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Your Fantasy Airline ...w/ A Twist, Check It Out

Sun Jul 10, 2005 10:59 pm

OK, these type of posts are done all the time, so I decided to try it with a bit of a twist. Pick or make your airline, but, also chose your timeline. For instance, say Pan Am in the 1950's and then chose your aircraft. Flying boats, Connies, 707's, etc.

Mine isn't to original in regards to this post but it's my choice. I'd chose TWA in the early 90's just as the 777 was about to enter service along with the following ...


The route map would basically be all cities that are labeled on the weather map of the USA Today newspaper, and International expansion.

Have fun!!
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RE: Your Fantasy Airline ...w/ A Twist, Check It O

Mon Jul 11, 2005 3:31 am

Well, here's my shot at it; based on IB in Spain, set in the Late 80's and early 90's;

A300-200's to be slowly replaced by 600's for high capacity routes.
B727-200's to be phased out by A320's only.
B747-200's to be phased out by 400's
DC-9's to be replaced gradually by B717-200's with a push at Boeing to make the -300.
DC-10's to be phased out by the MD11 including some MD11Fs.

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RE: Your Fantasy Airline ...w/ A Twist, Check It O

Tue Jul 12, 2005 10:25 pm

AA in the early 90's


Ah the old glorious days I remember seeing all the little ATR's and saabs scurring around my big big jet liner =]
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RE: Your Fantasy Airline ...w/ A Twist, Check It O

Wed Jul 13, 2005 6:57 am

Delta Fantasy within next 5 years:

ERJ-170 - Quantity 30
ERJ-195 - Quantity 25
717-200 - Quantity 45
737-600 - Quantity 40
737-800 - Quantity 25
757-200 - Quantity 35
767-300 - Quantity 40
767-400 - Quantity 25
777-200ER - Quantity 12
777-200LR - Quantity 3

Delta Connection Birds:


CRJ-200ER - Quantity 110
CRJ-700 - Quantity 35


CRJ-200ER - Quantity 50
CRJ-700 - Quantity 25
Saab 340 - Quantity 35


ATR-72-500 - Quantity 12
Dash-8-Q400 - Quantity 12


ERJ-135 - Quantity 12
ERJ-145 - Quantity 12
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RE: Your Fantasy Airline ...w/ A Twist, Check It O

Wed Jul 13, 2005 7:08 am





747-200's for internationl routes
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RE: Your Fantasy Airline ...w/ A Twist, Check It O

Wed Jul 13, 2005 7:10 am

Northwest Fantasy within next 5 years:

717-200 - Quantity 200 (gee I wonder what they replaced? lol)
A319 - Quantity 45
A320 - Quantity 30
A330-200 - Quantity 10
A330-300 - Quantity 15
747-400 - Quantity 5
757-200 - Quantity 25
757-300 - Quantity 10

Northwest Connection Partners:


CRJ-200ER - Quantity 100
CRJ-700 - Quantity 30


ERJ-170 - Quantity 40
Saab 340 - Quantity 45
Saab 2000 - Quantity 10
Flying a plane is no diff. from riding a bicycle. Its just a lot harder to put baseball cards in the spokes. -'Airplane'
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RE: Your Fantasy Airline ...w/ A Twist, Check It O

Sun Jul 17, 2005 10:44 pm

Swissair 1997

1. Get rid of the investments, forget SAirGroup thing. Swissair stands on her own.

2. ERJ145s
Airbus A320s
Airbus A330-300s
Airbus A340-300s
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RE: Your Fantasy Airline ...w/ A Twist, Check It O

Mon Jul 18, 2005 3:18 am

I'll try Canadi>n Airlines International

737-200Adv -> slowly replaced with 737-600 and 737-700
737-200C/Adv -> same as -200Adv
A320-200 -> stay for a while, eventually replaced by 738/739 (or Boeing's 737 replacement if available then)
767-300ER -> stay till around 2010ish then replaced by 787
747-400 -> stay till they start getting older then replace with 777-300ER
new airplanes -> some 772ERs to fill the gap between 767 and 747 and some 772LRs to open new long-haul routes and compete with Air Canada's new A340s
DHC8-100 -> stay
DHC8-300 -> stay
F28-1000 -> relaced with EMB170s
737-200Adv -> staying till a suitable replacement is found

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RE: Your Fantasy Airline ...w/ A Twist, Check It O

Mon Jul 18, 2005 4:19 am

SAA in 5 years:

I'll still include the aircraft they'll be using by then and some new ones:

South African Express:
CRJ-200ER - Current aircraft
Dash 8 - Current Aircraft
ERJ-175 - New aircraft. For use to open up more regional African destinations.

South African Airways:
737-800 - Current aircraft
A319 - Current aircraft
A321 - New aircraft. To expand the domestic network and phase out the 738 (SAA say the 738's will be gone by 2010-2011)
A320 - New aircraft. To expand the regional market and , along with the A321 , phase out the 738.
A340-600 - Current Aircraft
A340-200 - Current Aircraft
A340-300 - Current Aircraft
747-400 - Current Aircraft
A340-500 - New Aircraft. This could be utilized on the JFK and IAD routes. The -500 could also be used to launch a new Tokyo route after SAA's join to Star and , effectively , All Nippon.
A330-300 - New aircraft. To be used on the more effective African and Asian routes such as HKG , LAD and BOM .

South African Cargo:
Consists of only 2 737-200's which I feel is not enough.
SAA Cargo needs a few 747-400ERF's to compete with Cargolux , Lufthansa cargo etc on the Africa to European cargo market.

Fantasy Routes:

NRT - With an A340-500 in the fleet , this would be a good option
MIA - Got to be re-opened.
BKK - SAA did well there , don't understand why they left.
DXB - Just take a lok at EK's loads to JNB
ATH - Who wants to fly OA?  Wink
CAI - Only two flights a week on Egypt Air. Needs more frequencies.
BAH - No comment  Silly

Well , thats my take on SAA  Smile

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RE: Your Fantasy Airline ...w/ A Twist, Check It O

Mon Jul 18, 2005 10:38 am

good topic,

something like Air Canada in the early to mid 90's but with the addition of the 757...

more idealy:

737 -> YVR, YUL & YYZ to non hubs like Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Halifax, Ottawa, Halifax & US Cities.

757 -> HUB to HUB service and Trans Atlantic to smaller cities like EDI from YYZ & YUL, also YVR-HNL

L1011 -> Hubs to big American cities, namely LAX and San Fran.

A330 -> Hubs to medium sized european and pacific rim cities

B747 -> YVR to Asia, YYZ to the european big 4 (LHR, AMS, FRA & CDG)

Dash 8's - Jazz style

EMB 170/190 - Thinner long range routes...
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RE: Your Fantasy Airline ...w/ A Twist, Check It O

Wed Jul 20, 2005 7:02 am

A Cubana with

777-300 for Europe and Asia
767 for Lat.Am and the US
737 for Central America, Miami and Caribbean
Canadair for Intra-Kuba
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RE: Your Fantasy Airline ...w/ A Twist, Check It O

Fri Jul 22, 2005 1:19 am

Eastern In the late 80's

domestic, medium density:

domestic, high density:

International, medium/high density:

Charters/Cariibean routes:
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RE: Your Fantasy Airline ...w/ A Twist, Check It O

Sat Jul 23, 2005 12:54 am


Okay, it's 1985 and I'll incorporate about $5 billion and name it Griffin Aviation Holdings.

I'll aquire Ozark Airlines Holdings and keep the Ozark name as the operating name of the airline.

Fleet will consist of DC-9-10/20/40 and the MD-82. When the MD-87 becomes available I'll order that as a DC-9 replacement/growth vehicle as well as additional MD-82/3's. F-100's and F-70's will be added to cover the 70-150 seat range I feel is the proper size for the airline.

Growth will be focused on STL until the first Gulf War. Taking advantage of the situation, I'll aquire Midway Airlines (1) and open a second hub at MDW. Though the two cities are close, MDW will be focused primarliy on frequent flights to business centers both east and west and a few Florida markets. The primary connecting hub will remain at STL, MDW will have connections available of course, but will be focused on O&D traffic.

Additional growth will be focused on an MCI mini-hub, following the shutdown of Braniff (2). Perhaps an 8 gate operation with STL/MDW/MKE/IND/DCA/PHL/LGA/BOS eastbound and SFO/LAX/SAN/LAS/PHX/DEN/ICT/SEA westbound. Maybe a few Florida markets timed outside the connecting banks.

Having solidified my Midwest passenger base, I would maintain a slow-growth strategy through the 90's. Purchase 717's. Network by 2000 would cover the Continental US and some additional service to Canada, Mexico and the Carribean.

Would hedge fuel prices at $25 a barrel through the year 2025!
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RE: Your Fantasy Airline ...w/ A Twist, Check It O

Sat Jul 23, 2005 2:36 am

Avianca in 5 years:

4 F-50s
8 F-100s
12 737-700
6 737-800
8 757-200
5 767-200ER
3 767-300ER

(767s to be replaced soon be 787-800s)

Domestic Routes:

BOG-AUC** 2x daily (F-50)
BOG-BGA 6x daily (2 F-50, 2 F100, 2 73G)
BOG-CUC 6x daily (4 F-50, 1 F100, 1 73G)
BOG-CTG*** 8x daily (6 73G, 2 738)
BOG-BAQ*** 7x daily (73G)
BOG-RCH*** 1x daily (F100)
BOG-VUP*** 2x daily (F100)
BOG-SMR 3x daily (73G)
BOG-MTR*** 3x daily (2 F100, 1 73G)
BOG-EJA 2x daily (F-50)
BOG-MZL*** 7x daily (4 F-50, 3 F100)
BOG-PEI*** 6x daily (4 F100, 2 73G)
BOG-AXM ***5x daily (3 F100, 2 F-50)
BOG-PSO 2x daily (F-50)
BOG-TCO* 1x daily (F-50)
BOG-UIB** 1x daily (F-50)
BOG-ADZ*** 2x daily (73G)
BOG-LET** 3x weekly (738)
BOG-MDE*** 15x daily (2 757, 10 73G, 3 F100)
BOG-CLO*** 15x daily (2 757, 9 73G, 4 F100)
BOG-PPN** 1x daily (F-50)
MDE-CTG*** 3x daily (F100)
MDE-BAQ*** 3x daily (F100)
MDE-SMR 1x daiy (F100)
MDE-BGA** 2x daily (F100)
MDE-CLO*** 6x daily (2 73G, 2 F100, 2 F-50)
MDE-PEI* 2x daily (F-50)
CLO-CTG* 1x daily (73G)
CLO-ADZ*** 1x daily (73G)
CLO-PSO 2x daily (F-50)
CLO-TCO 2x daily (F-50)
BOG-PVA 1x daily (F100)

International Routes:

BOG-MIA 2x daily (763, 757)
BOG-FLL 1x daily (757)
BOG-GRU*** 4x weekly (763)
BOG-GIG*** 3x weekly (767)
BOG-SCL*** 4x weekly (757)
BOG-EZE*** 4x weekly (757)
BOG-GYE 1x daily (738)
BOG-UIO 3x daily (757)
BOG-MAO* 2x weekly (73G)
BOG-LIM 1x daily (763)
BOG-PTY 2x daily (738)
BOG-CCS 4x daily (763, 3 738s)
BOG-MAR* 1x daily (73G)
BOG-PMV* 2x weekly (73G)
BOG-AUA*** 1x daily (73G)
BOG-CUR*** 5x weekly (73G)
BOG-BON* 2x weekly (73G)
BOG-PUJ 2x weekly (738)
BOG-SJU** 2x weekly (738)
BOG-LAX** 3x weekly (757)
BOG-YYZ* 3x weekly (757)
BOG-MEX*** 1x daily (757)
BOG-JFK 1x daily (763)
BOG-SJO** 1x daily (73G)
MDE-MIA 1x daily (757)
CLO-MIA 1x daily (757)
PEI-CTG-MIA* 4x weekly (738)
BAQ-MIA 1x daily (73G)
CLO-MDE-JFK*** 1x daily (757)
CLO-MAD 2x weekly (767)
BOG-MAD 1x daily (767)
BOG-LHR** 3x weekly (767)
BOG-FRA** 3x weekly (767)
BOG-MBJ** 2x weekly (F100)

* new service
** service dropped in the past
*** increased freq.

Plus, AV will have subsidiaries in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela, and will be a full member of Skyteam.

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