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How Do You View Airliners?

Thu Feb 10, 2005 12:08 am


707 - The Queen (except VC-10 of course).
717 - The most underplayed of the Boing fleet. A DC-9-30 with big engines really..
727 - The ultimate business jet, the best of the bunch.
737/200-900 - it still is a 737 no matter what they do to it.
747 - The Queen of the Skies. Immortalised by the OJays*(?) 'gonna fly like a seven fourty seven, and move...' Long may she reign. Her face is amazing btw.
757 - Killer! Could almost have been a military bomber. Imagine a 757 with a 7
767 - Better than the A300 but later off the mark..
777 - Awesome looking Jumbo. Dethroned the Queen of the Skies over the Atlantic and Pacific.
787 - Dream-on-liner. Could be great.

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RE: How Do You View Airliners?

Thu Feb 10, 2005 5:47 am

A380........ A IGUANA
NW B744 B742 B753 B752 A333 A332 A320 A319 DC10 DC9 ARJ CRJ S340

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