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LoCo-Weekend. Which Itinerary Would You Choose?

Mon Jul 31, 2006 4:42 am

Hello everybody,

now I need your experience and advise. I just bought a ticket for NIKI's inaugural FRA-VIE flight on 30oct and now I need to go to Vienna. Of course I could take HHN-BTS the day before with Ryanair for 20 €, but I thought I shall make a Loco-Weekend out of it. After long researched I found two possibilities: Which on would you choose?


HHN-BUD 11:25-13:05 WIZZ AIR 26,24 €
BUD-BGY 12:50-14:20 SMART WINGS 25,15 €
BGY-BTS 20:00-21:00 SKY EUROPE 28,89 €


HHN-WAW 17:10-18:55 WIZZ AIR 25,25 €
WAW-MXP 06:25-08:30 NORWEGIAN 27,00 €
BGY-BTS 20:00-21:00 SKY EUROPE 28,89 €

As you can see, price is the same. Possibilty 1 would give me some time to visit Budapest. Does anyone knows a cheap hotel/hostel?
Possibility 2 would give me opportunity to see Milan on my way from MXP to BGY. Does anybody knows a cheap hotel in WAW, maybe near the airport as the flight leaves very early? Of course If you know any possibilities to enhance this routing (for instance some additional flights on the 28oct or 29oct that would fit in above routings), let me know!

Your opionion should rather be made according to the airlines/airport flown. Visiting the city is not so impotant. I've never flew with one of above airlines, therefore I would love to know what you'd fly and why. I suppose all above mentioned airlines offer no free foods or drinks right?

I'm looking forward to read you!

Best regards

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