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What Do You Like About The A330?

Thu Jan 04, 2007 7:28 am

When it first came out, I hated the A330 because of one thing, Aer Lingus replaced there 747s with them. I thought a 747 should be replace with something bigger, faster and better. The A330 is smaller and slower and really, there nothing better than a 747 ( ok a L1011 maybe better built and a DC10 maybe a little stronger) but back to the point, I thought this was an out rage. When I learned that Fed Ex and Swiss Air replaced there 747s with MD11's, I realize a lot of airline are replacing there 747 with smaller plane. It still took me some time to warm up to the A330. I beginning to like the A/C, first because it completes a number letter circle. There a 727, a 737 and an A320. With the A330 the number letter circle is complete. The A330 also has a beautiful wing design. So what do not like about the A330?
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RE: What Do You Like About The A330?

Sat Jan 06, 2007 10:12 am

There is nothing to dislike about the A330 it is wonderfull. Actually some people may say it is built by the french or is an airbus but lets face it those guys are out to lunch. The A330 is a wonderful airplane, i have been on them many times. Very comforable and very quite (not as much as the 343 however) overall i have to say the A330 is one of my favourite modern day jetliners.
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RE: What Do You Like About The A330?

Sat Jan 06, 2007 12:04 pm

No flaming Hell! I would have to say that although the seat width is 17.5" )that's Air Canada anyway, the armrests or something must be narrower. I have never felt more cramped on any airplane, even though I was on the aisle. Just MHO. I still prefer the 767 over any other, except maybe the 777 which I have yet to fly, and the seats are an inch wider at 18.5 in. Although the seats on the 767 are 17.5 in. I get a feeling of more space overall, especially in the width.
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