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Which Airports That Lost Service Will Get It Back?

Sat Sep 09, 2006 2:14 am

Apologies if this question has already been asked, but, which airports that have lost all service do you think will see a resumption in service in the near future?

I just moved to LAF, which had service as late as 1997, but no longer does. I don't see much chance of it getting any commercial service back, but was wondering what other cities in its situation do have a chance. Thanks!
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RE: Which Airports That Lost Service Will Get It B

Sun Sep 10, 2006 7:15 am

In 1998, just before I moved to San Diego, American announced that its "seasonal" MD80 flight from Bakersfield to Dallas/Ft Worth would not return. They also announced that American Eagle would be pulling out of BFL completely.

That left BFL's sole commercial service as 4 daily BFL-LAX with EM2's, and 2 daily BFL-SFO on EM2's. 120 daily seats to LAX and 60 daily seats to SFO for a metropolitan area of over 500,000 people.

Nothing new - when deregulation kicked in in 1978, Hughes Air West and United were out of BFL so fast they left a dust cloud!! All that was left were smaller upstart airlines, like Apollo and Pacific Express.

In 1984, AA started two daily DFW trips in conjunction with SBA. UA returned first with service to SFO, and then later to DEN, although their schedules were constantly changing and never maintained any kind of long-term strategy.

Right after CO bought the old Frontier, they expanded massively into California, including BFL. They routed at least one of their flights via PSP.

But too much of a good thing couldn't last. United reduced its schedule by 1987, and DEN was dropped. CO's embarrassingly quick over-expansion took its toll very quickly - BFL was dropped in the first round. BFL went from having four daily flights to zero. And service to DEN has never returned.

AA had a good size operation - at one point, in addition to the two MD80's to DFW, AA tagged on SNA-BFL in order to store a 757. While other airlines were disappearing, BFL had AA flying to DFW and ORD!!

Today, AA is a memory. United Express maintains a token appearance, but HP Express to PHX and LAS and CO Express to IAH have had great success. Delta Express is also flying RJ's to SLC, so the airport has once again recovered - somewhat. It needs more.
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RE: Which Airports That Lost Service Will Get It B

Sun Sep 10, 2006 8:07 am

Stockton, CA (SCK) lost all service a couple of years ago. A few months ago Allegiant began service to LAS that has been successful. AM is a seems like a reasonable possibility. I am aware that Horizon has been approached for service to LAX.

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