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Your Worst Flight

Mon Apr 18, 2005 7:34 am

what was your absolute worst flight, describe why it was so bad, tell the airline as well  Wink
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RE: Your Worst Flight

Mon Apr 18, 2005 8:59 am

SQ SIN-SGN 10/1/04
They couldn't get the IFE to work.

Alex  bigthumbsup 
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RE: Your Worst Flight

Mon Apr 18, 2005 9:41 am

Northwest 757



Everyone seated. On time. Door closed. Flight attendants prepared for safety instruction. Ground personnel cleared aircraft to depart. All of sudden, flight delayed. Problem with tire. Passengers remain seated on board. 15 minutes delay. 30 minutes delay. 1 hour delay. 1 hour 30 minutes delay. Finally, flight canceled!

I almost reported to work late later that day. I was put on another airline. of the Future
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RE: Your Worst Flight

Mon Apr 18, 2005 10:03 am


It started with the airline rescheduling the flight twice, making me re-book my connecting flights.

Then at the late night check-in at DUS, I presented my ticket to the check-in agent and was told rudely that the ticket was no good because LTU doesn't fly to YVR. After "discussing" this with her for about 15 minutes, she finally realized her mistake, no apology, just a dumb look. So I asked her for a window seat and again, just got a stupid look.

Once on board the a/c, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my window seat didn't have a window. Fine, whatever! I sat down on the stone hard seat and couldn't even close my legs together because there was no leg room what-so-ever. Once in the air, the person in front of me, reclined their seat and I had a difficult time to even read my book since his head was right below my chin! The food was OK, but the cabin crew found it necessary to wait an hour before cleaning up the empty trays. The instant coffee they served was just barely warm. After the duty-free shopping, the cabin crew disappeared for a few hours. And everytime someone rang the call button, they would jokingly say that if it was something important, the pax will come to them.

The return flight proceeded in the same manner, except I gotta a different row number but again, no window!

Once we arrived in DUS, we waited at the a/c door for our baby buggy. The F/A yelled at us to keep going and that the buggy will be at the baggage carousel. I mentioned that the buggy had a "Delivery at Aircraft" tag on it and that we needed it. She told me not to argue with her and to wait for it at the baggage carousel.

Then I booked a DUS-YYC flight for Christmas and about 2 weeks before the flight I got a call from LTU telling me that they cancelled the flight and had rebooked me with LH & AC. So I asked if I could pick up the new ticket on the weekend and she told me there was no need. All I needed to do was use my LTU ticket to check-in with LH. I'm not that stupid, so a week later I checked with LH if anything had been rebooked, and sure enough, NOTHING! So I went to LTU counter to inquire about it, I was told that I was a nuisance to them and if I didn't like their service I should book with another airline. Point taken, and bye, bye LTU!  wave 


PS - I went back to the LH counter and they were more then happy to rebook everything and mentioned that this was not the first time that they had problems with LTU.
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RE: Your Worst Flight

Mon Apr 18, 2005 10:11 am

Air Fiji Embraer EMB-110 going from Suva (nausori) to Nadi, I think in 1995-1996. Heavy turbulence over the mountainous Viti Levu terrain caused fuel to leak from the left wing, but because we were right in the middle of the flight, we continued on to Nadi. About five mins before landing, the number one engine failed, and the pilots didn't handle it too well causing with abnormal banking. We landed safely on the runway that was occupied by a United Airlines 747, so they taxied the EMB to the side of the runway, and bought in a van to pick us up. The fire trucks rushed to the plane about ten mins after we disembarked.

Good times....  

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Photo © Paul Spijkers

Another flight was in an Air New Zealand B737-300 from Nadi to Auckland in 2001. I was booked in business class, but the Aircraft was delayed 5 hours. Then they brought in a domestic B733 (8 business class seats, and not 12 like in the international B733's at the time)

So because I was the last b-class passenger to check-in, they called me back to tell me they had to move me to economy class. I was given a 'b' seat in the back of the plane between two old people who kept chatting over me, and when I asked them would like to swap seats with me, they declined. Not nice for three hours of old people breathing in your face as they chat over you. They were getting up and going to the toilet every ten mins, so I had to get up all the time. I had last choice for the meal, and it wasn't nice. The plane also had no tv's fitted. I was not impressed.   

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RE: Your Worst Flight

Mon Apr 18, 2005 10:34 am

Quoting Garri767 (Thread starter):
what was your absolute worst flight, describe why it was so bad, tell the airline as well

No such thing as a bad flight Big grin (or I just haven't had one yet)
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RE: Your Worst Flight

Mon Apr 18, 2005 11:37 am

A Rocky Mountain Airways Twin Otter from COS-DEN in 1979 or so. Short flight in a thunderstorm and that little airplane bounced all the way. I think I was green
when I finally got off the thing.

Second..a CO 727 from DEN-SFO the day after the death of my father..

Third..A Frontier MD80 from PHX-DEN. I had to cut short a business trip because my youngest son was having emergency loaded on the plane, took off and about 15 minutes out from PHX had to return because a dog had been stowed in the wrong cargo compartment. Couldn't get off to call my wife..fortunately a FL employee took the number and made the call for me.
My son was fine, btw.

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RE: Your Worst Flight

Mon Apr 18, 2005 12:28 pm

Olympic: ATH-YUL-YYZ in March 2001.

The old Athens bus terminal cum airport had yet to be replaced due to delays building the highway connecting the new airport to the city.

Old hag, excuse me for saying it, but she was, beside my assigned seat quite forcefully "asked" me to swap seats with a friend in another row - result: my aisle seat became a middle seat.

Flight was delayed more than an hour for maintenance after boarding.

Due to a pilot a bit keen with the seatbelt sign and a large number of people requesting specialty meals on their return from Mecca, I didn't get my regular meal until more than an hour after most people had finished theirs.

Screaming children and a drunk father who didn't bother to help his wife in the slightest. The three girls screamed almost the entire way from ATH - YUL. It was a terribly painful experience on my ears.

Talking with some fellow passengers who took the YYZ-ATH flight relatively often, I had been warned ahead of time, but the 30 or 45 minute stop in YUL took well over an hour. Part of that was due to de-icing as it was practically blizzard conditions in Montreal.

All the above could be forgotten, but the screaming children ruined the flight.
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RE: Your Worst Flight

Mon Apr 18, 2005 12:59 pm

United Airlines LHR - LAX on 747-200 back in 1992. Incidentally my first ever flight. It was turbulent, the food was utter rubbish, we had shite seats, the air was stale and gave me a headache, I got motion sickness fm the turbulence...

I was 8 at the time...amazing I didn't go off flying for life!
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RE: Your Worst Flight

Mon Apr 18, 2005 3:13 pm

FADN-FAJS ( DUR - JNB ) CE425 737-200 ZS-OVF.

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Photo © AdamS

Boarded the flight 10 minutes late. Had already asked for a window seat and thought I had one yet never bothered to look at my boarding card. Landed up sitting in the isle next to an old couple. Pushback was normal and takeoff loud yet smooth. Now the bad stuff.

There were a total of 5 screaming babies among the passengers that afternoon. The food given to us (if you can call it food) were stale wholewheat rolls along with some molded cheese. The passengers opposite me took one look at the food and put the rolls into the seat pockets. No beverages were given , nothing at all. Now CE are known as an airline who allow people into their jumpseats 90% of the time....Very laid back airline. I wasn't even thinking of asking on this flight but due to the screaming babies , crap food and annoying old people I decided to ask. For the first time in my life on CE I got a no   . Ah well , thats life. Descending into JNB we experienced the worst turbulence I've ever had in my life. People screaming , aircraft rattling , crab sliding etc. We then smacked the ground hard and about 50% of the plane gave a scream. Came of that aircraft with my knees shaking. Not a flight to remember.

Ironically , ZS-OVF is the exact 737-200 in CE's fleet that experieced Clear Air Turbulence back in 2002 on which my cousin happened to be on.

Anyways , thats another experience in life! 

Happy flying.


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RE: Your Worst Flight

Mon Apr 18, 2005 3:52 pm

I've had one flight with more turbulence than I cared for - and I guess it annoyed me more because this was not only a quite small plane, but because I knew that the airline would, most likely, not have loaded my luggage onto the plane before departure...

The flight was from Windhoek to Victoria Falls on Air Namibia, operated by Executive Turbine with a B1900, and I had just arrived from Frankfurt: unfortunately, practically all the cargo on board had to be unloaded and reloaded into the plane before our departure from Frankfurt the evening before, so we set off with quite a bit of delay, something around 90 minutes.

Unfortunately, I only had 1 hour 45 minutes connecting time - and the next flight from WDH to VFA would only be leaving two days later...

Anyhow, we got into WDH about 1 hour 15 minutes delayed and I was told right away that I would make my connection - so I asked them to see to it that my luggage would also make it... answer: "Certainly, sir, that will not be a problem".

Of course, my luggage was not on the plane when we arrived into VFA - and it only took SW 7 days to get my luggage to me, and they didn't even deliver it, I had to pick it up from their representative at the airport.

Nonetheless, while we closing in on VFA we started getting into some rather bad weather, there were several thunderstorms around - and some of them were quite close to our flight path towards the runway... since the cockpit door was open, I was able to see the weather radar, and was not all that pleased to see something like 3/4ths of the screen turning red...

It was very bumpy, one passenger started crying and silently whimpering "I know we're not going to survive this" over and over (which really made the other passengers feel good), but - as was to be expected - the flight landed without any problems, not even an extra round around the airport.

This was almost the only flight that I was ever really glad that it was over... except for a flight from CPH to HAJ on a Dash 8-400Q operated by SK, but that was because of personal reasons and had nothing to do with the flight itself...

Smile - it confuses people!
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RE: Your Worst Flight

Mon Apr 18, 2005 5:59 pm

TFS-DRS in 2003 on AB B-738 D-ABAZ.

Two or three hours late and then 5 hours of heavy turbulences, rude F/A's and the movie (about 2hours long) starting one hour before touchdown. Have I mentioned that it was a night flight, so looking out of the window wasn't possible. But what do you expect from Air Berlin???

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RE: Your Worst Flight

Tue Apr 19, 2005 6:15 pm

OS 111, VIE-MUC, January 4, 2004.

Why was it so bad?
The flight itself was quite nice, but the landing could have been better, since we ended up in a field with the nose dug in the mud.  yuck 
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RE: Your Worst Flight

Tue Apr 19, 2005 6:21 pm

Quoting Salso (Reply 12):
The flight itself was quite nice, but the landing could have been better, since we ended up in a field with the nose dug in the mud.

Was that the F70 incident? You were on that? Crap, that sucks!

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RE: Your Worst Flight

Tue Apr 19, 2005 6:37 pm

Quoting Salso (Reply 12):
OS 111, VIE-MUC, January 4, 2004.

Did you wrote a trip report?

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RE: Your Worst Flight

Tue Apr 19, 2005 6:51 pm

JMC A320 LYS-LGW. April 2000.

Our skiing holiday in the Alps had these flights bunged in as part of the package and it was the second year of JMC as opposed to BCal Tristars the first few years we did it.

To make things worse we had to get a coach from the resort at about 5am, with a hangover I puked on the way to the airport although thanks to lack of toilets/opanbel windows/paper bags on the coach I had to hold it in! (very nasty) After around 3hrs we arrived at the charter terminal at LYS which is the nastiest, most horrible terminal this side of Gabon. There is nothing airside although since we were on coach transfer we had little option but to sit on our asses for hours. On the flight itself we were 'treated' to what felt like 24" pitch and at only 5ft 11" I felt very uncomfortable and this flight was just over an hour! The food was utter shite and well it was just a godawful flight. Attendants were chewing gum and when asked to get a drink they replied 'A'wight' (I think they meant 'alright'). Uggh. So it is a cheap and cheerful charter flight of which I had no control and I was hardly expecting silver service but this was just bad.

Thankfully the next week I flew at completely the other end of the spectrum which more than made up for my truly awful flight with JMC.
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RE: Your Worst Flight

Wed Apr 20, 2005 9:37 pm

Worst Flight? Every time the pilot doesn't crash on the flight, it's a good one. However, if I had to pick one..........It would be Atlantic Airlines flight from GCM-Le Ceiba in a Fokker 27. That thing was not very fast, and was very loud! Still a good flight though.
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RE: Your Worst Flight

Thu Apr 21, 2005 1:33 am

ACDC8; Yes, I was on that and yes, it was the F70 incident. And sucks is quite a mild word for it but nevertheless I can be happy that I was on THAT particular flight and not on one of many flights which ended up even worse.

Jorge1812; No, I didn't write one. Actually I've never written a trip report. I just think that my writing isn't "good" enough to be offered to the public.

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RE: Your Worst Flight

Thu Apr 21, 2005 4:02 am

IB A340 MAD-MIA-MAD bad service unfriendly crew and i didn't expect an A340 to be in such a bad shape.
Not that worse was US A319 SFO-CLT A night flight where you couldn't get a pillow. There was not a single round of drinks or even a coffee after a 5 hour night flight!
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RE: Your Worst Flight

Sat Apr 23, 2005 1:18 pm

Can't remember what airline or aircraft.. but it was a flight from Chicago to Des Moines, Iowa (proboly NW or something).. and we taxiied out to the runway and because of lightnight and whatnot we "wern't allowed to taxi" so we sat on the runway for 5 freakin' hours before we could finally get back to the gate! It was like a nightmare! They should've started beverage/meal service or something!
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RE: Your Worst Flight

Sun Apr 24, 2005 1:04 am


Horrible weather.
Not the best pilot.
Mom almost blew junks.  ill 
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RE: Your Worst Flight

Sun Apr 24, 2005 6:08 am

Quoting Salso (Reply 17):
Jorge1812; No, I didn't write one. Actually I've never written a trip report. I just think that my writing isn't "good" enough to be offered to the public.

I thought/think the same. Read the comments on the following ones First Experience With Ryanair (by Jorge1812 May 25 2004 in Trip Reports) Riding IB's 743 And A346 On TFN-MAD-TFN (by Jorge1812 May 26 2004 in Trip Reports) Ryanair AOC-STN-AOC Or Second Experience With FR (by Jorge1812 May 26 2004 in Trip Reports) TFS-DRS On AB 738 Or My Worst Trip (by Jorge1812 May 26 2004 in Trip Reports) Thomas Cook To Greece (by Jorge1812 Jun 12 2004 in Trip Reports)

Think about it again. I would like to read one of the particular flight.

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RE: Your Worst Flight

Mon Apr 25, 2005 2:40 am

LAX-CUN January 4, 2004. They kept delaying the flight and delaying the flight, and finally after 5 hours which is beyond the 4 hour mark of when you have to cancel a flight, they cancelled it. If only they had cancelled it that hour earlier we could have made it to CUN that same day on CO. Unfortunately, we had to stay over night in DFW which wasn't all that bad, or so we thought. First off, something happened to the 763 that we were supposed to be on departing LAX at 7:00 p.m. so we took the 762 that they had in the maintenance hanger at LAX. I believe it was an X- TWA bird, as the interior was very old and very outdated, and it had the layout of the TWA Bird. We were also in the Bulkhead of First Class which blew, but that was easy to get over. So after the flight being delayed an hour or so, we were finally on our way to DFW.
At 1:00 A.M. due to the delay and other various reasons we got into DFW. There were still some flights arriving into DFW, but we were basically the only ones in our terminal except for the cleaning crew. So the whole plain is following us, even after leading them to the wrong baggage claim twice, we finally got to the right one. So we go downstairs to wait for the TrAAin, after about a half hour of waiting for the TrAAin, we just decide to call the Hotel, I do not remember if it was the Hyatt or the Hilton, to have them pick us up. After about 10 minutes the nice guy shows up. It is about 2:00 A.M. now after we run around the airport looking for the baggage claim in which our luggage is located, and waiting for the TrAAin and the guy that drives the Hotel Shuttle. Finally we get to our Hotel Room by 2:30 A.M. and the last time I looked at the clock was 3:00A.M.
At 5:00 A.M. we have to get up due to our 9:30 Flight, and we figured we would just enjoy ourselves at the Admirals Club. We get to the Airport at about 7 and checked in. Once again we had the Bulkhead head in First, but this time it was on a 757, one of my favorite Aircraft. We had a pretty much uneventful flight, but there was my worst flight ever.
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RE: Your Worst Flight

Mon Apr 25, 2005 8:19 am

The worst flight I ever had been on was JNB-FRA on a LH 744. This was my second long-haul flight ever. The outbound flight had been OK, though I was seated in a center seat. The gate area at JNB was equipped with about 8 seats - with about 280 other people standing around or sitting on the floor and waiting for boarding to start. On the return flight itself - center seat again - the seat in front of me was reclined after take-off, so that one couldn't move at all. I was stuck in there, unable to sleep because of this horrible and very hard headrest-thing (actually I would have preferred a seat without a movable headrest than this one), forced to stare at the grey seat in front of me for 10 hours (the next monitor was about 8 rows ahead). Breakfast was served (for whatever reason) 2 1/2 hours before landing - meaning in the middle of the night (the scheduled arrival of the flight was 5.30am).
The only advantage was, that I was allowed for a VERY short cockpit visit (flight took place in august 2001) - however the pilots had a quite arrogant attitude and reacted kind of insulted when I declined kindly that breakfast had been that tasty (dry omelet, sausage, slice of tomato and some tasteless pieces of fruit).
The last 30 minutes felt like 10 more hours - just terrible. After this experience, I swore myself to not take LH again until they install completely new seats with PTVs in Y on their long-haul fleet. Service and F/As were OK, but the so-called seating comfort ruined all positive aspects.

Another experience I had was my first Ryanair flight (HHN-STN) in 2002. The flight itself was quite good, but it had more than 8 hours delay, which meant 8 hours to spend at HHN without anything to do. Luckily, one can take now low- cost flights out of CGN as well.
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RE: Your Worst Flight

Tue Apr 26, 2005 4:23 am

In July 2001 from Hong Kong to Frankfurt in economy with Lufthansa. Normally I have nothing against Lufthansa, but on that flight I sat in one of the last rows. The problem was that I was sitting in a center seat surrounded by some "large" and rather smelly German pensioners. Well, after 12 hours the "nightmare" was over.  Smile
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RE: Your Worst Flight

Tue Apr 26, 2005 6:01 am

Last summer I was at my cousins house upstate NY and after a week of fun, my sister, other cousin and I were headed back to NYC on B6. ROC-JFK leaving at about 5pm, but there was one of the worst thundertorms in NYC that day in a long time and the flight before us was delayed forever and left about 2 hrs after we were supposed to go. So we waited and waited and waited and it felt like a million years but after about 4 1/2 hours late, the plane came, Blue Moon. So everyone got excited but then B6 brought out soda and snacks and other stuff b/c all the stores closed at about 5:45pm and it was about 9:30pm. SO we waited what felt like forever but really was another 1 1/2 hours(6 hrs late) we got on the plane. My aunt had called me and told me that jetBlue just walked in with tons of pizza for everyone and since were were 2nd to last row we had to board first and we missed it. So as all the F/A's were eating pizza 2 rows behind me I was dying and actually the first time I hated JFK Airport and wanted to call up the ATC and yell at them b/c the storm was ending and they had been on groundstop for hours. Anyway, we finally take off and it seemed fine b/c weather was fin in upstate NY. So next thing I know I looked at the time and noticed that the 45 min flight should be up b/c it had been an hour of flying. So I check the map and we were over PROVIDENCE RI!!!Then we came down south and the pilot came on and said JFK is on groundstop again and we are holding around Calverton AFB. After 4/5 go arounds we headed in to JFK. Then at about Nassau/Suffolk border we headed north to CT. The we looped down into JFK after circling 2 or 3 times. We land and I was relieved. But we were in for one more twist. We get to T6 and we waited for a gate for about 30/45 mins. It was Hell.
Finally got home at about 3am. Bad experience. (Also I have 4 other bad experiences but this one was the worst)

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