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Update On Options To Kenya

Tue Jan 23, 2007 4:15 pm

So time has passed and the people I am going with we are now ready to purchase our tickets. Prices have skyrocketed. Here are the new plans and a new thing that has been added.

Amount of people going? 30
Travel dates? 4 July - 15 July (Earlyest 2 July and latest 16 July)
Places? Leaving anywhere in California to NBO (Nairobi, Kenya)

Option 1:
VS020 Coach Class
SFO 430P - LHR 1030A (Dinner & Breakfast)
VS671 Coach Class
LHR 715P - NBO 605A (Dinner & Breakfast)
VS672 Coach Class
NBO 815A - LHR 250P (Lunch & Snack)
VS019 Coach Class
LHR 1100A - SFO 150P (Lunch & Snack)
Cost: $1503 + $389.58 = 1892.58

Option 2:
BA286 Coach Class
SFO 655P - LHR 100P (Meal)
BA089 Coach Class
LHR 825P - NBO 715A (Meal)
BA064 Coach Class
NBO 1125P - LHR 555A (Meal)
BA285 Coach Class
LHR 1050A - SFO 200P (Meal)
Cost: $1568 + $369.58 = $1937.58

Any other ideas would be great. We are trying to stay away from the EK flight because it is to long for some of the people going.

The twist that is going into this is two leaders and myself have been asked to spend 3 days in the Congo and another 3 days in Capetown, South Africa. So, what are some extreamly good prices to still got to Congo and Capetown and fly home from Capetown and be back before 27 July.

Thanks everyone for your help

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RE: Update On Options To Kenya

Sun Jan 28, 2007 8:06 am

As far as I can tell after checking some fares, those are pretty good deals for the SFO-NBO legs.
As far as your NBO-Kinshasa DRC flight, it looks like you're limited to KQ or connect through Addis on ET, looks like that leg is going to cost a lot of money! I guess it is a 3.5hr flight. (I found USD$750 RT)I hope you found better pricing.

As far as flying down to CPT, you're better off flying SA.
You can get your return on BA leaving from CPT back to LHR, instead of NBO,which would help the price a little.
As with all African airlines, you are better off finding some one local (local Travel agent) to get your tickets-it'll be a lot cheaper.
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