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How Is New Lufthansa C- Class Seat And Service?

Thu Feb 15, 2007 12:29 am

Got a flight coming up with Lufthansa in the new Business Class and was wondering how the seat is, it looks pretty comfy. Additionally, what is the food, beverage and inflight service standards like?


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RE: How Is New Lufthansa C- Class Seat And Service

Thu Feb 15, 2007 1:16 am

Just flew it FRA-EWR two weeks ago. Overall the seat is OK. I'm comparing to BA Club, Qantas Business, Emirates business and Cathay business, which are the ones I know.

The feel is very plastic which surprised me a bit.
The storage space is average.
The privacy to the neighbor is absolutely rubbish, which is my main criticism about this seating. Compared to BA it's a disgrace.
The bed is not flat and not actually that comfortable, but then again I am 6ft6 so nothing will ever be good for me on a plane (qantas gets close).
Service is efficient and polite, but inconsistent. My outbound to EWR was great and back from MIA to FRA was amateurish at best.
Food is quite tasty at the moment, as the new chef menus work quite well.
The IFE is good and AVOD-style but the selection of films last month was not impressive.

That's really it. I'm happy I tried LH again but honestly it still doesn't compete with SQ, CX, BA, even QF for me.Not that any of those are perfect, but the privacy thing really pis*ed me off at the price you pay in business.

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RE: How Is New Lufthansa C- Class Seat And Service

Thu Feb 15, 2007 2:35 am

I experienced it a few years ago flying ORD-FRA on a Lufthansa A330. I thought it was very good. I really liked the LH service. They finally have a good competitive business class seat to go with their strong service. The flight attendants were nice and professional (although one was kind of scary and witch like). They did their best and food was good. I also got some sleep which is happy. For lie flats, the LH seat is great. Connexion wasn’t working yet, but the IFE was still amazing as it felt like you were surfing through a PC. They are good and I would be happy to fly them again. And if you don’t like lie flat, you can always still sit at an angle if you must.
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RE: How Is New Lufthansa C- Class Seat And Service

Fri Feb 16, 2007 5:01 am

Flew it recently on FRA-KIX and KIX-FRA, both 346. Their product is quite good and excellent compared to what they have in their 747-400s!
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