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Question About Flying Aeroméxico

Mon Oct 08, 2007 2:02 pm

Good morning gentlemen,

It looks like Marambio may be going to New York in a couple of months, so I've been browsing through the different airlines and booking websites to decide which carrier I should fly. Although AR and AA offer nonstop flights, all airlines quote pretty much the same prices and, for the sake of my Flying Blue account, I'd rather pick a Skyteam member, which reduces the options to Delta, Continental, Copa and Aeroméxico.

Being the kind of wild person I am, I thought why not giving a try to Aeroméxico. Delta and Continental are pretty much your average US legacy carriers, whilst with Copa I'm afraid of dying of claustrophobia due to spending such a long journey onboard of a 73G.

I thus wanted to know any information regarding Aeroméxico. Flying EZE-MEX-JFK implies a considerable detour, bigger than with DL (ATL) or CO (IAH). Is it worth it? What is service like onboard their 762s and 738s? Besides, any other information will be really appreciated.

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RE: Question About Flying Aeroméxico

Tue Oct 09, 2007 5:12 pm

HI Marambio

I´ve been on AM 762s (MEX-MAD-MEX) and, even they are showing their age, service is quite good and I´ve heard that AM 738s are good. Hope you enjoy your flight.

Regards, AeroMexico777
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