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Where Would You Want To Wait? SMF Or SFO?

Thu Oct 18, 2007 2:48 am

I plan to be on Xjets maiden Santa Barbara flight to SMF and to guarantee me Premier 1K status on United for next year (I would fly Xjet out and United back). I really do not have many options for the way back and I either have to wait in SMF for 6 hours or wait 3 hours there and 3 in SFO. Is there really a lot to do in or around SMF or am I better off leaving as soon as I can.

Thanks in advance.
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RE: Where Would You Want To Wait? SMF Or SFO?

Thu Oct 18, 2007 3:32 am

Quoting Boston92 (Thread starter):

SMF airport wasn't that big from my recollection I'm not saying that there isn't anything to do, however keeping busy you would have more to do at SFO.

If you really wanted to push it you could take the BART in to San Francisco or near the airport however the spotting at SFO is good and they have a decent food court in the steril zone. I don't know think SMF has a food court (just a couple restraunts), and Sacramento's transit, well I dont think it would be comparable or measure up.

Although in Sacramento you might actually have time to take a ride in to the city by taxi and possibly go shopping etc...It all depends on what you like to do in you're free time.
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RE: Where Would You Want To Wait? SMF Or SFO?

Thu Oct 18, 2007 12:00 pm

I use SMF often. There is a small food court in between the two older terminals. The new terminal that houses WN, DL and US has a larger one: XJet unfortunately does not fly from this one. There is not much to do at SMF. If you have transportation, a trip to Old Sacramento would be a good way to pass away the hours.

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