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Weird/Funny Aviation Dreams

Mon Oct 08, 2007 1:21 pm

I am not very proficient at doing topic search, so let me know if this has been discussed before. Anyway, I had a dream last night, and I thought, maybe we should have a topic to share our aviation-related dreams/nightmares.

Anyway, the dream goes like this;

I was on the flight ITH - LGA on a US Saab 340 with my grandfather, and for some reason it made an intermediate stop somewhere. We get off the plane, and when we go back for boarding, the plane has already left without us, so we wait for the next flight, and apparently the next one is the SQ A380 inaugural commercial service, so we get on, and we see that the cabin has not been installed, and they use folding plastic chairs instead. So I start thinking to myself, well this is not safe to fly when seats are not screwed to the floor and without seatbelts. I Insert my chair into special holes in the floor, and wrap my hiking backpack around the seat back so I can strap myself in with the backpack straps... Next thing I remember is that I am at the HAM railway station.

I thought this was worth sharing. Or should it go into the trip report section instead?  Smile

Feel free to comment/share your own stories.
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RE: Weird/Funny Aviation Dreams

Mon Oct 08, 2007 1:44 pm

Nice thread!

I usually have 3 recurrent dreams regarding aviation:

1.- I dream that I am on my way to the airport, and for some reason I cannot make it there. I get to the the aiport in the distance (control tower, airplanes and such), but cannot make it there. I either wake up before, or the car brakes down, or whatever.

2.- I dream that I am on a 727, and we are taking off, but we fail to gain sufficient speed and end up crashing at the end of the runway. The dream is usually very scary.

3.- I dream that I board a 747, and the thing is huge!!! like 30 abreast. and I run to get a window, but there is none left. Never.

I guess it all has to do with my failed dream of becoming a commercial pilot. Maybe not. Lol
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RE: Weird/Funny Aviation Dreams

Mon Oct 08, 2007 1:48 pm

Quoting Ogre727 (Reply 1):
and the thing is huge!!! like 30 abreast

Are you sure this wasn't a movie theater?  Smile
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RE: Weird/Funny Aviation Dreams

Mon Oct 08, 2007 1:51 pm

Well, it was a dream about airplanes that started me on a career path to becoming an aircraft mechanic and ultimately an attorney.

Back in 1975 I was working as a clerk in an auto parts store in New Jersey. I had a really vivid dream one night that I was taxiing a P51 Mustang. The sound was just like a funny car idling. Really intense sensations.
So the next day at work there was a copy of Road and Track on the counter and I reached over and flipped it open, and it fell open to a page that offered an introductory flying lesson for a modest sum.

Well, mother never had to call me twice for dinner.

I signed up and ultimately had 25 hours of flight training, and worked my way through Northrop Institute of Technology and worked in the aviation field until I went to law school.

Divine intervention? Perhaps.
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RE: Weird/Funny Aviation Dreams

Mon Oct 08, 2007 1:59 pm

I actually had a funny coincidence while waking up while flying as a unattended minor on SQ long-haul in Y. I was dreaming that I was flying in the first class section of the plane, not much more happened as I was abruptly awakened by the cabin crew getting ready for decent and landing (only had a short sleep between breakfast and descent). About 5 minutes later, one of the singaporegirls comes to me and asks if I'm the unattended minor, I say much to my embarrassment (due to the fact I didn't have anyone to sign that I could handle myself on my way back as I was on an SK connecting flight in FRA) 'yes'. So she tells me to get my bags and go with her. I walk to a crowded business class (on a 744) and I got really exhilerated about sitting there, but to my dissapointment there were only a couple middle seats in the 2-3-2 configuration, so she says, "ah, I'm sorry, I didn't realise this cabin was so full..........might as well take u to first class!" The greatest thing is that only one seat was occupied in first so I could a superb window seat for a great landing in SIN!!!!

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RE: Weird/Funny Aviation Dreams

Mon Oct 08, 2007 6:04 pm

I remember a dream I had shortly after my first solo in the Cessna 150 (about 16 years ago  Wink ). I took off in the 150 to shoot some touch 'n goes, but then had to divert to the closest big airport because I couldn't get the gear down...kind of a bizarro dream  Smile , especially when you consider that the 150 has fixed landing gear.
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RE: Weird/Funny Aviation Dreams

Mon Oct 08, 2007 6:09 pm

I too still dream of the ASA ATL ramp (not because I miss it). I'm in school now but when I was working there, I would have these dreams about running in the break room to get the guys because an ATR pulled up unexpectedly. Then I would run back out and bring her in. Or dream about loading a 70 seater, which I hated. I still have these.
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RE: Weird/Funny Aviation Dreams

Mon Oct 08, 2007 6:15 pm

By the way, I dream about going to FRA on UA 747 every once in a while.

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RE: Weird/Funny Aviation Dreams

Mon Oct 08, 2007 6:26 pm

Last night I had a dream I was in SFO getting on a UA CRJ-700 but I was supposed to get on a NW CRJ. By the time I realized we were flying to ATL (in a 700?) when I was supposed to fly to SLC (on NW?) the door was already shut. With my experience with the doors on CRJ's I ran a shoved the FA out of the way and opened the door and ran out. I ran into the terminal and there was a big party going on. And I found one of my friends. I never got on the NW CRJ. Oh and there was a skating rink under the terminal. Weird dream huh?

And I always have dreams about work. Either dealing with the CRJ's or it has to do with people from work. I guess that means I work too much.  Big grin
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RE: Weird/Funny Aviation Dreams

Mon Oct 08, 2007 6:39 pm

I always have dreams that I'm flying some type of jet, and I'm somehow in a busy area of a city and I can't get the plane to climb above the power lines as we are heading for them. Then at the last possible second the plane climbes above the lines just barely missing them. Or I have dreams that i'm watching a plane crash, or actually in a plane as it crashes. Freaky!!  eek 
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RE: Weird/Funny Aviation Dreams

Mon Oct 08, 2007 7:52 pm

I recently had a dream where I was driving (or perhaps biking, as I could see the sky above me) down a road near the town where I grew up. I looked up and saw an A380 fly overhead, apparently headed towards CLT. Except it didn't look like an A380. It had the weird bulgy appearance of the Dreamlifter, but with an A380 nose. The other weird thing was that is was painted in the livery of an airline that hasn't ordered the A380 -- I think it was United but my memory is a bit fuzzy about that part.
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RE: Weird/Funny Aviation Dreams

Mon Oct 08, 2007 8:15 pm

I have aviation related dreams probably about once a month or so.

The most recent was on an AA 72S. The dream cuts in with some strange conversation with a friend while in flight and then we land. As we come to a stop we slowly begin to roll backward, then faster and faster until we finally end up doing circles in reverse. The pilot comes on the PA and tells us that he forgot to turn off the reverse thrust  wideeyed  and we'll have to go round like this untill the fuel runs out! And not to worry, ATC has reassurred there is nothing to bump into...  Silly
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RE: Weird/Funny Aviation Dreams

Mon Oct 08, 2007 9:05 pm

I have some every so often, but I don't remember the details usually for more than a day after I have them. However, one dream I had when I was in elementary school stands out. I had a dream where our class was going on some class trip (probably to either New York or Orlando). First of all, instead of leaving from our elementary school, as I was in maybe 4th grade at the time, we left from the town high school. Now, this town is about 30 miles WNW of MSP, but rather than take a school bus to the airport, we got on the plane at the high school! I'm sure it was NW, and I think it was a 747 in the then-current bowling shoe livery, but I'm not entirely sure. Then again, at that age the 747 was the only type of plane I could tell apart from the others (I was not familiar with the DC-10 or DC-9, and all the wing-mounted twin-jets looked the same at that age, so I think it was a 747). Anyway, we then began to taxi the thirty miles to the airport! I actually remember taxiing down I-394 going about 55 mph! For some reason, our plane was magic, and could taxi right through the overpasses without either the plane or the bridge being damaged. Unfortunately, I woke up before we got to the airport. I remember being mad that the taxiing was taking so long, especially since I had never flown yet. Actually I wasn't even specifically interested in airplanes yet - I was more into trains and freeways at that age.

Actually I used to have lots of dreams were we'd be about to go on vacation but then cancelled at the last minute, or I woke up before we left. It's probably because my first memory is a road trip to DisneyWorld in 1990, but after that we never went on any overnight trips anywhere until late 1998! Anything we planned always fell through until then. Even coming back from Denver in 1998, I was originally supposed to fly back on United I think for my first flight as a UMNR, but instead I rode back with my mom in the car and didn't fly until 2001. I never have flown United to this day, although I did finally make it to DIA / DEN in April 2006. I still have dreams where plans fall through! I think once or twice the plane crashed but I didn't remember it for long, so the one dream from elementary school is the only one I remember in detail to this day.
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RE: Weird/Funny Aviation Dreams

Tue Oct 09, 2007 6:51 am

This dream is not so funny, however, I always have this same dream the day before I fly anywhere that I oversleep and wake up hours after my flight takes off. I always miss my flight in my dream. Somehow, when I am scheduled on the 10h15am flight from CDG to LAX on AF, I ALWAYS MISS THIS FLIGHT IN REAL LIFE.... maybe there is a connection??? I often miss the 13h15p departure for LAX also... oh well, there is usually one more evening flight from CDG to LAX.  Smile I always have so much fun in Paris that I end up leaving the bars around 8am or so... that is why I miss that damn 10h15am!  Smile
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RE: Weird/Funny Aviation Dreams

Sun Oct 14, 2007 3:50 am

i had this dream the other night, two of them actually, in the first one, i was on an A340-600 (a plane i've never even been on) i was sitting in my seat when a pilot comes up and asks me if i can fly the plane. I explain that i'm not a pilot, he says "no problem, it's easy" so i get up and follow him into the cockpit where there's just a swivel chair and a joy stick and some CRTs. he said "to go up, pull back, to go down, push forward." so he leaves and the plane is airborne and i'm flying across this desert landscapes, then i'm on a road, with traffic all around me, and i'm thinking "how is this possible?" this plane has 4 engines and a massive 200 foot wingspan, how can i be surrounded by cars? we start moving forward and were driving through these incredibly tight spaces, between buildings, into a tunnel, and i'm thinking all along "there's just no way!" and i keep hoping the wings and engines haven't been ripped off going through these tight buildings and tunnels. in the next sequence, i'm on a tarmac, all by myself, and the same guy who asked me to fly the plane comes up with this 10 year old boy. he then says "this boy wants to be an A340-600 when he grows up." So it was like i was inside this kid's head the whole time. even my dad, who's a pretty good dream interpreter didn't know how to explain that one.

In the second dream, mom, my brother and I are on our way home from somewhere and we're transiting through dubai, only we didn't have to go through security, we just came straight in from the tarmac, through a set of sliding glass doors and we're in the terminal. we walk to our connecting gate and it's dark out and i'm complaining to my mom about getting onto a 14 hour flight and not being able to sleep. someone overhears me and suggests i visit a wine bar, that they can help me. i walk into the winebar and explain my predicament and the girl behind the counter pours me a glass of chablis and says "drink this," i respond that i hate wine. she takes a can of coke from a shelf, pours it into the glass of chablis, stirs it and hands it back, i try it and i like it, but now i'm worried i'll get drunk. i leave the wine bar and i'm walking though the terminal with an open glass of chablis, drinking it, i get to the waiting area, where my mom and brother are waiting, and my brother wants to know what i've got? i said "it's Chablis and Coke, try it, its good." my brother, in typical fashion screws his nose up and said "F*ck no, i'm not drinking that Sh*t." then i woke up,
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