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What If Lockheed Built A Competitor To The B 757?

Mon Dec 25, 2006 5:36 am

I think I post this some years ago, I not sure, but I going to post it now.

What if Lockheed built a competitor to the Boeing 757. Would it have had RR RB2:11. Would it have been wider or narrower, longer or shorter. What airlines would have had them in there fleet. I believe ATA, BA, DL and EA would have.

I look I have seen a lot of (what if Lockheed still build airliners) post. This is your chance design a Lockheed airliner to compete with the Boeing 757.

PS: It will be fun to see what design you guys come up with.
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RE: What If Lockheed Built A Competitor To The B 7

Wed Jan 03, 2007 11:00 am

i would call it the lockheed 959. it would be wide and almost a competitor to the 767. it would have all the technolegy that the 777 has plus alot more.
there is room on the tail for a third engine, but that is optional. all the seats have AVOD and a pop-up PTV. the cockpit is state of the art. it has a very,very,very strong door. hidden cameras in every row and on the the top of the cpckpit door. this is optional with the airline and they can have them placed anywhere. engines are the engines that go on 777's. so yes it would be way "overpowerd!" extremely quiete but you can put on earphones so you can hear the engines reving for takeoff or landing (ETC). it's safety is unbelievealbe! three exits by the wing and more can be choosen by the airline.
most options can be choosen by the airline. on the PTV's there is a DVD slot, so you can bring your own movies and play them for free. there are 2 more restrooms than on the 757. the two extra are wheelchair compatable.
that is about as much as i can think of. hope you enjoy!
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RE: What If Lockheed Built A Competitor To The B 7

Fri Jan 05, 2007 9:09 am

I wish Lockheed had not given up on airliners-the Connie was IMHO the most beautiful airliner ever built, and the L-1011 was a magnificent bird, doomed by the fact that MD built essentially the same plane at the same time, and their wasn't enough market share for both, so neither made money. I'd be happy if they built a compeditor to anything.
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RE: What If Lockheed Built A Competitor To The B 7

Fri Jan 05, 2007 10:55 am

If Lockheed built an airplane to compete with the 757 they would still be waiting for the engines... = ) j/k
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