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AM's N774AM Vs. All The Other Am Boeing 777-200ER

Fri Mar 09, 2007 7:33 am

Finally after a couple of years watching your posts I finnally got my account, I just joined today I am really happy! Hi to you all guys!!!

I was urged to fly from MEX to MAD and got a cheap fare vía LHR on monday february the 26th on British Airways, however, the flight got cancelled due to some oil spill from the wing, I have to say that although it was bothersome to have the flight cancelled and all that stuff, BA crew managed to do everything pretty well, and though at the beginning they said that nobody was going to be rebooked in another flight, since this flight was departing the next day, I begged one of the workers to please put me in any flight that arrived at MAD before 3 o' clock. She finnally put me on AM 001 direct flight to Madrid.

I have to say that AM has a very good long haul product, but this plane we flew was the ex-VARIG N774AM in the new colors, and I could notice that the crew had some poblems in the management of the plane in general, they did very good, but they had some slight problems with the food carts, the use of the PTV's which were different from other AM 772's, also they had to do an inflight safety demo which was interrupted by take off, after take off the demo continued.

After an extremely good service from the cabin crew, we deplaned really fast, since I was on an emergency exit, while waiting for the doors to open I asked the FA if she was new to the 777, and she told me that she was not new, that in fact she has worked on all the other 777's of the company, but it was her first time on the N774, she actually said, "on the pretty planes, we all know our way, I hope you could fly on the pretty planes." To anybody of you who ave worked on AM's 777's i N774 really that different from all the others?

thank you for all the answers....

and once more thanks to BA for their service!

Regards KL-AM

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