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Baggage Collection On Arrival

Wed Sep 07, 2005 4:46 am

My local airport Birmingham (UK) is I beleive the worst for arrival baggage collection.
They recently had a delay of over 4 hours !! The reason given was that more planes than expected arrived at the same time?? What a disgrace. The duty manager refused to speak to the clients and hid away. there was a near riot.
Airports cannot make the excuse it is the ground handlers they should make the rules of time from landing/gate arrival to bags in hall.
Recently came home from Prague gate arrival at 2232 bags in hall 2308. What to they do to them??
I suspect the airport is not interested as the homecoming or arriving clients as they will not spend too much money after arrival.
Coventry is better!! They only have one baggagelator and I have always been picking up my bag as I walked through the hall.
Wake up Birmingham and get a grip on the baggage handlers
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Baggage Collection On Arrival

Wed Sep 07, 2005 5:54 am

If you think that's bad, fly to Heraklion... even on a good day, 30 minutes would be a blessing there. Last time I was there (granted, that was in 1999, so they could have improved it by now) it took about 90 minutes before even the first bags came rolling by on the belt - and it took about another 30 minutes before the last ones came out...

At my previous hometown airport, HAJ, I've had a few arrivals in which the first pieces of baggage were already making their rounds on the carroussel when I arrived there (and if you've been to HAJ, you'll know that the walk from the plane to the baggage hall is really, really short - 2-3 minutes), though usually I had to wait about 5-10 minutes (with 10 really being the maximum I've ever waited there).

Nowadays, here at FRA, I usually have to wait something around 5-10 minutes when I arrive in the baggage hall - but that's after usually walking around 10-20 minutes till I get there... which, incidentally, I somewhat enjoy after longer flights: finally getting to move my legs again... Big grin

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