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Most And Least Web Savy Airlines

Wed Jun 07, 2006 2:18 am

Which airlines do you think have the best and worst web-sites? Consider the ease of online booking (and not just for finding the cheapest fare.... also for building complex itineraries at upgradable fare or in premier cabins).

What about navigation of the site?

Online check in ease?

Ability to find a phone number if needed (so often those numbers are burried).

What is the relationship between the online booking service and the airline booking system? If you book online then call reservations to make a change, do they tell you to call the online customer service number?

Here are my thoughts.

The best web site for booking, EAASYSABRE, no longer exists as it was folded into Travelocity. Eaasy sabre was excellent if you knew the codes. In one swipe of the keyboard, you could tell the search engine your origin and desitination, exact fare code, connection city, airline, time of day, etc. And you could combine fare classes (F out, C return/ F out, T return, etc). Travelocity plays to the lowest common denominator but is truly horrible for complex itineraries.

The next to best web tool also is burried. That was United Connection (not to be confused with ual.com). Connection was user friendly and almost as powerful as Sabre. It was not web-based (so there was never a time out issue). Rather, it was a direct connection to the United reservation system. You could ticket on any carrier thorugh it.

Today, though I almost exclusively fly UA, I really am not a fan of the website. It is cumbersome, and you have to go through many screens to get just a little information.

Continental.com is by far my favorite sight. I find it very user friendly, and it is easy to change reservation, use electronic vouchers, see your summeries, etc.

What sights do you all find good/ bad?
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