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Can't Get There From Here

Wed Nov 02, 2005 3:23 pm

I run a Study Abroad and we have participants come from all over the country fly to Japan. We have wanted everyone to fly to one location and fly out together but find that this is getting harder...not easier.

It seems that in some cases, "you can't get there from here." Well maybe you can get there but the schedules just don't work.

Example: We have a group from SHV and we were going to have them meet in SEA and depart for NRT from there. They return to SEA from KIX via SFO. But the connecting schedules for participants from SHV are just horrible.

So we tried a new idea. Everyone fly to SFO, fly to NRT, return from KIX and then everyone go their own way from there. NOPE. Schedules just didn't work. All connecting SFO flights to SHV got kids traveling a total of an extra 7 hours!!!

In the end we have them going SHV-DFW-NRT/KIX-DFW-SHV and SEA-NRT/KIX-SFO-SEA.

Have any of you have expriences where you really "can't get there from here". Or you can do it but it takes longer than you want?
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