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Theory Only: Could AA Benefit From The 739ER?

Wed Oct 10, 2007 6:47 pm

Hello Folks...
I've been wondering lately if American can benefit from the 737-900ER, in theory only...to replace some of the oldest MD-83s soon to be retired & to offset the return of the ex-TWA 757s to their owners. The 739 of course, shares fleet commodity with the 737-800 AA currently flies.
The 739ER can carry as much as the MD-83 can, and flies almost as far as the 757. The 739, IMHO, is like having a couple of different airplanes in one little neat package.
Personally I like to see AA using some of their options held for the 737NGs use for at least 25 739ERs, if not twice as many.
Any rebuttals and thoughts here?
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