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Cheapest Way To Make A Ticket Change?

Sun Jan 07, 2007 3:19 pm

hey all,

So i booked a flight for this summer, GSO-SFO-AVP-GSO, in October and did it because I beleived I had found what was a pretty good deal at $450 r/t. This has held true as a good deal and I am glad I booked it when I did, but now I need to make a change on the AVP-GSO leg to leave at a later time. However, the fare is at $650 meaning it would cost me about $200-$250 for the change and would cost my girlfriend the same. Anyone know any way to make the change without it costing me a ton? What is the financial penality if you miss a flight? Its not something I would want to do, but what if I "missed my flight?"

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RE: Cheapest Way To Make A Ticket Change?

Sun Jan 07, 2007 3:33 pm

Your travel is not for a long time, so the ball is in your court,

Wait for a schedule change. Every month, the airlines load them. When you notice that your current AVP-GSO flight has been changed, call the airline and request the flights that you want. (I am assuming that you want a flight later in the day, not a later date). You will have the leverage, as the airline inconvenienced you (so to speak). There will be no additional funds collected.

If you initiate the change now, not only will you pay the difference in price, but you wil likely face a change fee as well.
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