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Plan An Itinerary!

Wed Jun 07, 2006 4:37 am

Sometimes if I'm bored I find myself just planning various itineraries just to see prices and routings between various cities. I'd like to see what different itineraries people come up with for a given trip on given dates. I bet the itineraries come out more different than you'd expect!

Here are two trips - what would your routing be, and what does it cost, and why did you choose that routing?

1. ICT-GRU August 6-12, 2006
2. PHX-ATH June 13-20, 2006
- these are round trips. Travel must commence on the first date given and the return trip must begin on the second date given (but can arrive later, as long as you don't sleep overnight at some city along the way)

My choices:
1. $1224 - Continental
a. - COA 2620, ICT-IAH, ERJ-135, 1108A-1255P (ExpressJet)
- COA 1548, IAH-FLL, Boeing 757-300, 126P-517P
- COA 1700, FLL-EWR, Boeing 757-200, 610P-914P
- COA 31, EWR-GRU, Boeing 767-200, 1005P-845A
b. - COA 30, GRU-EWR, Boeing 767-200, 910P-600A
- COA 1120, EWR-BOS, Boeing 737-300, 830A-945A
- COA 324, BOS-IAH, Boeing 737-300, 1027A-135P
- COA 2940, IAH-ICT, ERJ-135, 215P-355P (ExpressJet)
2. $1618 - United, Air Canada, Olympic
a. - UAL 1604, PHX-ORD, Airbus A320, 624A-1143A (Ted)
- ACA 518, ORD-YUL, Embraer 175, 120P-425P
- OAL 424, YUL-ATH, Airbus A340, 640P-1040A
b. - OAL 423, ATH-YUL, Airbus A340, 855A-1205P
- UAL 7595, YUL-ORD, Embraer 170, 251P-415P (Shuttle America)
- UAL 1497, ORD-PHX, Airbus A320, 515P-655P (Ted).

I chose #1 because it was the cheapest, and I could earn SkyTeam miles. I chose #2 because it was the cheapest. I could have gone all Star Alliance for about $50 more but it had a 10-hour layover in FRA so I avoided that one.
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