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E-120 Vs Saab 340

Sun May 14, 2006 3:11 pm

This two aircraft types looks very similar in terms of capacity. American Eagle was or is operating the Saab 340s and DL Connection the E-120. Which one of the two aircraft types is the best in terms of reliability and direct operation costs ?
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RE: E-120 Vs Saab 340

Mon May 15, 2006 12:42 pm

the saab-340 is actually the safest commercial aircraft ever, so im going to have to go with it.
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RE: E-120 Vs Saab 340

Tue May 16, 2006 7:52 am

I have never flown on the 340, but have flown the 120 at least 100 times. While the plane is starting to age like the 340 is, I would fly on the 120 anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

But if you offered me free tickets on the 340, I would jump just as quick. I like the look of the 120 a little better though.
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RE: E-120 Vs Saab 340

Tue May 16, 2006 8:45 am

Both aircraft have similar missions, and similar capabilities, but from what I understand, the PW118B on the EMB is the winner as far as reliability.
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RE: E-120 Vs Saab 340

Tue May 16, 2006 8:51 am

I fly on the 340 quite often here in AK in sometimes pretty harsh conditions probably over 100flight segments. I have only experienced one mechanical delay in flying on them and it was a problem with the flaps. A nice aircraft none the less the 340 is. I havent flown a 120 yet, but have also heard nice things.
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RE: E-120 Vs Saab 340

Wed May 17, 2006 2:48 pm

I've heard EMB 120s have a terrible time dealing with ice.
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RE: E-120 Vs Saab 340

Wed May 17, 2006 5:23 pm

I flew on a Saab 340 last summer and I really enjoyed the trip! What a wonderful small aircraft!
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RE: E-120 Vs Saab 340

Thu May 18, 2006 8:39 am

As a crew guy on a saab now, I enjoy it. But also, ive never personally travelled on a Brasillia.

So with my limited knowledge of the EMB-120, im gonna default to the Saab.
Great sturdy aircraft.

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