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All Your Flight Log 2

Fri Nov 26, 2004 11:12 pm

This is a continuation of a previous thread:

Hello MEA-707: Thank you for the detailed posting! I hope you give us a monthly report of all your flight log and a short story/description of the memorable ones. It looks like you are already living in the air and airports. If there is a Radisson Residen-Sea (a cruise ship apartment complex), someone has to build apartments on airport complexes with rotating leases every month and the tenant shifts and alternates with others on different places and the rent will include the airfare every month that they move----any business-minded entrepreneurs out there?

Here is another memorable flight log for me:

Nov 12, 2004 EK Emirates 777-300 HKG - BKK---my first departure from HKG Chek Lap Kok Airport---enormous building, got some timetables of other airlines from the airline ticketing counters. There is a cute EK timetable that's a thick small pocketbook with a glossy cover showing a beach with palm trees! Restaurants in the mezzanine with free magazines (Business Traveller Asia Edition, etc) while you wait. Problem was check-in is very slow and the flight was full. Not enough time to wander post-security/immigration and check the airline lounges. Long walks after the monorail connector. But the EK flight experience was excellent! Very nice, polite and gentle people in Bangkok made the rest of the night!

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