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How You Would Change An Airline..

Fri Jan 19, 2007 12:36 pm

Okay.. so here is what I"m thinking.. what airline would you love to change and what would your changes be?

For example..

Name: Bahamasair --> Atlantis Airways & Atlantis Local (regional services)
Hubs: Nassau --> Nassau, Bermuda
Fleet: 4 732, 10 Q300 --> 3 738, 2 735, 4 E75, 10 Q300
Routes: Domesticate, MIA, MCO, FLL, Caribbean --> Bahamas Domesticate^, MIA, MCO*, FLL, EWR, ATL*, MSY*, MDW, BOS, RDU*, BDA, Havana
Aircraft Livery: Triton and a Trident
Aircraft color: Aquamarine (to match the water's color)

Just off the top of my head...
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