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If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 1:38 am


I was thinking about this earlier today and here are the changes I would make. Feel free to add what you would do and plan . . .

* BMI Regional would just become plain and simple BMI

* BMI would become full service again but with a practical and modern touch

* BMIBaby would be based at only MAN and BHX

* Service and Punctuality would be our main aim.

* Long Haul services would be improved and BMI would acquire another A330 to increase frequency at MAN

* BMI would concentrate more on business travellers at LHR and Leisure at MAN

*Advertise these changes and assure alienated passengers that BMI is making a come back and can expect Diamond Service

* BMI's bases would be MAN, LHR and EDI, EDI services would be expanded. Other airports would just be destinations. LTN-BRU would be indefinetly scrapped.

Tell me what YOU would do . . .

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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 1:49 am

I would add LHR-KOA as a dialy nonstop.  Smile
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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 1:51 am

I would sell it to VS.

Take my stock options and golden parachute and haul my butt to some island somewhere.
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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 3:05 am

*Full service
*Back to 737,700-800
*Goodbye to long-haul routes
*focus on European routes and charter
*Keep BMI baby as now
*Make life impossible for BA
*Get more attractive FA (just my opinion!)

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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 3:23 am

I'd codeshare with TAP and Spanair.
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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 3:38 am

Well if I was in charge of bmi right now I'd resign  white 
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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 3:57 am

Quoting Dsa (Thread starter):

* BMIBaby would be based at only MAN and BHX

You have no idea do you? CWL is one of Baby's strongest bases..


If I were in charge of BMI I would;

*I would make BMI back into a full service airline. This means a meal/snack and complimentary drink as a minimum on all flights. Of course for longer routes there would be more meals & beverages etc.

*I would change the name of the low cost operation of BMIbaby to FlyTiny. This would then remove any problems that the public may have over the airline's identity and links with the BMI mainline service.

*On the subject of BMIbaby, I would not renew the aircraft as of yet but have the interior's updated. I think that I would have to look at probably the A319/320 for replacement aircraft, however instead of buying them direct from Airbus, I would bring in used aircraft.

*Remove all long haul from LHR and transfer back to shorthaul operations. This would mean that all long haul flights would depart from MAN. I would use MAN as a hub and have it fed by all of the other routes that BMI mainline has. As airport fee's would be lower at MAN this would allow prices to be lower and maybe even attract customers from other area's of the UK, including London to use a shuttle flight and pop on a flight from MAN.

*My longhaul routes from MAN would be;

To allow this increase in services, I would add two more A332's to the fleet, bringing the total number to 5 and also adding two A343's.

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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 4:17 am

I think the general consensus is that BMI return to what they were really good at which was offering a service with standards rivaling and in some areas surpassing BA.

I remember hearing from somone on this site last month that certain airlines are noted for their individual markets, BMI was renowned for its high levels of service at reasonable prices which was a serious competitor to BA - this has now been ruined through attempts at offering low cost products and in effect trying to simulate LCC.

If I were CO of BMI I would......

1. Revert back to Full service carrier with 'civil aviation' strapline

2. Definately change the BMIbaby name

3. Get rid of the A320, perhaps t/f to BMIbaby

4. Re-vamp website


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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 4:43 am

I think they have to stop their obsession with LHR for starters. I'd forget about Bombay and Riyadh and reassign the A330s back to MAN. Where they would fly to I don't know as I don't have all the figures available to me that the real route decision makers have obviously mislaid recently, but SFO or LAX would be high on my list, along with Mumbai which I'm convinced would work much better from MAN without the competition. If Bermuda II ever gets altered and bmi are allowed to fly to the states from LHR then I'd consider l/h from LHR but only then and with additional capacity not in place of the 3 MAN aircraft.

As for short haul I would remove business class from all the remaining routes and I would maintain elements of the current service offering by charging for food and booze but I would return free tea/coffee and soft drinks, along with their lovely shortbread. Most importantly though I would introduce a United style Economy Plus with the first 7 rows of an A320 having 35" seat pitch with 31" in the back. These E+ seats would then be available to bmi and Star Alliance elites or to non-elites for a small supplement (say £15) payable only at the airport. This would keep us very disgruntled gold card holders a little happier. Online seat selection would be available free of charge.

A new website is definately needed although I understand this is on its way already towards the end of the year, hopefully modelled on continental.com.

Quoting Christa (Reply 6):
As airport fee's would be lower at MAN this would allow prices to be lower and maybe even attract customers from other area's of the UK, including London to use a shuttle flight and pop on a flight from MAN.

I was under the impression that LHR was one of the cheapest airports in the UK? MAN is certainly one of the most expensive.
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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 4:48 am

Assume new identity, get job with Ryanair (at least I can fit in).
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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 5:16 am

....sell out to VS and go live on a nice big island somewhere  Smile


* make sure all tickets earn some miles / reward loyalty
* drop LHR longhaul dream
* concentrate on hubbing out of MAN
* introduce proper wide seat (2-2) biz class seating, and full biz class service on flights with 2hr+ flight time
* all shorter <2hr flights retain current biz class config
* name everything BMI and have done with all the different branding
* bring back proper inter-lining of luggage (introduce small fee per bag (on economy tickets) if this helps pay for the service)
* consider dropping out of *A - BMI's route structure is currently very limited so as not to compete with other *A carriers. Either give in - or give them a good run for their money (LH and SAS probably excluded from this of course!)
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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 8:28 am

My options would be,

* get all the boses to sit down round the table and listern to the customers and really take on board what they want, BMI needs a good rethink,

*Make up there minds on where there going to operate there longhaul product from,
* Create 2 Main Bases, LHR - far east flights and MAN - North America flights etc, and stop hoping bermuda 2 will be lifted - this is not going to happen any time soon,

* make up there mind if there going Airbus or Boeing, just have one aircraft type, to save on money,

* Have a fleet like :- A340's ( x 4-6) A330's (x 6 - 8 ) A321's (x10) A320's (x15) A319's (x9-12) EMB 175's (10-15) get rid of emb 145's,

* redeisgn the cabins

* split from bmibaby

* bring back check thru bags

* work with *A airlines a lot more

* bring some kind of food back on board - free of charge, even if it is just tea and coffee and a small snack, i mean who really pays nearly £3 for a coffee and a bicky !!!

and last but not least get there ases into GEAR!!!!
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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 8:30 am

I'd scrap it and not bother.
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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 9:43 am

bmi mainline...

  • Revert back to being a full service alternative to British Airways with business class, food, drink, etc.
  • Give up the LHR longhaul ambitions - too much competition to be viable with lower frequencies than established competitors.
  • Concentrate longhaul at MAN - at least initially. Splitting their small longhaul fleet over 2 bases as at present will not work out well. There may be some destinations that will simply not work from MAN, but I would look at developing MAN first.
  • Heavily promote longhaul through MAN as a more friendly experience than using the competition through LHR.
  • Negotiate with MAN to try and get a sensible grouping of gates at the airport so staff can be concentrated in one part of the airport rather than being thinly spread - currently some shorthauls from T3, other servies from T1.
  • Advertise the services that the airline offers (at both ends of the route) - aggressively ahead of the launch of new routes, and continue marketing of routes when established as well. (The only bmi advertising I have seen in the Northwest is bmiBaby's sponsorship of the local weather forecast). Make as much of a point as possible about being in the Star Alliance and the onward connections offered by flying bmi.
  • Standardised cabin configurations across each fleet type for flexibility (so any A319 can opearate any A319 service, any A321 can operate any A321 service, etc.)
  • Better coordination with Star Alliance partners - interlining of baggage, use of lounges, coordination of schedules to feed bmi longhaul services, etc. Codeshare extensively and promote services through the other Star partners as well.
  • Standardise on the A321 as much as possible on the MAN-LHR shuttle services to provide as much feed as possible for longhauls from MAN.
  • Increase the shorthaul schedule to provide feed for longhauls and to provide the number of frequencies on the routes that will attract (and keep) business travellers.
  • Seriously look at filling the longhaul gaps that exist outside of London: China, Japan, Thailand, west coast USA, South Africa, Hong Kong. Look into serving India from MAN and also look into competing on MAN - Pakistan and MAN - Middle East.
  • Increase in longhaul capacity - more A332s for new routes/frequency increases and A333s for capacity increases on current routes (MAN-ORD)

bmi Regional...

  • Integrate bmi Regional back into bmi mainline.
  • Lose the 'Jungle Jets' and replace with cheaper to operate turboprops - DHC 8-Q300/400 (leaving the A319 as the smallest jet in the fleet).


    Several possibilities here.

  • In all cases, phase the 737s out to standardise the bmi fleet around Airbus jets and the turboprops.
  • Most radical drop the Baby. Using the 'bmiBaby' brand name dilutes the 'bmi' mainline brand name and causes confusion as to what both bmiBaby and bmi mainline are. Move some flights across to bmi mainline using suitable mix of A319/320/321 and turboprops. Instead of offering bmiBaby connections from multiple UK airports to points across Europe, instead connect those UK airports with the Manchester and Heathrow hubs to connect into the wider bmi network.
  • Another option would be to move all Baby services away from UK airports (mainly the MAN and LHR hubs) with bmi mainline services - to differentiate the brands better.
  • Merge bmiBaby with another low cost airline, e.g. Germanwings to form a single low cost airline - revert back to the 'Eurowings' name?
  • Sell the bmiBaby operation to a competitor, but retain 'good' MAN slots for bmi mainline expansion.
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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 9:43 am

Quoting Dsa (Thread starter):
If You Were In Charge Of BMI . .

If I was in charge of bmi, I'd be Sir MIchael Bishop, and I'd resign to let some more competent individuals set the future standard.
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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 9:45 am

If I was in charge of Bloomington-Normal Airport.... hmmm....
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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 6:30 pm

Drop the 'low cost fares without the low cost expectations' tagline.

Slowly bring back the features which made BD famous - food and drink complimentary

Return long haul to MAN and create a unique selling point of avoiding LHR!
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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 6:53 pm

Quoting USADreamliner (Reply 3):
*Get more attractive FA (just my opinion!)

Hey! My sister-in-law worked for bmi... (now transferring to baby at Cardiff, so don't axe their CWL ops please  Smile)
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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 7:01 pm

I would apologize to all my staff and customers for the damage caused to the airline in the last few months in particular. Then I would focus long haul on MAN and poss BHX, but not LHR and reintroduce meals on shorthaul
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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 7:55 pm

My personal view on what I would do to BMI...

Priority:Save mainline

Keep mainline at MAN and LHR...
Mainline to serve major cities/business destinations.
Throw BMIbaby on routes where it can make money... from CWL and BHX... oh, turn bmiBaby to a subsidiary (if not already) and rebrand it.

Revamp the product for value for money SERVICE... But no, not talking about hot meals on every flight! I'm sure a good reliable product somewhere near but not necessarily at par with BA (unless it makes more money for you!)

Introduce "Shuttle flights" within UK, make CDG, AMS as shuttle flights... but with quality like the rest of the network & FF stuff like that...

So, where to put the long haul?

Shove the 330s to MAN, then U can send it to wherever you want... Boost short haul capacity to keep up utility while providing exposure to the long-haul product to the Euro market... but the 330s should be sent to 1 US city daily service, and throw one to Mumbai or something...

Where most the revamping I would give is the administration and HR instead of where to fling the aircraft...

Promote a culture of "common sense" and introduce more productivity schemes that would actually reward the achievers. In today's age, gotta be lean and mean. Heavy use of IT to reduce manpower requirements.

Standardise cabin layouts...

Now the regionals? Shove it back to mainline!

And make management more involved with the actual operations like sending managers and directors to different tasks and maybe airports, to do, say, check-ins, luggage handling... etc etc... this would increase team spirit, and better understanding of the airline mechanism by the directors.

Just dreaming... LOL

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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Wed Oct 05, 2005 9:13 pm

This is a plan that will take significant fleet investment enabled through streamlining of the business model. Later stages sees acquisitions to build up presence and size.

Drop Baby Brand - merge BD into WW cost base, Streamline onto A320 fleet.
Operate High Density Business routes ex Heathrow and Manchester, with leisure routes from Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester and Dublin. Dense UK&Ireland network using A320 ex Heathrow, and regional jets out of Manchester and Birmingham. 1 cabin product - free tea / coffee - pay for food.

Extensive codesharing with Virgin Atlantic

Drop A330 fleet- Significant investment to move long haul to A319LR fleet on low competition routes ex Heathrow to the Near East, Middle East and Africa. Product similar to AF A319 Dedicate. Manchester to offer similar product to the US east coast. (IAD, ORD, BOS, PHL, JFK, DTW, YYZ etc to be launched over three years). Commence smaller Birmingham long haul operation.

Develop second south-eastern leisure and domestic base (Southend?)

Acquire Jet2 to build presence in Manchester and Leeds.

Share Heathrow Terminal 3 with Virgin Atlantic

Acquire Flybe to build presence in Birmingham, Southampton and Belfast.
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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Thu Oct 06, 2005 1:32 am

I would start serving tea on flights just to keep certain members grannies happy...... NOT!
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RE: If You Were In Charge Of BMI . . .

Thu Oct 06, 2005 2:39 am

I cant understand why a passenger travelling with a supposedly full-service airline on a £250 ticket should not expect a cup of tea/coffee or soft drink at the very least!

I think that BMI should bring about some clarification and standardisation. At the moment passengers dont now from one minute to the next, what they can expect from BMI.

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