FlyGlobespan GLA-BCN
24.04.04 A-320 G-OZBB Monarch BCN-MAN
24.04.04 737-300 G-IGOL easyJet LPL-AMS
07.05.04 F-100 PH-OFC KLM Cityhopper AMS-BHX
07.05.04 HP-137 G-NFLC Cranfield College CRA-CRA
07.05.04 F-100 PH-OFE KLM Cityhopper BHX-AMS
11.05.04 A-319 G-EUPD British AW AMS-LHR
11.05.04 777-200 G-VIIV British AW LHR-JFK
12.05.04 A-320 N566JB JetBlue JFK-BUF
14.05.04 L-1011 Tristar C-FTSW Air Transat YYZ-MCO
14.05.04 737-3 N528SW Southwest AL MCO-FLL
18.05.04 A-300-600R N7083A American AL MIA-SJU
22.05.04 A-320 N112US US AW SJU-CLT
22.05.04 Emb-145 N291SK US AW-Chautauqua CLT-LGA
25.05.04 747-436 G-CIVV British AW JFK-LHR
26.05.04 A-320 G-EUUR British AW LHR-AMS
30.06.04 737-4 G-DOCF British AW AMS-LGW
30.06.04 Do-328-1 G-BYML Scot AW LCY-EDI
02.07.04 Emb-145 G-RJXF British Midland GLA-MAN
03.07.04 Emb-145 G-EMBD British AW MAN-AMS
22.07.04 F-100 HB-JVC Helvetic AL AMS-ZRH
22.07.04 A-320 D-AIQR Germanwings ZRH-CGN
23.07.04 Tu-154M LZ-HMS Hemus Air CGN-CGN
24.07.04 BAe-146 D-AMAJ WDL opf V-Bird NRN-ARN
26.07.04 MD-80 LN-RLF SAS ARN-CPH
26.07.04 MD-90-30 OY-KIL SAS CPH-ARN
27.07.04 Saab 2000 LY-SBC Lithuanian AL ARN-VNO
29.07.04 F-50 YL-BAS Air Baltic VNO-RIX
04.08.04 RJ-85 OH-SAP Blue1 HEL-AMS
05.09.04 747-SP86 EP-IAB Iran Air CGN-CGN
13.09.04 A-340-300 B-HXE Cathay Pacific AMS-HKG
14.09.04 A-330-300 B-HLC Cathay Pacific HKG-BKK
17.09.04 A-320 9V-TAA Tiger AW BKK-SIN
19.09.04 A-330-300 9M-MKC Malaysian AL SIN-KUL
21.09.04 737-300 9M-AAF AirAsia KUL-HKT
23.09.04 717 HS-PGP Bangkok AW HKT-BKK
23.09.04 737-400 HS-TDA Nok Air BKK-UTH
24.09.04 YS-11 HS-KUO Phuket AW UTH-Chiang Mai
25.09.04 A-330-300 HS-TEH Thai AW Int Chiang Mai-BKK
28.09.04 777-300 B-HNH Cathay Pacific BKK-HKG
29.09.04 A-340-300 B-HXH Cathay Pacific HKG-AMS
stats 414 flights in 371 separate airframes

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