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Itinerary Help Denmark/Belgium

Tue Mar 28, 2006 2:47 pm

I'm travelling this summer and I'd appreciate some help from more knowledgeable travellers - - or better yet, locals.

I will have 4 or 5 days in Denmark (arrive and depart CPH) followed by 4 or 5 days in Belgium (arrive and depart BRU). I say 4 or 5 because I have not yet purchased the one way flight to connect my open jaw trip so that is still flexible.

I know that I would like to see quite a bit in Copenhagen and it's surrounding areas, but I'm not sure I want to spend all of my Denmark time there. Is there somewhere that would be worth visiting as a day trip or as a 1 or 2 day side trip?

In Belgium, what should I do with 4 or 5 days? Castles and beer could fill a month for me, but what am I missing? What are my best bets?

Since this is an aviation forum, I'll let you know that I'm travelling AA LAX -> LHR, BA LHR --> CPH, BA BRU --> LHR, AA LHR -- LAX and I'm thinking SN Brussels for the CPH --> BRU leg (less than $80 per person!).

I got all but the CPH --> BRU as an AA FF reward. Purchased my wife's seat.

I generally try to spend more time when I visit foreign countries as my main enjoyment in travelling is connecting with the culture and not so much in visiting major tourist sights. This trip will be a bit short, but after spending 5 weeks in Europe last summer, the resources are a bit thin!

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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RE: Itinerary Help Denmark/Belgium

Tue Mar 28, 2006 7:11 pm

Well, 4-5 days i CPH can be done. Living here, it's difficult to tell what to see, but if you emphasize the culture prior to the major tourist sights (which i also do myself, there are many options).

In CPH you would like the old part of the city. Another old neoighborhood Christianshavn is worth strolling through, it connects with the famous site Christiania. For an ethnic experience, take a tour to the Nørrebro neighborhood. The "new" Copenhagen is settled around the harbour. There are some major sights here as well, although not invaded by tourists that are not interested in architecture  Smile

Out of town; Kronborg in Elsinore is the must-see famous site in tourist books. Forget it and go to Hillerød instead. A town 40 km north of CPH, with a much more beautiful castle, with splendid surroundings. Beside that, Hillerød has large parks and forrests, and the city is a more typical Danish provincial city than Elsinore.

From Hillerød you could continue to Tisvildeleje or Gilleleje at the northern coast of Zealand, it's 25 km further. Small peaceful sea villages - a bit touristy, but not anywhere near an extreme as other villages along the coast.

There are very good train connections in CPH and the surrounding area, so no problem getting out of the city.
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