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FlyBe (formerly BA Connect) What To Expect?

Sun May 20, 2007 10:10 pm


Next sunday (27th May) I am flying FlyBe (the former BA Connect service) from BHX-MXP.

Just a few questions:

What is the service like on FlyBe?

Is the food free? If not is it overpriced?

The last flight I made to MXP was with BA CitiExpress on an ERJ145, to FlyBe still operate these aircraft on this route?


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RE: FlyBe (formerly BA Connect) What To Expect?

Mon May 21, 2007 3:34 am

hi. on FlyBe the meals aint free. they offer a snack & drink service which does cost but its pretty reasonably proiced. when i was flying with FlyBe about 6 weeks ago i paid $4.50 for a coffee and a small box of pringles. not sure about the specifics on the route though
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RE: FlyBe (formerly BA Connect) What To Expect?

Mon May 21, 2007 6:01 am

I have flown EDI-BHX with Flybe for years and they are pretty good. The staff are always friendly, the aircraft are usually clean and the food and drink is reasonably priced, there wasn't a whole lot of difference between their service and the service offered by BA Connect on the same route except that you got a free cup of tea if you flew BA (oh yes, BA was a lot more expensive too!). I haven't flown with them since the takeover but I can't imagine that much has changed to be honest with the exception that you'll now need to pay for your refreshments.

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