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Around The World In 80 Hours - Part 2

Sun Dec 05, 2004 5:22 am

Since the earlier topic was accidentally locked, I thought I'd restart this topic, namely, whether it is possible to fly around the world on regularly scheduled commercial flights in less than 80 hours.

Some suggested itineraries that accomplish this in significantly less time, although in order to be "official," one should ideally pass through both the northern and southern hemispheres, and cover at least 25,000 miles in total.

My even trickier proposal would require adding a stop on every inhabited continent (with North and South America being counted separately, to keep it interesting).

There was an article in Airliners magazine many years ago by someone who tried to do this in 80 hours. Due to some unfortunate delays, I believe he missed his goal, but came pretty close. I don't remember the exact routing but I know he went via CCS, LHR, CAI, somewhere in Southeast Asia and then I think SYD.

With that in mind, I looked at schedules for some random dates (starting June 1, 2005) and came up with this routing:

1JUN AA935 MIA 11:06 CCS 14:22
1JUN AF461 CCS 16:45 CDG 08:10+1
2JUN AF524 CDG 10:15 CAI 15:45
2JUN EK924 CAI 19:15 DXB 23:50
3JUN EK412 DXB 10:15 SYD 06:06+1
4JUN QF149 SYD 09:40 LAX 06:00
4JUN AA280 LAX 09:18 MIA 17:12

By my calculations, from 11:06 a.m. on June 1 to 5:12 p.m. on June 4 is a grand total of 78 hours and 6 minutes, including stops in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, all with legal connections.

However, in the above itinerary a lot of time (over 10 hours) is lost at DXB. Can anyone think of a route meeting these requirements but in less time?
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