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Air France Y-class

Tue Mar 14, 2006 12:54 pm

Hey all,

Just wanted some peoples opinions of AF international and domestic Y class product. I will be flying DTW-CDG-ATH-CDG-DTW in May/June and just curious what to expect. DTW-CDG CDG-DTW is A332 I know there are PTVs. CDG-ATH is a 321 and ATH-CDG is a 319. Also I was thinking if i could possibly buy an upgrade on part on one leg either to or back to business class. is it worth it?


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RE: Air France Y-class

Thu Mar 16, 2006 3:55 am

A frequently discussed subject in here..

I always end up choosing AF, as their economy service is just great. The F/A's are polite and attentive, the PTV is fair (although the movie selection is quite limited, but starting every 15 minutes on the 332. There should also be an outside camera on the 332.) and the food and drink service is amazing.

The intra-EU is also outstanding compared to other airlines. AF still serves a meal, but ranges from a cookie to a meat-dish depending on the time of the day. Alcohol is served for free as well  Smile

Reg. the upgrade, you are able to upgrade with FF miles, but i don't know whether you can do it on all economy class tickets. The mileage cost is 25.000 r/t for US-EU flights. Don't know if they discount it at the gate if there are seats available, but would like to know..
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