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Quick Report On Different Airlines I've Flown On

Thu Apr 14, 2005 12:43 pm

I like to read trip reports, since it gives me the idea, how good an airline is, how good their food is/how good their seats are/how good their service is, etc.
People put a lot of effort into these trip reports.
Here you can just give a brief description of an experience of how, this and that airline is, so we can just get a general view of how good their product is.
Just gather your past experiences together of an airline, and write a brief description of how it is in a sentence or two.
If you'd like, you can give a rating of how good the airline is as well.
Thanks for any replies!!

Here are mine: SQ y class: Good seats, Very good IFE, all aircrafts have got PTV's. Usually on time, friendly crew, and a very modern fleet consisting of B777's A345 and B744. Only disadvantage is that SQ only flies to 60 destinations worldwide.
Rating out of 10, with 10 being the best: 9

Thai y class: Very friendly crew, hardly any inflight entertainment, very good seat pitch, seats aren't that comfortable, no footrests, no PTV, never had any delays on their flights.
Rating: 7

LH y class: Good seats, modern fleet, IFE is not that good, no PTV's, relitavely good pitch, usually on time, flies to a lot of different destinations around the world, good food.
Rating: 8

Cheers, Konstantin G.

Quick note: I'm not sure if this should go in the trip reports forum, but i found it the most suitable here.

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