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My MEX Disaster...

Sun Apr 10, 2005 2:48 pm

To make a long story short...

I was attempting to make a friend's wedding in Rosarito Beach, a seaside resort just south of the San Diego-Tijuana border.

Attempting to non-rev from IAH-SAN was impossible due to high loads. An alternate idea was to travel IAH-MEX then MEX-TIJ on AM as both legs appeared open.

Upon arrival in MEX, all AM flights to TIJ weight restricted, primarilty due hot-high conditions that day (28C).

In between waiting and giving up, MEX airport had nearly no places to sit, poor air circulation in terminal due low ceilings, and long walks from security checkpoints to gates. Construction has been never-ending since my last visit in '95.

Although adequate for immediate arrivals and departures, MEX is a poor introduction to this important city.

Any thoughts?
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RE: My MEX Disaster...

Mon Apr 11, 2005 1:39 pm

Quoting N77014 (Thread starter):
MEX is a poor introduction to this important city

Sorry for disagree. Maybe is a little outdated in some way for being the main airport of one of the biggest and indeed most important cities in LatAm [as well as Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Bogota and Caracas]. But it's well managed and why not confortable. I experienced worst things at MIA for example.
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RE: My MEX Disaster...

Tue Apr 12, 2005 10:04 am

Is not bad,

Just think about the fact that it handles 900 operations a day and 250,000 people a day (according to airport authorities) SO, to be honest, it could be much worse but it seems to do the job.

No spare money to build another anyway.
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RE: My MEX Disaster...

Tue Apr 12, 2005 12:46 pm

I think there could have been alternate ways of getting to san diego border other than flying to MEX. You could have flown to the other states between cal and tex and flown from there. You took a pretty crazy route. You could have also flown to any of the Los Angeles airports and driven the 2 hour drive to the border. But hey if you like flying.

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