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Help Needed Finding A Flight LGW/LHR-AGA

Wed May 16, 2007 5:09 pm

I have been invited to a party in Agadir, Morocco that is being held on Saturday 22 September. Ideally I would like to stay 3 or 4 nights but it seems all direct flights from LGW to Agadir operate weekly.

BA (or rather GB Airways) used to fly direct from LGW to AGA twice weekly but these flights no longer show up on the BA website.

The only alternative to a weekly holiday is to fly via CMN or AGP but this involves a minimum 2.5 hour wait at CMN/AGP for the connecting flight in both directions and makes the journey last nearly 9 hours.

I have since found out that FR flies from LTN to RAK. According to information on the web, Marrakech is 123 miles or 2 hours drive from Agadir, so this might be a possibility.

Can anyone tell me if there is any public transport between Marrakech and Agadir and if this is frequent?

Alternatively, if someone can suggest a better/quicker routing than via Casablanca please let me know. I can depart from either LHR or LGW.

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RE: Help Needed Finding A Flight LGW/LHR-AGA

Wed May 16, 2007 9:08 pm

Air Berlin go to AGA, but that isn't a lot of help.

AEU fly direct from LGW to AGA on Mondays. (Find them at thomsonfly.com)

Otherwise it's
1. AT 801 R 22SEP LHRCMN HS1 1810 2025 O E SA
2. AT 427 R 22SEP CMNAGA HS1 2300 #2359 O E SA
3. AT 422 R 26SEP AGACMN HS1 0940 1040 O E WE
4. AT 800 R 26SEP CMNLHR HS1 1240 1650 O E WE

...at least you can check your bags through CMN.

I wouldn't bother with road transport for that length of stay, especially at the AT fare is about the same to AGA as CMN anyway +/- £15 more each way.
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