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How Many Tail Numbers Have You Flown On?

Sat Dec 01, 2007 3:33 am

Okay guys, How many tail numbers have you flown on?

Below is a list of the 332 tail numbers that I have flown. This however doesnt represent every single flight that I have taken as that number is well over 650....Partly because two planes in particular I had 102 and 86 flights respectively logged on...

Anyway, here are the tail numbers that I have flown on....One sad note, (since I started logging my flights in 1983)... I have logged at least One flight per year except this year...2007....I have nt logged any flights and it looks liek iot wont happen.... Sad



22JUN84 DC9-31, N988Z, STL-MLI OZARK 47134
09JUN85 PA32-260 SIX, N55059, SQI-SQI PRIVATE 32-7300031
15FEB86 B737-291A, N7355F, RFD-ORD FRONTIER 22741
18FEB86 BEECH 99, N1031S, ORD-SQI BRITT U-51
24AUG86 F.27-500F, N239MA, MLI-MDW CHICAGO AIR 10664
24AUG86 B737-2T4A, N54AF, MDW-IND MIDWAY 22055
26AUG86 B737-2T4A, N82AF, IND-MDW MIDWAY 22698
26AUG86 F.27-500F, N240MA, MDW-MLI CHICAGO AIR 10667
18OCT86 CE-402C, N6787V, SQI-ORD PROPHETER 402C-0421
18OCT86 DC9-31, N993Z, ORD-STL OZARK 47082
20OCT86 DC9-15F, N969Z, STL-ORD OZARK 47001
08MAR87 DC9-51, N405EA, ORD-MSP EASTERN 47688
10MAR87 DC9-51, N413EA, MSP-ORD EASTERN 47745
28MAR87 DC9-31, N990Z, MLI-STL TRANS WORLD 47136
28MAR87 B727-031, N833TW, STL-MCI TRANS WORLD ........
29MAR87 B727-231, N12303, MCI-STL TRANS WORLD 19560
29MAR87 DC9-32, N995Z, STL-MLI TRANS WORLD 47027
25SEP87 FH-227C, N378NE, MLI-BRL BRITT 512
28OCT87 F-27, N386BA, MLI-BRL BRITT 22
17NOV87 CE-402B, N6384X, SQI-ORD PROPHETER 402B-1347
23NOV88 CE-310R II, N37237, SQI-MLI PROPHETER 310R-0969
01DEC88 PA32R-300 LANCE, N75247, PRIVATE 32R-7680282
05DEC88 FH-227C, N375NE, ORD-BMI BRITT 506
05DEC88 F-27F, N384BA, BMI-ORD BRITT 100
14DEC88 FH-227C, N377NE, ORD-PIA BRITT 510
14DEC88 FH-227C, N376NE, BMI-ORD BRITT 507
30DEC88 CE-172M, N64235, SQI-MLI PROPHETER 172M-65110
13JAN89 F-27, N385BA, ORD-BMI BRITT 24
14MAR89 DC8-71, N8097U, ORD-DTW UNITED 46064
14MAR89 DC10-10, N1841U, DTW-ORD UNITED 46634
03JUL89 B727-222A, N7267U, ORD-DTW UNITED 21414
04JUL89 DC8-71, N8092U, DTW-ORD UNITED 45996
24JUL89 B767-233ER, C-GDSY, YUL-YYZ AIR CANADA 24145
29JUL89 B727-222, N7626U, ORD -MCI UNITED 19899
29JUL89 111-203AE, N1543, MCI-OMA BRANIFF 17
30JUL89 B727-227A, N470BN, MCI-ORD BRANIFF 21532
09AUG89 F.27-200, N268MA, MLI-MSP MESABA 10284
09AUG89 DC9-14, N8907E, MSP-MLI NORTHWEST 45748
19AUG89 PA31-350, N59906, SQI-ORD PROPHETER 7552027
01SEP89 PA31-350, N3587C, SQI-ORD PROPHETER 8052118
01OCT89 PA31-350, N27360, SQI-ORD PROPHETER 7752189
16NOV89 B727-222A, N7276U, ORD-DTW UNITED 21423
17NOV89 DC10-10, N1806U, DTW-ORD UNITED 46605
23DEC89 BAe146-200, N608AW, ORD-MLI AIR WISC. E.2049
29DEC89 B737-2H4A, N60SW, MDW-STL SOUTHWEST 21812
29DEC89 B737-2H4A, N23SW, STL-MDW SOUTHWEST 21338
31DEC89 ATR42-300, N420MQ, ORD-MLI SIMMONS 012
14JAN90 DC8-71, N8094U, ORD-DTW UNITED 45998
14JAN90 B757-223, N612AA, DTW-ORD AMERICAN 24488
15MAR90 SD360-100, N362MQ, RFD-ORD SIMMONS SH3612
15MAR90 SD360-100, N365MQ, ORD-RFD SIMMONS SH3621
22MAR90 SD360-100, N361MQ, RFD-ORD SIMMONS SH3607
22MAR90 DC9-82, N443AA, ORD-MCI AMERICAN 49469
22MAR90 DC9-82, N226AA, MCI-ORD AMERICAN 49176
18APR90 BAe3101, N334PX, RFD-MSP EXPRESS I 706
18APR90 BAe3101, N303PX, MSP-RFD EXPRESS I 662
15MAY90 SD360-100, N191SB, RFD-ORD SIMMONS SH3666
15MAY90 B757-223, N619AA, ORD-DTW AMERICAN 24577
15MAY90 SD360-100, N367MQ, ORD-RFD SIMMONS SH3640
28MAY90 BAe3101, N318PX, RFD-MSP EXPRESS I 689
29MAY90 SD360-100, N369MQ, RFD-ORD SIMMONS SH3654
29MAY90 B757-223, N618AA, ORD-DTW AMERICAN 24526
29MAY90 B767-3223ER, N360AA, DTW-ORD AMERICAN 24041
29MAY90 ATR42-300, N424MQ, ORD-RFD SIMMONS 045
03JUN90 B727-223A, N851AA, DSM-ORD AMERICAN 20992
08AUG90 B727-022, N40481, ORD-DEN CONTINENTAL 18329
13AUG90 DC9-83, N946AS, SFO-LAX ALASKA 49658
14AUG90 DC10-30, N14062, LAX-IAH CONTINENTAL 47863
14AUG90 B727-022, N40486, IAH-ORD CONTINENTAL 18848
09SEP90 B1900C-1, N919GL, ORD-RHI GREAT LAKES UC-101
09SEP90 BAe3101, N330PX, MSP-RFD EXPRESS I 698
23SEP90 B1900C-1, N193GL, ORD-BRL GREAT LAKES UC-123
27SEP90 Do228-200, N253MC, RFD-MDW MIDWAY COMM. 8071
27SEP90 B737-25AA, N725ML, MDW-DTW MIDWAY 23791
27SEP90 DC9-15, N1062T, DTW-MDW MIDWAY 45776
27SEP90 Do228-200, N257MC, MDW-RFD MIDWAY COMM. 8102
21OCT90 BAe3101, N313PX, MSP-RFD EXPRESS I 681
18NOV90 B757-223, N628AA, ORD-DTW AMERICAN 24586
18NOV90 DC10-10, N1839U, DTW-ORD UNITED 46633
29NOV90 B727-022, N7011U, ORD-IAD UNITED 18303
29NOV90 B727-022, N7014U, IAD-ORD UNITED 18306
02DEC90 B767-222, N612UA, MCO-ORD UNITED 21873
20JAN91 BAe146-300, N611AW IAD-HSV AIR WISC. E.3132
20JAN91 B737-222, N9066U, HSV-BHM UNITED 19947
21JAN91 B747-422, N178UA, IAD-ORD UNITED 24385
04FEB91 SF340A, N329PX, RFD-MSP EXPRESS I 340A-076
04FEB91 SF340A, N341PX, MSP-RFD EXPRESS I 340A-142
10FEB91 DC9-14, N400ME, MKE-ATL MIDWEST EXP. 45727
11FEB91 DC9-32, N501ME, ATL-MKE MIDWEST EXP. 47132
11FEB91 B1900C-1, N118YV, MKE-RFD SKYWAY/MESA UC-118
17FEB91 SD360-100, N375MQ, RFD-ORD SIMMONS SH3684
17FEB91 DC9-82, N290AA, ORD-STL AMERICAN 49302
17FEB91 B727-223A, N886AA, STL-ORD AMERICAN 21525
17FEB91 ATR42-300, N425MQ, ORD-RFD SIMMONS 047
10MAR91 DC9-31, N921RW, ORD-DTW NORTHWEST 47164
10MAR91 F.27-200, N266MA, DTW-FNT MESABA 10324
10MAR91 DC9-32, N3322L, DTW-ORD NORTHWEST 47031
20MAR91 SF340A, N342PX, RFD-MSP EXPRESS I 340A-147
30MAR91 EMB-120RT, N308MC, RFD-MDW MIDWAY COMM. 120-035
30MAR91 DC9-15, N1070T, MDW-DTW MIDWAY 45784
31MAR91 DC10-10, N101AA, DTW-ORD AMERICAN 46500
31MAR91 SD360-200, N913SB, ORD-RFD SIMMOMS SH3629
10APR91 S-340B, AS Air Limited (Kenya)">SE-KSI, RFD-MSP EXPRESS I 340B-223
17APR91 Do228-200, N263MC, RFD-MDW MIDWAY COMM. 8141
17APR91 DC9-15, N1064T, MDW-MCI MIDWAY 45778
17APR91 DC9-15, N948ML, MCI-MDW MIDWAY 47169
17APR91 Do228-200, N268MC, MDW-RFD MIDWAY COMM. 8154
21APR91 Do228-200, N254MC, RFD-MDW MIDWAY COMM. 8087
21APR91 DC9-32, N941ML, MDW-STL MIDWAY 47131
21APR91 DC9-15, N1066T, STL-MDW MIDWAY 45780
21APR91 Do228-200, N279MC, MDW-RFD MIDWAY COMM. 8120
27APR91 B727-235, N4746, ORD-MCI PAN AMERICAN 19466
25MAY91 Do228-200, N276MC, RFD-MDW MIDWAY COMM. 8109
25MAY91 DC9-31, N928ML, MDW-DTW MIDWAY 47326
26MAY91 DC9-31, N938ML, DTW-MDW MIDWAY 47007
18JUL91 B727-223, N6802, ORD-MIA AMERICAN 19477
18JUL91 B727-223A, N879AA, MIA-MCO AMERICAN 21391
23JUL91 B727-035, N1957, MCO-MIA AMERICAN 19833
23JUL91 B757-223, N616AA, MIA-LGA AMERICAN 21524
23JUL91 B727-223, N6836, LGA-ORD AMERICAN 20189
19DEC91 SF340A, N325PX, RFD-MSP EXPRESS I 340A-???
09FEB92 B1900C-1, N174GL, ORD-SQI GREAT LAKES UC-174
03APR92 SD360-200, N374MQ, MLI-ORD SIMMONS SH3683
03APR92 DC9-82, N232AA, ORD-LAS AMERICAN 49179
05APR92 DHC6-300, N230SA, LAS-BHC SCENIC 692
06APR92 DC10-10, N128AA, LAS-ORD AMERICAN 46984
06APR92 ATR42-300, N430MQ, ORD-MLI SIMMONS 136
28APR92 ATR42-300, N254AT, RFD-ORD SIMMONS 254
28APR92 ATR72-200, N288AM, ORD-RFD SIMMONS 288
22JUN92 ATR42-300, N262AT, MLI-ORD SIMMONS 262
22JUN92 B727-223A, N843AA, ORD-MIA AMERICAN 20984
24JUN92 DC9-83, N9302B, TPA-MCO TRANS WORLD 49528
26JUN92 A300-600, N11060, MCO-MIA AMERICAN 470
26JUN92 B727-223, N6820, MIA-ORD AMERICAN 19495
21OCT92 BAe3101, N317PX, MSP-RFD EXPRESS I 688
18NOV92 F.27-500, N512AW, ORD-PIA AIR WISC. 10691
05FEB93 DC10-10, N153AA, ORD-LAX AMERICAN 46708
10FEB93 B767-323ER, N363AA, LAX-ORD AMERICAN 24044
10FEB93 ATR42-300, N433MQ, ORD-MLI SIMMONS 151
13MAY93 B1900C-1, N130UE, SQI-ORD GREAT LAKES UC-130
14MAY93 B737-222, N14237, ORD-CLE CONTINENTAL 19945
14MAY93 B737-130, N33202, CLE-EWR CONTINENTAL 19019
14MAY93 B727-227A, N70755, EWR-MIA CONTIENTAL 21366
19MAY93 DC9-31, N33506, MIA-CLE CONTINENTAL 47765
19MAY93 B737-3T0, N16310, CLE-ORD CONTINENTAL 23361
27JUL93 B1300, N41AV, MLI-MDW DIRECT AIR BB-1341
04AUG93 B1900C-1, N140YV, RFD-MKE SKYWAY/MESA UC-140
04AUG93 DC9-32, N602ME, MKE-BOS MIDWEST EXP. 48133
01SEP93 ATR72-200, N355AT, RFD-ORD SIMMONS 355
01SEP93 ATR42-300, N426MQ, ORD-RFD SIMMONS 037
07OCT93 DC9-82, N552AA, ORD-DFW AMERICAN 53083
07OCT93 F.28-0100, N1416A, DFW-HRL AMERICAN 11395
10OCT93 F.28-0100, N1442E, HRL-DFW AMERICAN 11437
10OCT93 MD-11, N1751A, DFW-ORD AMERICAN 48420
16NOV93 B757-222, N581UA, ORD-MIA UNITED 26701
18NOV93 B767-322ETOPS, N654UA MIA-IAD UNITED 25392
18NOV93 B747-122, N4728U, IAD-ORD UNITED 19925
30NOV93 F.27-200, N270MA, MLI-MSP MESABA 10212
12APR94 A320-231, N634AW, MDW-CMH AMERICA WEST 091
12APR94 B737-201A, N257AU, CMH-MDW USAIR 22799
12APR94 BAe3101, N462CE, MDW-LAN CHICAGO EXP. 684
12APR94 BAe3101, N832JS, LAN-MDW CHICAGO EXP. 721
17APR94 BAe3101, N335PX, RFD-MSP EXPRESS I 712
17APR94 BAE3101, N315PX, MSP-MSP EXPRESS I 685
13MAY94 ATR72-300, N244AT, RFD-MKE SIMMONS ........
13MAY94 DC9-82, N73444, ORD-DFW AMERICAN 49470
13MAY94 DC9-82, N451AA, DFW-ORD AMERICAN 49477
13MAY94 ATR42-300, N427MQ, ORD-RFD SIMMONS 091
22JUN94 MD-88, N601ME, MKE-SFO MIDWEST EXP. 49762
02AUG94 ATR72-200, N211AM RFD-ORD SIMMONS .........
02AUG94 A300-600, N41063, ORD-MIA AMERICAN 506
02AUG94 B727-223A, N863AA, MIA-CUN AMERICAN 21090
05AUG95 B727-227A, N731AA, CUN-DFW AMERICAN 20738
05AUG94 MD-11, N1765B, DFW-ORD AMERICAN .........
05AUG94 ATR42-300, N423MQ, ORD-RFD SIMMONS 030
22NOV94 BAe146-100, N246SS, MLI-ORD AIR WISC. E.1003
22NOV94 B727-222A, N7268U, PAI-MLI UNITED 21415
13DEC94 BAe3101, N316PX, RFD-MSP EXPRESS I 687
13DEC94 DHC8-100, N827MA, MSP-CWA MESABA 331
13DEC94 DHC8-100, N833MA, CWA-MSP MESABA 343
02FEB95 F.27.200, N278MA, MSP-CWA MESABA 10280
02FEB95 BAe3101, N311PX, MSP-RFD EXPRESS I 679
05MAR95 B727-224A, N69735, ORD-IAH CONTINENTAL 20664
05MAR95 DC9-82, N16808, IAH-LAS CONTINENTAL 49262
07JUN95 EMB-120ER, N295UX, ORD-LAN GREAT LAKES 120-295
11JUN95 PA28-160, N900WD, SQI-SQI WHITESIDE AIR 7615282
05JUL95 B1900C-1, N55522, ORD-ALO GREAT LAKES UC-171
14SEP95 DHC8-100, N824MA, MLI-MSP MESABA 327
15SEP95 DHC8-100, N854MA, MSP-MLI MESABA 357
18JAN96 ATR72-200, N322AC, RFD-ORD SIMMONS 322
18JAN96 B757-223, N645AA, ORD-SJU AMERICAN 24603
22JAN96 A300-600, N70054, SJU-MIA AMERICAN 461
22JAN96 B757-223, N658AA, MIA-ORD AMERICAN 24616
22JAN96 S-340B, N250AE, ORD-RFD FLAGSHIP 340B-250
09APR96 B727-222A, N7464U, ORD-OMA UNITED 21918
09APR96 CL600-2B19, N912CA, OMA-CVG COMAIR 7011
09APR96 SF340A, N344CA, CVG-MDW COMAIR 340A-025
09APR96 DC9-51, N600TR, MDW-DTW NORTHWEST 47783
10APR96 DC9-14, N3312L, DTW-MDW NORTHWEST 45707
10APR96 DC9-32, N19504, MDW-CLE CONTINENTAL 47638
10APR96 B737-217, N12231, CLE-BNA CONTINENTAL 19885
10APR96 F.28-0100, N1414D, BNA-ORD AMERICAN 11377
25APR96 B727-227A, N773AT, MDW-SRQ ATA 22004
26APR96 B727-227A, N768AT, MIA-PIE ATA 21996
26APR96 B727-290A, N775AT, PIE-MDW ATA 21511
27SEP96 B757-222, N522UA, ORD-SNA UNITED 24931
29SEP96 A320-232, N426UA, SNA-ORD UNITED 510
15NOV96 B737-222, N9032U, ORD-MSP UNITED 19070
30APR97 DC9-31, N920L, MLI-STL TRANS WORLD .........
30APR97 DC9-83, N9402W, STL-DSM TRANS WORLD 53138
30APR97 F.28-0070, N528YV, DSM-PHX MESA .............
01MAY97 F.28-0070, N532YV, FAT-PHX MESA.............
01MAY97 DC9-31, N984Z, DSM-STL TRANS WORLD..........
01MAY97 DC9-51, N414EA, STL-MLI TRANS WORLD..........
17MAY97 B727-222A, N7253U, ORD-ATL UNITED............
17MAY97 L1011-500, N760DH, ATL-ORD DELTA...........
15AUG97 BAe146-100, N463AP, MLI-ORD AIR WISC. ..............
15AUG97 BA146-200, N156TR, ORD-MLI AIR WISC. .............
02NOV97 A320-200, N302ML, ORD-NAS TRANS MERIDIAN ........
06NOV97 B727-251A, N280US, NAS-ORD TRANS MERIDIAN ..........
19NOV97 B1900C-1, N104GL, SQI-UIN GREAT LAKES UC-104
14APR98 B1900C-1, N167GL, SQI-ORD GREAT LAKES UC-167
25JUN98 SF340A, N68XJ, RFD-MSP MESABA 340A-???
25JUN98 DC10-40, N153US, MSP-SEA NORTHWEST .............
28JUN98 B757-251, N538US, SEA-MSP NORTHWEST............
28JUN98 S-340B+, N403XJ, MSP-RFD MESABA ...............
26AUG98 BAe146-300, N616AW, MLI-ORD AIR WISC. E.????
26AUG98 BAe146-200, N610AW, ORD-MLI AIR WISC. E.????
09NOV98 B737-291A, N985UA, ORD-MSP UNITED ...........
09NOV98 B737-322, N331UA, MSP-ORD UNITED ............
11MAR99 CL600-2B19, N631BR, ORD-SGF ATLANTIC COAST .........
11MAR99 EMB-120ER, N297UX, DEN-PIR GREAT LAKES 120-297
12MAR99 EMB-120ER, N293UX, HON-FSD GREAT LAKES 120-293
12MAR99 CL600-2B19, N628BR, FSD-ORD ATLANTIC COAST ..........
12APR00 A320-200, N305US, ORD-DTW NORTHWEST .............
13APR00 B727-251A, N289US, DTW-ORD NORTHWEST.............
04APR01 B767-322ER, N673UA, ORD-LAX UNITED..............
11APR01 B757-222, N534UA, LAX-ORD UNITED .............
27JUN01 B727-232A, N534DA, ORD-ATL DELTA ..........
27JUN01 L1011-250, N737D, ATL-FLL DELTA ............
01JUL01 L1011-1, N728DA, FLL-ATL DELTA .............
01JUL01 B727-232A, N541DA, ATL-ORD DELTA .............
19OCT01 B727-222A, N7448U, ORD-OMA UNITED ..............
19OCT01 B737-322, N317UA, OMA-DEN UNITED ..............
19OCT01 A320-232, N442UA, DEN-SAN UNITED .............
30OCT01 B757-222, N536UA, SNA-ORD UNITED .............
13MAR02 B777-236, G-YMMI, ORD-LHR BRITISH 30310
19MAR02 B757-236, G-CPER, CDG-LHR BRITISH ............
19MAR02 B777-236, G-RAES, LHR-ORD BRITISH ...........
19APR02 B757-236, N521NA, MDW-LAS NATIONAL ..........
17AUG02 DC9-51, N763NC, ORD-DTW NORTHWEST ...............
18AUG02 B727-251A, N203US, FNT-DTW NORTHWEST ...............
18AUG02 DC9-51, N784NC, DTW-ORD NORTHWEST ...............
14SEP02 F.28-0100, N1444N, ORD-DTW AMERICAN.............
15SEP02 F.28-0100, N1441A, DTW-ORD AMERICAN............
05OCT02 B777-222ER, N209UA ORD-SFO UNITED..........
06OCT02 B777-222ER, N224UA SFO-ORD UNITED..........
08JUL04 B757-33N, N557TZ MDW-LAX ATA
10JUL04 A320-232, N486UA LAX-LAS TED
11JUL04 B717-200, N982AT ATL-MLI AIR TRAN
16JAN05 B767-432, N828H FLL-ATL DELTA
16JAN05 B767-332, N137DL ATL-LAX DELTA
17JAN05 CL600-2B19, N837AS PHX-DFW ASA
17JAN05 B737-247, N238WA ATL-ORD DELTA
15MAY05 B737-800, N326TZ MDW-CUN ATA
18MAY05 B737-800, N315TZ CUN-MDW ATA
04JUN05 B737-522, N937UA ORD-PIT UNITED
04JUN05 B737-322, N367UA PIT
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RE: How Many Tail Numbers Have You Flown On?

Sat Dec 01, 2007 3:45 am

Oops, here the last few it didnt copy all of them on....



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RE: How Many Tail Numbers Have You Flown On?

Sat Dec 01, 2007 5:09 am

This thread should be moved to Polls & Preferences.
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RE: How Many Tail Numbers Have You Flown On?

Sat Dec 01, 2007 5:28 am

Why should this be moved to polls and preferences????

Im not taking a poll and Im not asserting any preferences....

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RE: How Many Tail Numbers Have You Flown On?

Sat Dec 01, 2007 1:57 pm

yes it's a 'poll' ; how many tail numbers have you flown on.
I flew on 520 separate aircraft, on a total 605 flights, so relatively few tail numbers I flew multiple times on, due to the fact I try new airlines and places and my 'resident' airlines like KLM, Lufthansa are pretty big.
Gary what happened that you didn't fly recently? For $200 you can take a look in Mexico or Honduras in person to see the last FH-227 frames.
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RE: How Many Tail Numbers Have You Flown On?

Sat Dec 01, 2007 3:15 pm

Firstly guys,

Im sorry about posting this in the wrong section, as I have never been to this particular part of the Forums before....
Please accept my apologies.....

Quoting MEA-707 (Reply 4):
Gary what happened that you didn't fly recently? For $200 you can take a look in Mexico or Honduras in person to see the last FH-227 frames.

Well in 2003 I had planned a trip down to Honduras to try and get on Atlantic Airlines' FH-227B, HR-ASK and Aerolineas SOSA's F-27 but Somthing happend to my car that demanded the funds for my trip to be spent on it....

As for now, This, 2007 will be the first year that I will not have taken at least one airplane flight....As you can see in that list, the next to worse was 1985 with only a simple little Same airport ride...which by the way, that plane is now a write off... Sad

Anyway, Once again, please accept my apologies for the wrong posting....

Cheers, Access-Air
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RE: How Many Tail Numbers Have You Flown On?

Sat Dec 01, 2007 4:16 pm

162 different numbers on 312 flights. The actual number is much higher, it's just that I haven't included those tail numbers which I have not recorded or did not know.

From Flight Memory;

17x G-WOWB Dash 8-311 Air Southwest
12x G-WOWC Dash 8-311 Air Southwest
12x G-WOWD Dash 8-311 Air Southwest
10x G-WOWE Dash 8-311 Air Southwest
8x G-WOWA Dash 8-311 Air Southwest
4x LN-BRV Boeing 737-500 SAS Braathens
3x CS-TGO Dornier 228-200K SATA Air Acores
3x HB-IXO BAe Avro RJ100 Swiss
3x PH- B737 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
2x B-2385 Airbus 340-313X Air China
2x CS-TFJ BAe ATP SATA Air Acores
2x G-BNWW Boeing 767-300ER British Airways
2x LN-RPJ Boeing 737-700 SAS Braathens
2x PH-KVG Fokker 50 KLM Cityhopper
2x PH-OFI Fokker 100 KLM Cityhopper
2x RP-C3191 Airbus 319-100 Cebu Pacific
2x RP-C3339 NAMC YS-11 Asian Spirit
2x TF-JMB Dash 8-100 Air Iceland
1x 9V-TAH Airbus 320-200 Tiger Airways
1x B-LFA Boeing 747-400 Oasis Hong Kong Airlines
1x B-LFB Boeing 747-400 Oasis Hong Kong Airlines
1x CS-TEH Airbus 310-300 TAP Air Portugal
1x CS-TKN Airbus 310-300 SATA Internacional
1x D-ABBS Boeing 737-700 Air Berlin
1x D-ABGB Airbus 319-100 Air Berlin
1x D-ABIX Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
1x D-AGPB Fokker 100 Air Berlin
1x D-AIAS Airbus 300B4-605R Lufthansa
1x D-AIQF Airbus 320-200 Lufthansa
1x D-AKNM Airbus 319-100 Germanwings
1x D-BACH Dash 8-Q315 Augsburg Airways
1x EC-FCB Airbus 320-200 Iberia
1x EC-FFA McDonnell Douglas DC9-87 Iberia
1x EC-FHG McDonnell Douglas MD88 Iberia
1x EC-FNR Airbus 320-200 Iberia
1x EC-FOG McDonnell Douglas MD88 Iberia
1x EC-GGS Airbus 340-313 Iberia
1x EC-GYI Canadair CRJ100LR Air Nostrum
1x EC-HDK Airbus 320-200 Iberia
1x EC-HDU Boeing 757-200 Iberia
1x EC-HIX Boeing 757-200ER Audeli (Iberia)
1x EC-HQH Airbus 340-313X Iberia
1x EC-IAA Canadair CRJ200ER Air Nostrum
1x EC-IBT Dash 8-Q315 Air Nostrum
1x EC-IVV Boeing 737-800 Air Europa
1x EC-IXO Boeing 737-800 Air Europa
1x EC-IYI Boeing 737-800 Air Europa
1x EC-JBJ Boeing 737-800 Air Europa
1x EC-JDK Airbus 320-200 Vueling
1x EC-JEN Canadair CRJ200ER Air Nostrum
1x EC-JJM Fokker 100 GIR Jet (Spanair)
1x EC-JNB Canadair CRJ900 Air Nostrum
1x EI-CON Boeing 737-200 Ryanair
1x EI-CSY Boeing 737-800 Ryanair
1x EI-CTB Boeing 737-800 Ryanair
1x EI-DAC Boeing 737-800 Ryanair
1x EI-DCL Boeing 737-800 Ryanair
1x EI-DCP Boeing 737-800 Ryanair
1x EI-DEI Airbus 320-200 Aer Lingus
1x EI-DEN Airbus 320-200 Aer Lingus
1x EI-DFI Embraer 170-100LR Alitalia Express
1x EI-DFL Embraer 170-100LR Alitalia Express
1x EI-DHB Boeing 737-800 Ryanair
1x EI-JFK Airbus 330-300 Aer Lingus
1x EI-PAT BAe 146-200 CityJet (Air France)
1x EP-IAM Boeing 747-100 Iran Air
1x F-GFKO Airbus 320-200 Air France
1x F-GNLH Fokker 100 Blue Line (Air France)
1x F-GPYN ATR 42-500 Airlinair
1x F-GSPB Boeing 777-200ER Air France
1x F-GSPP Boeing 777-200ER Air France
1x F-OHZN Airbus 330-300 Philippine Airlines
1x G-BNWB Boeing 767-300 British Airways
1x G-BPEI Boeing 757-200ER British Airways
1x G-BPEK Boeing 757-200ER British Airways
1x G-BRIG Boeing 767-200ER ThomsonFly
1x G-BVZH Boeing 737-500 BMI Baby
1x G-CEAF Boeing 737-200 European
1x G-CEAJ Boeing 737-200 Palmair
1x G-CPEK Boeing 757-200 British Airways
1x G-DBCB Airbus 319-100 BMI
1x G-DOCO Boeing 737-400 British Airways
1x G-DOCT Boeing 737-400 British Airways
1x G-ERJG Embraer 145 BA Connect
1x G-EZIR Airbus 319-100 Easyjet
1x G-EZJN Boeing 737-700 Easyjet
1x G-EZJP Boeing 737-700 Easyjet
1x G-EZKE Boeing 737-300 Easyjet
1x G-GFFT Boeing 737-500 British Airways
1x G-JEAJ BAe 146-200 FlyBe
1x G-JEBB BAe 146-300 FlyBe
1x G-JEBG BAe 146-300 FlyBe
1x G-JECL Dash 8-Q400 FlyBe
1x G-JEDE Dash 8-Q315 Air Southwest
1x G-LGTH Boeing 737-300 British Airways
1x G-MABR BAe 146-100 British Airways Connect
1x G-OTDA Boeing 737-300 Fly Globespan
1x G-SSEA ATR 42-300 Air Wales
1x G-VMEG Airbus 340-600 Virgin Atlantic
1x G-VROC Boeing 747-400 Virgin Atlantic
1x HB-IJW Airbus 320-200 Swiss
1x HB-IOH Airbus 321-100 Swiss
1x HB-IXK BAe Avro RJ85 Swiss
1x HB-JZP Airbus 319-100 Easyjet Swiss
1x I-BIXR Airbus 321-200 Alitalia
1x I-DACR McDonnell Douglas DC9-82 Alitalia
1x I-DATU McDonnell Douglas DC9-82 Alitalia
1x I-DAWD McDonnell Douglas DC9-82 Alitalia
1x I- McDonnell Douglas-82 Alitalia
1x JY-AIA Airbus 340-200 Royal Jordanian
1x LN-BRH Boeing 737-500 SAS Braathens
1x LN-ROS McDonnell Douglas DC9-82 Snowflake (SAS)
1x LN-TUK Boeing 737-500 SAS Braathens
1x LV-BBN Boeing 737-500 Aerolineas Argentinas
1x N175? Boeing 767-300ER Delta Air Lines
1x N234NW McDonnell Douglas-10-30 Northwest Airlines
1x N454AE Eurocopter EC130 Liberty Helicopters
1x N58?NW Boeing 757-300 Northwest Airlines
1x N807NW Airbus 330-300 Northwest Airlines
1x OE-HBB Dash 8-Q200 EuroManx
1x OO-MJE BAe 146-200 SN Brussels Airlines
1x OO-VEX Boeing 737-300 SN Brussels Airlines
1x OY-FJE BAe Avro RJ100 Atlantic Airways
1x OY-HSR Bell 412EP Atlantic Airways
1x OY-KHI McDonnell Douglas DC9-87 SAS
1x OY-RCA BAe 146-200 Atlantic Airways
1x PH-BDA Boeing 737-300 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
1x PH-BDS Boeing 737-400 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
1x PH-BDU B737-400 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
1x PH-BDZ Boeing 737-400 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
1x PH-BFE Boeing 747-400M KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
1x PH-BFG Boeing 747-400 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
1x PH-BFI Boeing 747-400M KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
1x PH-BTA Boeing 737-400 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
1x PH-BTF Boeing 737-400 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
1x PH-BTG Boeing 737-400 KLM
1x PH-BTH Boeing 737-300 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
1x PH-BXE B737-800 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
1x PH-BXH Boeing 737-800 KLM
1x PH-BZI Boeing 767-300ER KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
1x PH-KVF Fokker 50 KLM Cityhopper
1x PH-KZB Fokker 70 KLM Cityhopper
1x PH-KZP Fokker 70 KLM Cityhopper
1x PH-OFF Fokker 100 KLM Cityhopper
1x PH-OGF Fokker 100 KLM Cityhopper
1x PH-PRH Fokker 50 Denim Air
1x PH- Boeing 737-300 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
1x PH- Fokker 100 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
1x PP-VTI McDonnell Douglas MD11 Varig Brasil
1x PP-VTP McDonnell Douglas MD11 Varig Brasil
1x RP-C2994 BAe 146-100 Asian Spirit
1x RP-C2996 Dash 7-102 Asian Spirit
1x RP-C3011 Boeing 737-200 Air Philippines
1x RP-C3193 Airbus 319-100 Cebu Pacific
1x RP-C5000 CASA CN-235 Asian Spirit
1x RP-C6328 Dornier 328-100 SEAIR South East Asian Airlines
1x YK-??? Airbus 320-200 Syrianair - Syrian Arab Airlines
1x YK-AGD Boeing 727-200 Syrianair - Syrian Arab Airlines
1x YK-AHA Boeing 747-SP Syrianair - Syrian Arab Airlines
1x YK-AQB Yakovlev-40 Syrianair - Syrian Arab Airlines
1x YK-AQE Yakovlev-40 Syrianair - Syrian Arab Airlines
1x ZS-JES Fokker F28-4000 Airquarious Aviation

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RE: How Many Tail Numbers Have You Flown On?

Sat Dec 01, 2007 10:58 pm

602 tail numbers in total (731 flights)

6 x ZS-SAO SAA B747-200
5 x G-CPEM British Airways B757-200
4 x ZS-JIW Safair L100
4 x ZS-SIG SAA B737-200
4 x G-BVKB British Midland B737-500
4 x ZS-SAU SAA B747-300
4 x G-DOCB British Airways B737-400
4 x G-EZJJ Easyjet B737-700
4 x G-EZJK Easyjet B737-700
4 x ZS-JIX Safair L100
3 x ZS-SAM SAA B747-200
3 x ZS-SAP SAA B747-200
3 x ZS-SAT SAA B747-300
3 x ZS-SBN SAA B737-200
3 x ZS-SID SAA B737-200
3 x ZS-SIE SAA B737-200
3 x ZS-SIF SAA B737-200
2 x 3D-ALN Royal Swazi F28-3000
2 x 9Y-TGN BWIA L1011-500
2 x A40-KD Gulf Air A330-300
2 x CN-RNG Royal Air Maroc B737-500
2 x D-AVRE Cityline RJ85
2 x EC-GZA Air Nostrum CRJ-100
2 x F-GLZM Air France A340-300
2 x F-GPMG Air Inter Europe A319-100
2 x F-GPNK Régional Fokker 100
2 x F-OGDX Air Caledonie Int'l B737-300
2 x G-AOHV British Airways Viscount
2 x G-BIKW British Airways B757-200
2 x G-BMRF British Airways B757-200
2 x G-BNWD British Airways B767-300
2 x G-BUXT Suckling Airways DO228
2 x G-BZHA British Airways B767-300
2 x G-BZHB British Airways B767-300
2 x G-CPES British Airways B757-200
2 x G-DOCV British Airways B737-400
2 x G-EUPP British Airways A319-100
2 x G-EZJB Easyjet B737-700
2 x G-EZJH Easyjet B737-700
2 x G-EZJI Easyjet B737-700
2 x G-EZJS Easyjet B737-700
2 x G-EZYD Easyjet B737-300
2 x G-OBML British Midland B737-300
2 x HB-IPE Swissair A310-200
2 x HB-IXT Swiss RJ100
2 x HB-IYT Swiss RJ100
2 x HB-JMF Swiss A340-300
2 x HL7421 Asiana B747-400M
2 x I-ATPA Alitalia Express ATR-72
2 x J3-GAG Airlines of Carriacou BN Islander
2 x LN-ROP Scandinavian MD-82
2 x N180DN Delta B767-300
2 x N39367 American B767-300
2 x N7039E KLM B747-200
2 x N787AL American B777-200
2 x OE-LCP Tyrolean CRJ-200
2 x OE-LCR Tyrolean CRJ-200
2 x OH-LPE Finnair MD-83
2 x P4-GAS Air Astana B757-200
2 x PH-TVH Transavia B737-200
2 x SE-DAW Scandinavian DC9-40
2 x SU-GCV Egyptair Express ERJ-170
2 x TF-FIU Icelandair B757-200
2 x TF-FIV Icelandair B757-200
2 x TF-JMS Flugfelag Islands Fokker 50
2 x V3-HBI Maya Island Air BN Islander
2 x VH-BPN Dakota National Air DC3
2 x VH-CZF Ansett B737-300
2 x VH-FNB Skywest Fokker 50
2 x VH-OJD Qantas B747-400
2 x VH-OPH Nautilus Aviation Caravan I
2 x VH-SCH Wilderness Air Cessna 185
2 x VH-TAH Qantas B737-300
2 x ZK-NBT Air New Zealand B747-400
2 x ZS-HJU Lombards Air Bell 206
2 x ZS-LSF Safair B707-320
2 x ZS-NZP Flitestar A320-200
2 x ZS-SAL SAA B747-200
2 x ZS-SAV SAA B747-400
2 x ZS-SBO SAA B737-200
2 x ZS-SBP SAA B737-200
2 x ZS-SDB SAA A300-B2K
2 x ZS-SDC SAA A300-B2K
2 x ZS-SDF SAA A300-B4
2 x ZS-SHD SAA A320-200
2 x ZS-SIH SAA B737-200
2 x Z-WKV Air Zimbabwe B707-320
1 x 335 SAAF C160
1 x 3B-NBF Air Mauritius A319-100
1 x 4X-EAR El Al B767-300
1 x 4X-EKP El Al B737-800
1 x 4X-ELD El Al B747-400
1 x 5R-MFF Air Madagascar B767-300
1 x 9H-ABQ Air Malta A320-200
1 x 9M-MGZ Malaysia Fokker 50
1 x 9M-MMA Malaysia B737-400
1 x 9M-MMJ Malaysia B737-400
1 x 9V-SMP Singapore Airlines B747-400
1 x 9V-SPD Singapore Airlines B747-400
1 x 9Y-TGJ BWIA L1011-500
1 x 9Y-THX BWIA MD-83
1 x A40-GK Gulf Air B767-300
1 x A40-GY Gulf Air B767-300
1 x A5-EKE Emirates A300-600
1 x A6-EAB Emirates A330-200
1 x A6-EBJ Emirates B777-300
1 x A6-EME Emirates B777-200
1 x A6-EMK Emirates B777-200
1 x A6-EMN Emirates B777-300
1 x CC-CZW LAN B767-300
1 x C-FPCA Canadian B767-300
1 x C-FSKM Air Canada CRJ-100
1 x C-GABP Air BC DHC8-300
1 x C-GAVC Air Canada B767-200
1 x C-GCPJ Canadian DC10-30
1 x C-GHJG Helijet Sikorsky S76
1 x C-GHPF Air Canada B767-300
1 x C-GRNU Air Nova BAe 146-300
1 x D-ABEB Lufthansa B737-300
1 x D-ABEE Lufthansa B737-300
1 x D-ABEP Lufthansa B737-300
1 x D-ABET Lufthansa B737-300
1 x D-ABHB Lufthansa B737-200
1 x D-ABII Lufthansa B737-500
1 x D-ABIS Lufthansa B737-500
1 x D-ABIW Lufthansa B737-500
1 x D-ABIX Lufthansa B737-500
1 x D-ABJE Lufthansa B737-500
1 x D-ABKT Lufthansa B727-200
1 x D-ABOJ Condor B757-300
1 x D-ABVD Lufthansa B747-400
1 x D-ABVF Lufthansa B747-400
1 x D-ABVK Lufthansa B747-400
1 x D-ABVT Lufthansa B747-400
1 x D-ABXP Lufthansa B737-300
1 x D-ABXR Lufthansa B737-300
1 x D-ABXW Lufthansa B737-300
1 x D-ACHC Cityline CRJ-100
1 x D-ACKB Cityline CRJ-900
1 x D-ACKD Cityline CRJ-900
1 x D-ACPL Cityline CRJ-700
1 x D-ADBE Deutsche BA B737-300
1 x D-ADBQ Deutsche BA B737-300
1 x D-AEWD Eurowings BAe 146-200
1 x D-AIAP Lufthansa A300-600
1 x D-AIAT Lufthansa A300-600
1 x D-AIAU Lufthansa A300-600
1 x D-AIBP Lufthansa A320-200
1 x D-AIGF Lufthansa A340-300
1 x D-AIGN Lufthansa A340-300
1 x D-AIGU Lufthansa A340-300
1 x D-AIGX Lufthansa A340-300
1 x D-AIHS Lufthansa A340-600
1 x D-AILA Lufthansa A319-100
1 x D-AIPD Lufthansa A320-200
1 x D-AIPS Lufthansa A320-200
1 x D-AIQA Lufthansa A320-200
1 x D-AIQW Lufthansa A320-200
1 x D-AVRH Cityline RJ85
1 x D-AVRJ Cityline RJ85
1 x D-AVRM Cityline RJ85
1 x EC- Iberia Caravelle
1 x EC-BIK Aviaco DC9-30
1 x EC-CAJ Iberia B727-200
1 x EC-CLE Aviaco DC9-30
1 x EC-FXP Air Europa B737-400
1 x EC-GGS Iberia A340-300
1 x EC-GLE Iberia A340-300
1 x EC-GMY Air Europa B737-300
1 x EC-HQH Iberia A340-300
1 x EC-IGO Air Nostrum CRJ-200
1 x EC-IJF Air Nostrum CRJ-200
1 x EC-ILF Air Nostrum CRJ-200
1 x EC-JBA Iberia A340-600
1 x EC-JCG Air Nostrum CRJ-200
1 x EC-JEE Air Nostrum CRJ-200
1 x EC-JGZ Iberia A340-600
1 x EC-JLA Iberia A340-600
1 x EI-BXB Aer Lingus B737-400
1 x EI-BXC Aer Lingus B737-500
1 x EI-CKM Meridiana MD-83
1 x EI-CMP Alitalia B767-300
1 x EI-DGM Blue Panorama B737-400
1 x F-GEMG Air France A310-200
1 x F-GFKD Air France A320-100
1 x F-GFKK Air France A320-200
1 x F-GFKY Air France A320-200
1 x F-GGEA Air France A320-100
1 x F-GGMB AOM MD-83
1 x F-GHQE Air France A320-200
1 x F-GKXB Air France A320-200
1 x F-GLOV Blue Panorama B767-300
1 x F-GLZT Air France A340-300
1 x F-GNEI Régional Saab 2000
1 x F-GPMK Air France A319-100
1 x F-GPST Air France B777-200
1 x F-GPXK Brit Air Fokker 100
1 x F-GRHT Air France A319-100
1 x F-GRMG AOM MD-83
1 x F-GRZF Brit Air CRJ-700
1 x F-GTAE Air France A321-200
1 x F-GTAI Air France A321-200
1 x F-GTAK Air France A321-200
1 x F-GTSK Régional EMB-120
1 x F-GVJF Air France A320-200
1 x F-GVJK Air France A320-200
1 x F-GYPE Hex Air ERJ-135
1 x F-GZCG Air France A330-200
1 x F-GZCI Air France A330-200
1 x F-ODUC Air Tahiti ATR-42
1 x F-ODUR Air Moorea BN Islander
1 x F-ODVG Royal Jordanian A310-300
1 x F-ODVH Royal Jordanian A310-300
1 x F-OGKA Air Caraibes DHC6
1 x F-OHAT Air Tahiti ATR-72
1 x G-AVMH European BAe 1-11
1 x G-AWNF British Airways B747-100
1 x G-AWNG British Airways B747-100
1 x G-AWNH British Airways B747-100
1 x G-AWNL British Airways B747-100
1 x G-BBAH British Airways L1011-1
1 x G-BDXB British Airways B747-200
1 x G-BDXD British Airways B747-200
1 x G-BDXG British Airways B747-200
1 x G-BDXH British Airways B747-200
1 x G-BDXJ British Airways B747-200
1 x G-BDXK British Airways B747-200
1 x G-BECG Virgin Express B737-200
1 x G-BGDK British Airways B737-200
1 x G-BIKC British Airways B757-200
1 x G-BIKF British Airways B757-200
1 x G-BIKH British Airways B757-200
1 x G-BIKR British Airways B757-200
1 x G-BLKW Britannia B767-200
1 x G-BMRA British Airways B757-200
1 x G-BMRC British Airways B757-200
1 x G-BMRD British Airways B757-200
1 x G-BMRH British Airways B757-200
1 x G-BNLC British Airways B747-400
1 x G-BNLN British Airways B747-400
1 x G-BNLP British Airways B747-400
1 x G-BNLX British Airways B747-400
1 x G-BNWA British Airways B767-300
1 x G-BNWH British Airways B767-300
1 x G-BNWY British Airways B767-300
1 x G-BNWZ British Airways B767-300
1 x G-BOAD British Airways Concorde
1 x G-BPEJ British Airways B757-200
1 x G-BUSB British Airways A320-100
1 x G-BUSH British Airways A320-200
1 x G-BUSJ British Airways A320-200
1 x G-BUSK British Airways A320-100
1 x G-BVJC BMI Fokker 100
1 x G-BVKC British Midland B737-500
1 x G-BVZH BMIBaby B737-300
1 x G-BYAF Britannia B757-200
1 x G-BZAT Cityflyer Express RJ100
1 x G-CELG Jet2 B737-300
1 x G-CIVF British Asia Airways B747-400
1 x G-CPEE British Airways B757-200
1 x G-CPEI British Airways B757-200
1 x G-CPEL British Airways B757-200
1 x G-CPEN British Airways B757-200
1 x G-CPER British Airways B757-200
1 x G-CPEU British Airways B757-200
1 x G-CPOE British Airways B757-200
1 x G-DBCF BMI A319-100
1 x G-DOCF British Airways B737-400
1 x G-DOCH British Airways B737-400
1 x G-DOCS British Airways B737-400
1 x G-DOCT British Airways B737-400
1 x G-ECAS BMI B737-300
1 x G-EMBR Citiexpress ERJ-145
1 x G-EMBU British Regional ERJ-145
1 x G-EUPN British Airways A319-100
1 x G-EUPR British Airways A319-100
1 x G-EUPS British Airways A319-100
1 x G-EUPT British Airways A319-100
1 x G-EUPY British Airways A319-100
1 x G-EUUF British Airways A320-200
1 x G-EZAB Easyjet A319-100
1 x G-EZAK Easyjet A319-100
1 x G-EZAN Easyjet A319-100
1 x G-EZBJ Easyjet A319-100
1 x G-EZEC Easyjet A319-100
1 x G-EZEF Easyjet A319-100
1 x G-EZEW Easyjet A319-100
1 x G-EZIR Easyjet A319-100
1 x G-EZIT Easyjet A319-100
1 x G-EZJA Easyjet B737-700
1 x G-EZJD Easyjet B737-700
1 x G-EZJV Easyjet B737-700
1 x G-EZNM Easyjet A319-100
1 x G-EZYG Easyjet B737-300
1 x G-EZYH Easyjet B737-300
1 x G-EZYI Easyjet B737-300
1 x G-EZYM Easyjet B737-300
1 x G-EZYP Easyjet B737-300
1 x G-FBEB Flybe ERJ-195
1 x G-FBEC Flybe ERJ-195
1 x G-GFFH British Airways B737-500
1 x G-GFFI British Airways B737-500
1 x G-IGOB Go B737-300
1 x G-IGOO Easyjet B737-300
1 x G-JECR Flybe DHC8-400
1 x G-JEDV Flybe DHC8-400
1 x G-MIDP BMI A320-200
1 x G-MIDV BMI A320-200
1 x G-MIDW BMI A320-200
1 x G-OBMD British Midland B737-300
1 x G-OBMJ British Midland B737-300
1 x G-OBMM BMI B737-400
1 x G-OBMO BMI B737-400
1 x G-OBMP British Midland B737-300
1 x G-OBMR British Midland B737-500
1 x G-ODUS Go B737-300
1 x G-OFAF Cityflyer Express RJ100
1 x G-TTOA GB Airways A320-200
1 x G-TTOD GB Airways A320-200
1 x G-UKFD Air UK Fokker 100
1 x G-UKFE Air UK Fokker 100
1 x G-VIIF British Airways B777-200
1 x G-VIIG British Airways B777-200
1 x G-VIIP British Airways B777-200
1 x G-VIIR British Airways B777-200
1 x G-VIIV British Airways B777-200
1 x G-VJER Virgin Atlantic B747-400
1 x G-VJFK Virgin Atlantic B747-200
1 x G-VMIA Virgin Atlantic B747-100
1 x G-VROY Virgin Atlantic B747-400
1 x G-XMAN British Airways B737-300
1 x G-ZZZD British Airways B777-200
1 x HB-IJK Swiss A320-200
1 x HB-IJM Swiss A320-200
1 x HB-INB Swissair MD-81
1 x HB-INI Swissair MD-81
1 x HB-IOB Swissair A321-100
1 x HB-IOC Swissair A321-100
1 x HB-IPR Swiss A319-100
1 x HB-IPV Swiss A319-100
1 x HB-IPX Swiss A319-100
1 x HB-IQL Swiss A330-200
1 x HB-IQN Swiss A330-200
1 x HB-IWD Swissair MD-11
1 x HB-IWL Swissair MD-11
1 x HB-IXF Swiss RJ85
1 x HB-IXN Swiss RJ85
1 x HB-IXP Swiss RJ100
1 x HB-IXS Swiss RJ100
1 x HB-IXU Swiss RJ100
1 x HB-IXW Swiss RJ100
1 x HB-JMD Swiss A340-300
1 x HB-JMG Swiss A340-300
1 x HB-JZH Easyjet Switzerland A319-100
1 x HL7414 Asiana B747-400M
1 x HL7423 Asiana B747-400M
1 x HS-TGA Thai Airways B747-400
1 x I-ATLR Alitalia Express ATR-72
1 x I-BIXC Alitalia A321-100
1 x I-BIXY Alitalia A321-100
1 x I-BUSB Alitalia A300-B4
1 x I-DATG Alitalia MD-82
1 x I-DAWF Alitalia MD-82
1 x I-DEIG Alitalia B767-300
1 x I-DEMD Alitalia B747-200M
1 x I-DIBN Alitalia DC9-30
1 x I-DIBQ Alitalia DC9-30
1 x I-FLRO Meridiana BAe 146-200
1 x I-SMED Meridiana MD-83
1 x JA8095 ANA B747-400
1 x LN-BRI Braathens B737-400
1 x LN-BUE Braathens B737-500
1 x LN-BUF Braathens B737-400
1 x LN-TUH Braathens B737-700
1 x LN-TUI Braathens B737-700
1 x LN-WIG Wideroe DHC8-100
1 x N084AA American A300-600
1 x N105JB JetBlue A320-200
1 x N1076A American MD-11
1 x N118AA American DC10-10
1 x N14077 American A300-600
1 x N141DD American Eagle ATR-42
1 x N14233 Continental B737-200
1 x N145AA American DC10-10
1 x N149UA United Airlines B747SP
1 x N15069 Continental DC10-30
1 x N171US US Airways A321-100
1 x N17627 Continental B737-500
1 x N178DN Delta B767-300
1 x N185DN Delta B767-300
1 x N18611 Continental B737-500
1 x N196DN Delta B767-300
1 x N227NW Northwest DC10-30
1 x N235NW Northwest DC10-30
1 x N238AE American Eagle Saab 340B
1 x N242DL Delta Shuttle B737-300
1 x N25071 American A300-600
1 x N271UW US Airways A320-200
1 x N27724 Continental B737-700
1 x N278SK Chautauqua Airways ERJ-140
1 x N29124 Continental B757-200
1 x N321AA American B767-200
1 x N328AA American B767-200
1 x N33069 American A300-600
1 x N346AN American B767-300
1 x N354EK American Eagle ERJ-135
1 x N355US US Airways B737-300
1 x N359AA American B767-300
1 x N361SW Southwest B737-300
1 x N363ML Midway B737-700
1 x N373DL Delta Express B737-200
1 x N39343 Continental B737-300
1 x N406US US Airways B737-400
1 x N408FJ Atlantic Coast DO328JET
1 x N421AV Avianca B767-200
1 x N436AA American MD-83
1 x N437US US Airways B737-400
1 x N443AA American MD-83
1 x N461AA American MD-82
1 x N4734D Delta Shuttle B737-800
1 x N4736D Delta B737-800
1 x N4738D Delta B737-800
1 x N485US US Air F28-4000
1 x N490DA Delta B727-200
1 x N520AU US Airways B737-300
1 x N525AU US Airways B737-300
1 x N554HK Trans States Airlines Jetstream 41
1 x N572HK Trans States Airlines Jetstream 41
1 x N576US US Airways B737-300
1 x N583AA American MD-82
1 x N601TW TWA B767-200
1 x N604TW TWA B767-200
1 x N645DL Delta B757-200
1 x N648UA United Airlines B767-300
1 x N654A American B757-200
1 x N654DL Delta B757-200
1 x N670AA American B757-200
1 x N679DN Delta B757-200
1 x N68060 Continental DC10-30
1 x N687DL Delta B757-200
1 x N721SK Chautauqua Airways ERJ-145
1 x N723AE American Eagle ERJ-135
1 x N750AN American B777-200
1 x N7541A American MD-82
1 x N761AJ American B777-200
1 x N762AN American B777-200
1 x N771AN American B777-200
1 x N772AN American B777-200
1 x N775AU US Airways B737-400
1 x N778AN American B777-200
1 x N779AN American B777-200
1 x N78004 Continental B777-200
1 x N78060 Continental B767-400
1 x N780AN American B777-200
1 x N79005 Continental B777-200
1 x N791NA American Eagle ATR-42
1 x N798UA United Airlines B777-200
1 x N807DE Delta MD-11
1 x N809US US Airways MD-81
1 x N818HK Trans States Airlines ERJ-145
1 x N827AT Airtran DC9-30
1 x N845AT Airtran DC9-30
1 x N877AA American B727-200
1 x N908DE Delta MD-88
1 x N931TW TWA MD-83
1 x N935L TWA DC9-40
1 x N941VJ US Airways DC9-30
1 x N944DL Delta MD-88
1 x N947DL Delta MD-88
1 x N960DL Delta MD-88
1 x N967VJ US Airways DC9-30
1 x N997DL Delta MD-88
1 x OE-LAC Austrian A310-300
1 x OE-LBC Austrian A321-100
1 x OE-LCL Tyrolean CRJ-200
1 x OE-LCQ Tyrolean CRJ-200
1 x OE-LDS Austrian MD-81
1 x OE-LFP Tyrolean Fokker 70
1 x OE-LGA Tyrolean DHC8-400
1 x OE-LGE Tyrolean DHC8-400
1 x OE-LPA Lauda Air B777-200
1 x OE-LRE Tyrolean CRJ-100
1 x OE-LRH Tyrolean CRJ-200
1 x OE-LTJ Tyrolean DHC8-300
1 x OK-EGP Czech Airlines B737-400
1 x OO-DJH Brussels Airlines BAe 146-200
1 x OO-TCJ Thomas Cook Belgium A320-200
1 x OY-HIE Air Alpha Greenland Bell 222U
1 x OY-HII Air Alpha Greenland Bell 206
1 x OY-KKB Scandinavian B737-600
1 x OY-KKR Scandinavian B737-600
1 x P4-MAS Air Astana B757-200
1 x PH-AGA KLM A310-200
1 x PH-AGC KLM A310-200
1 x PH-BDC KLM B737-300
1 x PH-BDO KLM B737-300
1 x PH-BDU KLM B737-400
1 x PH-BFF KLM B747-400M
1 x PH-BFL KLM B747-400
1 x PH-BTA KLM B737-400
1 x PH-BTE KLM B737-300
1 x PH-BXT KLM B737-900
1 x PH-DEH KLM DC8-63
1 x PH-DNG KLM DC9-40
1 x PH-KCB KLM MD-11
1 x PH-KLE KLM Cityhopper Fokker 100
1 x PH-KSC KLM CityHopper Saab 340
1 x PH-KSD KLM CityHopper Saab 340
1 x PH-KZB KLM Cityhopper Fokker 70
1 x PH-KZE KLM Cityhopper Fokker 70
1 x PH-KZP KLM Cityhopper Fokker 70
1 x PH-OFL KLM Cityhopper Fokker 100
1 x PH-PRH Air Nostrum Fokker 50
1 x PH-SEZ Meridiana MD-82
1 x PH-XRD Basiq Air B737-700
1 x PK-GAK Garuda A300-600
1 x PK-GII Garuda MD-11
1 x PP-VMD VARIG DC10-30
1 x RA86588 Aeroflot IL-62M
1 x S5-AAF Adria Airways CRJ-200
1 x S5-AAI Adria Airways CRJ-200
1 x S7-AAR Air Seychelles DHC6
1 x S7-PAL Air Seychelles Shorts 360
1 x SE-DGO Air Botnia F28-4000
1 x SE-DTF Scandinavian B737-600
1 x SU-253 Sindbad Balloons UltraMagic N
1 x SX-BGC Olympic Shorts 330
1 x TF-FIJ Icelandair B757-200
1 x TF-FIT Icelandair B757-200
1 x TS-IME Tunisair A320-200
1 x TS-IPC Tunisair A300-600
1 x V2-LEU LIAT DHC8-300
1 x V3-HFA Maya Island Air BN Islander
1 x V3-HFE Maya Island Air BN Islander
1 x V8-RBB Royal Brunei Fokker 100
1 x V8-RBE Royal Brunei B767-300
1 x V8-RBL Royal Brunei B767-300
1 x VH-BLL Jayrow Helicopters Bell 206
1 x VH-CZB Ansett B737-300
1 x VH-CZK Ansett B737-300
1 x VH-CZM Ansett B737-300
1 x VH-CZU Ansett B737-300
1 x VH-DDA Tiger Moth
1 x VH-EAL Qantas B767-200
1 x VH-EAN Qantas B767-200
1 x VH-EBT Qantas B747-300
1 x VH-EBY Qantas B747-300
1 x VH-ECC Qantas B747-200M
1 x VH-ESW Skywest Jetstream 31
1 x VH-EWM Ansett BAe 146-300
1 x VH-HCB Hazelton Metro 23
1 x VH-HPO Lloyds Bell 206
1 x VH-HWR Hazelton Metro 23
1 x VH-HYA Ansett A320-200
1 x VH-HYC Ansett A320-200
1 x VH-HYE Ansett A320-200
1 x VH-MVX Sunstate Shorts 360
1 x VH-OGH Qantas B767-300
1 x VH-OGT Qantas B767-300
1 x VH-OJB Qantas B747-400
1 x VH-OJM Qantas B747-400
1 x VH-OJN Qantas B747-400
1 x VH-OJP Qantas B747-400
1 x VH-OJQ Qantas B747-400
1 x VH-SUM Sunstate Shorts 360
1 x VH-SUR Sunstate Shorts 360
1 x VH-TAC Qantas A300-B4
1 x VH-TAJ Qantas B737-300
1 x VH-TAZ Qantas B737-300
1 x VH-TJD Qantas B737-300
1 x VH-TND Sunstate DHC8-100
1 x VH-TZL Whitaker Air DHC6
1 x VH-TZR Whitaker Air DHC6
1 x YL-BAR Air Baltic Fokker 50
1 x YL-BBN Air Baltic B737-500
1 x YU-ANF JAT B737-300
1 x YU-ANH JAT B737-300
1 x ZK-NBA Air New Zealand B767-200
1 x ZK-NBW Air New Zealand B747-400
1 x ZK-NZW Air New Zealand B747-200
1 x ZK-NZX Air New Zealand B747-200
1 x ZK-NZZ Air New Zealand B747-200
1 x ZS-JVL Safair L100
1 x ZS-KYA SWATF Cessna 210
1 x ZS-MHU SAAF Caravan I
1 x ZS-OBP Air Liberte MD-83
1 x ZS-SAR SAA B747-200M
1 x ZS-SAW SAA B747-400
1 x ZS-SAX SAA B747-400
1 x ZS-SDA SAA A300-B2K
1 x ZS-SDD SAA A300-B2K
1 x ZS-SDG SAA A300-C4
1 x ZS-SIC SAA B737-200
1 x ZS-SII SAA B737-200
1 x ZS-SIJ SAA B737-200
1 x ZS-SIL SAA B737-200
1 x ZS-SIM SAA B737-200
1 x Z-WGD United Air Charters PA23 Aztec
1 x Z-WKR Air Zimbabwe B707-320
1 x Z-WKT Air Zimbabwe B707-320
1 x Z-WPA Air Zimbabwe B737-200
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RE: How Many Tail Numbers Have You Flown On?

Sun Dec 02, 2007 1:43 pm

oh I can also easily copy my tail numbers from Flight Memory;
3x N1968R L-188 Electra Reeve Aleutian
3x PH-MCG 767-300 Martinair
3x RA-86054 Il-86 Aeroflot
3x RA-86074 Il-86 Aeroflot
2x 5N-BEU 727-200 Chanchangi
2x A6-EKS A-330-200 Emirates Airlines
2x CS-TPI Embraer 145 Portugalia
2x D-ABVZ 747-400 Lufthansa
2x D-AIBC A-340-200 Lufthansa
2x D-AIQR A-320 Germanwings
2x D-AIRY A-321 Lufthansa
2x DQ-FJH 737-800 Air Pacific
2x EC-IRR S-340 Lagunair
2x EI-CEZ 757-200 Avianca Colombia
2x EI-CPR Shorts 360 Aer Arann
2x EI-DCC 737-800 Ryanair
2x EP-ASA 727-200 Iran Aseman
2x EW-85703 Tu-154M Belavia
2x EX-75905 Il-18 Phoenix Aviation
2x G-EZJM 737-700 easyJet
2x G-MANP ATP British Airways CitiExpress
2x G-MIDS A-320 British Midland
2x HB-IJI A-320 Swissair
2x HB-IJO A-320 SWISS / Swissair
2x HB-IXT ARJ-100 Swiss
2x HB-IYX ARJ-100 Crossair
2x HB-IZH Saab 2000 Darwin Air
2x HR-ATL F-27 Atlantic Airlines
2x HR-IAP Shorts 360 Islena-Grupo TACA
2x HS-AXA L-1011 Tristar 1 Thai Sky
2x HS-PGF ATR-72 Bangkok Airways / Siem Reap Airways
2x HS-UTD 747-100 Orient Thai
2x I-DEIG 767-300 Alitalia
2x LN-BUE 737-500 SAS-Braathens
2x LV-YOA DC-9-40 Dinar
2x N127GU 737-200 Aviateca-TACA
2x N73544 L-1049 Super Constellation SCFA
2x N774UA 777-200 United Airlines
2x N776UA 777-200 United Airlines
2x N934AE J-31 Aerocaribe
2x N951AT 717 AirTran
2x OE-LAP A-330-200 Austrian Airlines
2x OE-LDD A-319 Austrian Airlines
2x PH-BFP 747-400 KLM
2x PH-BUH 747-200B KLM
2x PH-BXC 737-800 KLM
2x PH-HVN 737-300 Transavia
2x PH-KZB F-70 KLM Cityhopper
2x PH-KZI F-70 KLM Cityhopper
2x PH-MCB A-310-200 Martinair
2x PH-MCH 767-300 Martinair
2x PH-MCI 767-300 Martinair
2x PH-MCL 767-300 Martinair
2x PH-PRJ F-50 Denim Air
2x PK-GSH 747-400 Garuda
2x PK-GSI 747-400 Garuda
2x TC-ALN A-300B4 Air Alfa
2x TC-IAC 737-300 Istanbul Airlines
2x TF-FIJ 757-200 Icelandair
2x TG-JII DC-9-50 Tikal jets
2x TG-TJK BAC 111-400 Tikal Jets
2x XA-LAC DC-9-10 Aerocalifornia
2x XA-SKC 727-100 Aerolineas Internacionales
1x 5N-BHZ 737-300 Aerocontractors
1x 5N-NCZ F-28 Fellowship IRS
1x 9H-ABR? 737-300 Air Malta
1x 9H-ADI 737-300 Air Malta
1x 9M-AAE 737-300 Air Asia
1x 9M-AAF 737-300 Air Asia
1x 9M-MKC A-330-300 Malaysian
1x 9M-MPF 747-400 Malaysian
1x 9M-MPI 747-400 Malaysia Airlines
1x 9M-MRG 777-200 Malaysian
1x 9M-MRQ 777-200 Malaysian
1x 9M-TAH DHC-7 Beryaja Air
1x 9V-SMO 747-400 Singapore Airlines
1x 9V-SVA 777-200 Singapore Airlines
1x 9V-TAA A-320 Tiger Airways
1x A5-RGF A-319 Druk Air-Royal Bhutan
1x A6-AYE A-330-200 Etihad Airways
1x A6-EHA A-340-500 Etihad Airways
1x A6-ETC 777-300 Etihad Airways
1x A6-ETD 777-300ER Etihad Airways
1x B-12296 Fokker 100 Mandarin Airlines
1x B-17920 MD-90 Uni Air
1x B-2387 A-340-300 Air China
1x B-2558 767-300 Air China
1x B-HLC A-330-300 Cathay Pacific
1x B-HLC A-340-300 Cathay Pacific
1x B-HNH 777-300 Cathay Pacific
1x B-HOS 747-400 Cathay Pacific
1x B-HXA A-340-300 Cathay Pacific
1x B-HXH A-340-300 Cathay Pacific
1x B-HXJ A-340-300 Cathay Pacific
1x B-HXO A-340-300 Cathay Pacific
1x C-FTSW L-1011 Tristar 500 Air Transat
1x CN-RLB B-1900D Regional AL
1x CN-RMQ 727-200 RAM
1x CN-RNC 737-400 RAM
1x CS-TPA Fokker 100 Portugalia
1x CS-TPC Fokker 100 Portugalia
1x CS-TPJ Emb-145 Portugalia
1x CU-T1280 Il-62M Cubana
1x CU-T1283 Il-62M Cubana
1x D-ABBI 737-800 Air Berlin
1x D-ABEF 737-300 Lufthansa
1x D-ABEL 737-300 Lufthansa
1x D-ABEN 737-300 Lufthansa
1x D-ABEU 737-300 Lufthansa
1x D-ABHB 737-200 Lufthansa
1x D-ABJC 737-500 Lufthansa
1x D-ABXU 737-300 Lufthansa
1x D-ACJB CRJ-100 Lufthansa Cityline
1x D-ACLY CRJ Lufthansa Cityline
1x D-AIAP A-300-600 Lufthansa
1x D-AIAU A-300-600 Lufthansa
1x D-AICB A-310-200 Lufthansa
1x D-AILB A-319 Lufthansa
1x D-AILH A-319 Lufthansa
1x D-AIPD A-320 Germanwings
1x D-AIPH A-320 Germanwings
1x D-AIRF A-321 Lufthansa
1x D-AISE A-321 Lufthansa
1x D-AKNJ A-319 Germanwings
1x D-AMAJ BAe-146 WDL- V Bird
1x D-AOLA Saab 2000 OLT
1x D-APOP A-310-300 MEA
1x D-AVRA ARJ-85 Lufthansa Cityline
1x D-AVRK ARJ-85 Lufthansa Cityline
1x D-AVRM ARJ-85 Lufthansa Cityline
1x D-AVRP ARJ-85 Lufthansa Cityline
1x D-BCRS ATR-42 European Air Express
1x D-CDLH Ju-52 Lufthansa Historical
1x D-CNAC Swearingen Metro OLT
1x D-CXXX DC-3 Air Service Berlin
1x D-FUKM An-2 pvt
1x D-IMIK do-228 lgw
1x D-INKA DH-104 Dove LTU Classic
1x DQ-AFO Emb-110 Bandeirante Air Fiji
1x DQ-AFS Harbin Y-12 Air Fiji
1x DQ-PSA ATR-42 Pacific Sun
1x EC-CBA 727-200 Iberia
1x EC-FDF MD-80 Iberia
1x EC-FYN 757-200 Iberia
1x EC-GCM 727-200 Iberia
1x EC-GRU ATR-72 Binter Canarias
1x EC-HAE A-321 Iberia
1x EC-HBU ATR-72 Binter Canarias
1x EC-HDO A-320 Iberia
1x EC-HHV CRJ-100 Air Nostrum
1x EC-HOA 717 AeBal-Spanair
1x EC-HQM A-320 Iberia
1x EC-ICR A-320 Click Air
1x EC-JTR A-320 Vueling
1x EC-JTS CRJ-900 Air Nostrum
1x EI-ASH 737-200 Aer Lingus
1x EI-CDD 737-500 Aer Lingus
1x EI-CDO BAC-111 Ryanair
1x EI-CKQ 737-200 Ryanair
1x EI-CPG A-321 Aer Lingus
1x EI-CUL 737-300 Philippine Airlines
1x EI-CZO BAe-146 Cityjet-Air France
1x EI-DEY A-319 Meridiana
1x EI-DRD 737-400 Air One
1x EI-TAC A-320 TACA
1x EP-IAB 747SP Iran Air
1x EP-SHU 707-300C Saha Airlines
1x EW-65754 Tu-134 Belavia
1x F-GFKJ A-320 Air France
1x F-GFKR A-320 Air France
1x F-GFUA 737-300 Air France
1x F-GIOG F-100 Air France-Regional
1x F-GISD 747-400 Air France
1x F-GITE 747-400 Air France
1x F-GNLK F-100 Air France-Regional
1x F-GPZF MD-80 Air Liberte
1x F-GRHZ A-319 Air France
1x F-GRML MD-80 Air Liberte
1x F-GUGG A-318 Air France
1x F-GZCC A-330-200 Air France
1x F-GZLS A-340-300 Air France
1x F-OHME A-320 Mexicana
1x G-AIDL DH Rapide Air Atlantique
1x G-AMRA DC-3 Air Atlantique
1x G-APEY Viscount HeliJet
1x G-APRS Twin Pioneer Air Atlantique
1x G-AZMF BAC 111-500 European Aviation
1x G-BIKR 757-200 British Airways
1x G-BKMN BAe 146 Dan-Air London
1x G-BMXD F-27 Air UK
1x G-BPEE 757-200 British Airways
1x G-BRIG 767-200 Britannia AW
1x G-BVKC 737-500 British Midland
1x G-BVZI 737-500 British Midland
1x G-BYML Do-328 prop Scot Airways
1x G-CELV 737-300 Jet2
1x G-CIVV 747-400 British Airways
1x G-CPEN 757-200 British Airways
1x G-DOCF 737-400 British Airways
1x G-EMBD Emb-145 British Airways Citiexpress
1x G-EUPD A-319 British Airways
1x G-EUPK A-319 British Airways
1x G-EUPL A-319 British Airways
1x G-EUPP A-319 British Airways
1x G-EUUP A-320 British Airways
1x G-EUUR A-320 British Airways
1x G-EZJC 737-700 easyJet
1x G-EZMK A-319 easyJet
1x G-EZYA 737-300 easyJet
1x G-EZYD 737-300 easyJet
1x G-EZYE 737-300 easyJet
1x G-EZYJ 737-300 easyJet
1x G-EZYP 737-300 easyJet
1x G-FHAJ A-320 MyTravel Lite
1x G-GFFC 737-500 British Airways
1x G-IGOL 737-300 easyJet
1x G-JEDJ DHC-8-400 FlyBe
1x G-JEDY DHC-8-100 FlyBe
1x G-MAJF J-41 British Airways Regional
1x G-MANH ATP British Airways Citiline
1x G-MIDA A-320 British Midland
1x G-MIDA A-321 British Midland
1x G-MIDJ A-321 British Midland
1x G-MIDV A-320 British Midland
1x G-MIDW A-320 British Midland
1x G-MSKR CRJ Maersk-British Airways
1x G-MSKT CRJ Maersk-British Airways
1x G-NFLC HP-137 Cranfield College
1x G-OZBB A-320 Monarch
1x G-RJXF Emb-145 British Midland
1x G-SASS A-320 MyTravel Lite
1x G-UKFE Fokker 100 Air UK
1x G-UKFM F-100 KLM uk
1x G-VIIV 777-200 British Airways
1x HA-ACD Partenavia 66 pvt
1x HA-LIX Li-2 Goldtimer Foundation
1x HB-IJL A-320 Swissair
1x HB-IPT A-319 Swiss
1x HB-IQJ A-330-200 Swissair
1x HB-IQM A-330-200 Swissair
1x HB-IWL MD-11 Swissair
1x HB-IWP MD-11 Swissair
1x HB-IXF ARJ-85 Crossair
1x HB-IXW ARJ-100 Crossair
1x HB-IYB Saab 2000 Swiss
1x HB-IYG Saab 2000 Swiss
1x HB-JEK DHC-8-300 Fly Baboo
1x HB-JMF A-340-300 SWISS
1x HB-JVC F-100 Helvetic
1x HB-JZJ A-319 easyJet Switzerland
1x HC-CDW F-28 Fellowship Icaro
1x HC-CEZ Emb-190 TAME
1x HC-CFD 737-200 Icaro
1x HR-ARY ATR-42 Aviateca-Grupo TACA
1x HR-ASW Let 410 Atlantic Airlines
1x HR-ATC BAe 748 Atlantic Airlines
1x HR-IBH Cessna Caravan Islena
1x HS-AAQ 737-300 Thai Air Asia
1x HS-AAS 737-300 Thai Air Asia
1x HS-KUO YS-11 Phuket Air
1x HS-OMA MD-80 One-Two-Go
1x HS-OMC MD-80 One-Two Go
1x HS-PGM ATR-72 Bangkok Airways
1x HS-PGP 717 Bangkok Airways
1x HS-PGQ 717 Bangkok Airways
1x HS-TAC A-300-600 Thai International
1x HS-TDA 737-400 Nok Air
1x HS-TDJ 737-400 Thai Airways International
1x HS-TEH A-330-300 Thai International
1x HS-TGA 747-400 Thai Airways
1x HS-TGY 747-400 Thai Airways International
1x HS-TMF MD-11 Thai International
1x HS-TMG MD-11 Thai International
1x I-ACLH Do-328 Jet Itali Airlines
1x I-DAVM MD-80 Alitalia
1x I-DAWC MD-80 Alitalia
1x JY-AGB L-1011 Tristar 500 Royal Jordanian
1x LN-BRK 737-500 SAS-Braathens
1x LN-FAO ATR-42 Coast Air
1x LN-RDQ DHC-8-400 SAS
1x LN-RPY 737-600 SAS
1x LN-TUL 737-700 SAS-Braathens
1x LN-WND DC-3 Dakota Norway Vera Lyn (sic)
1x LV-YTA DHC-8-100 Southern Winds
1x LV-ZRL J-31 Aerovip
1x LV-ZTX 737-200 Austral
1x LV-ZXP 737-200 Austral
1x LY-SBC Saab 2000 Lithuanian
1x LZ-HMS Tu-154M Hemus Air
1x LZ-LCA Tu-154M Bulgarian Air Charter
1x N109UA 747-400 United Airlines
1x N110DL 767-200 Delta Air Lines
1x N112US A-320 US Airways
1x N117UA 747-400 United Airlines
1x N127NJ 737-200 Vanguard Airlines
1x N142PA G-73 Mallard Chalks Ocean
1x N1608 767-300 Delta Air Lines
1x N1734D L-1011 Tristar 1 Delta Air Lines
1x N180DN 767-300 Delta Air Lines
1x N188US A-321 US Airways
1x N189UA 747-400 United Airlines
1x N190UA 747-400 United Airlines
1x N1944M DC-3 Era Classic
1x N194DN 767-300 Delta Air Lines
1x N199UA 747-400 United AL
1x N202US 727-200 Northwest Airlines
1x N220NW DC-10 Northwest Airlines
1x N232SA DHC-6 Scenic Air
1x N234AV B-99 Air Vegas
1x N240NW DC-10 Northwest Airlines
1x N241NW DC-10 Northwest Airlines
1x N267CA Emb-120 Comair
1x N278MA F-27 Eagle Canyon AL
1x N2819W 727-200 Delta Air Lines
1x N291SK Emb-145 US Airways Express-Chautauqua
1x N2969 G-73 Mallard Chalks Ocean
1x N296SC 727-200 Falcon Air
1x N305AE Saab 340 American Eagle
1x N308UE J-41 ACA-United Express
1x N327SW 737-300 Southwest Airlines
1x N354NB A-319 Northwest Airlines
1x N367PA 727-200 Pan Am III
1x N369MX A-320 Mexicana
1x N381DL 737-200 Delta Air Lines
1x N393SW Emb-120 Skywest-United Express
1x N397UA 737-300 United Airlines
1x N411EA DC-9-50 Allegiant Air
1x N489UA A-320 Ted
1x N494TW L-749 Constellation Connie Group
1x N505NK A-319 Spirit AL
1x N521JB A-320 JetBlue
1x N522JB A-320 JetBlue
1x N526US 757-200 Northwest Airlines
1x N527UA 757-200 United Airlines
1x N528SW 737-500 Southwest Airlines
1x N531US 757-200 Northwest Airlines
1x N544US 757-200 Northwest Airlines
1x N550UA 757-200 United Airlines
1x N555AN MD-80 American Airlines
1x N566JB A-320 JetBlue
1x N568TA A-321 TACA
1x N569JA Convair 580 Era AL
1x N583AN MD-80 Avianca Colombia
1x N586UA 757-200 United Airlines
1x N615UA 767-200 United Airlines
1x N639DL 757-200 Delta Air Lines
1x N641NW 747-200 Northwest Airlines
1x N642CA CRJ-700 Comair
1x N646UA 767-300 United Airlines
1x N646US 767-200 US Airways
1x N653US 767-200 US Airways
1x N656CA CRJ-700 Comair
1x N656UA 767-300 United Airlines
1x N661UA 767-300 United Airlines
1x N667UA 767-300 United Airlines
1x N670SW 737-300 Southwest Airlines
1x N6712B 757-200 Delta Air Lines
1x N691LF 767-300 TWA
1x N702UW A-319 US Airways
1x N707TW 757-200 TWA
1x N7083A A-300-600 American Airlines
1x N715TW 757-200 TWA
1x N720TW 757-200 TWA
1x N7265U 727-200 United Airlines
1x N73165 Convair 580 Frontier AL
1x N738US A-319 US Airways
1x N757UW A-319 US Airways
1x N766UA 767-300 United Airlines
1x N767UA 777-200 United Airlines
1x N771UA 777-200 United Airlines
1x N783AT 727-200 American Trans Air
1x N783UA 777-200 United Airlines
1x N788UA 777-200 United Airlines
1x N805NK MD-80 Spirit Airlines
1x N807AT DC-9-30 AirTran
1x N815AW A-319 America West
1x N825AW A-319 America West
1x N827MH 767-400 Delta Air Lines
1x N838EX DHC-8-100 US Airways Express
1x N846AT DC-9-30 AirTran
1x N847UA A-319 United Airlines
1x N864DA 777-200 Delta Air Lines
1x N864US F-100 US Airways
1x N884AV 767-300 Avianca Colombia
1x N886EA DHC-6 Era AL
1x N915AW 757-200 America West
1x N917TW MD-80 TWA
1x N930DL MD-80 Delta Air Lines
1x N945AT 717 AirTran
1x N979Z DC-9-30 TWA
1x N985US DC-9-30 Northwest Airlines
1x OD-AGB 720B MEA
1x OD-AHD 707-300C MEA
1x OD-AHF 707-300B MEA
1x OE-FDK Shorts Skyvan Pink Aviation
1x OE-LAE 767-300 Austrian Airlines
1x OE-LAY 767-300 Austrian Airlines
1x OE-LBO A-320 Austrian Airlines
1x OE-LBS A-320 Austrian Airlines
1x OE-LDC A-319 Austrian Airlines
1x OE-LFJ F-70 Tyrolean
1x OE-LOE A-320 Fly Niki
1x OE-LPB 777-200 Lauda Air
1x OE-LPC 777-200 Lauda Air
1x OH-SAP ARJ-85 Blue 1
1x OK-FGS 737-400 CSA
1x OM-DAY Emb-120 Sky Europe
1x OM-SDA Let-410 Seagle
1x OO-DJG BAe-146 DAT-Sabena
1x OO-DJJ BAe 146-200 DAT-Sabena
1x OO-DJO ARJ-85 DAT-Sabena
1x OO-DJT ARJ-85 DAT-Sabena
1x OO-DWB ARJ-100 DAT-Sabena
1x OO-DWE ARJ-100 DAT-Sabena
1x OO-SNG A-320 Sabena
1x OO-SSM A-319 Sabena
1x OO-VLE F-50 VLM
1x OO-VLY F-50 VLM
1x OY-MUB Shorts 330 Muk Air
1x PH-BDB 737-300 KLM
1x PH-BDC 737-300 KLM
1x PH-BDI 737-300 KLM
1x PH-BDP 737-300 KLM
1x PH-BDR 737-400 KLM
1x PH-BDT 737-400 KLM
1x PH-BDZ 737-400 KLM
1x PH-BFF Boeing 747-400 KLM
1x PH-BFN 747-400 KLM
1x PH-BFS 747-400 KLM
1x PH-BPC 737-400 KLM
1x PH-BUG 747-200B KLM
1x PH-BXE 737-800 KLM
1x PH-BXG 737-800 KLM
1x PH-BXH 737-800 KLM
1x PH-BXI 737-800 KLM
1x PH-BXK 737-800 KLM
1x PH-BXL 737-800 KLM
1x PH-BXN 737-800 KLM
1x PH-BXP 737-900 KLM
1x PH-BXS 737-900 KLM
1x PH-BZE 767-300 KLM
1x PH-DDA DC-3 Dutch Dakota Association
1x PH-DDS DC-4 Dutch Dakota Association
1x PH-DDZ DC-3 Dutch Dakota Association
1x PH-KZC F-70 KLM Cityhopper
1x PH-KZF F-70 KLM Cityhopper
1x PH-KZH F-70 KLM Cityhopper
1x PH-LXT F-50 KLM Cityhopper
1x PH-MCM 767-300 Martinair
1x PH-MCS MD-11 Martinair
1x PH-OFC F-100 KLM Cityhopper
1x PH-OFE F-100 KLM Cityhopper
1x PH-OFE Fokker 100 KLM Cityhopper
1x PH-OFI Fokker 100 KLM Cityhopper
1x PH-XLE ATR-42 KLM Excel
1x PH-XLK ATR-42 KLM Exel
1x PH-XRC 737-700 Transavia
1x PH-XRD 737-700 Transavia
1x PH-XRZ 737-700 Transavia AL
1x PK-AIA C-212 AirMark
1x PK-GGR 737-300 Garuda
1x PK-GIB DC-10 Garuda
1x PK-GWL 737-400 Garuda
1x PK-GWQ 737-400 Garuda
1x PK-IJI 737-200 Bouraq
1x PK-MFF F-27 Merpati
1x PK-MGG F-28 Merpati
1x PK-NME CN-235 Merpati
1x PP-VQK MD-11 Varig
1x RA-85625 Tu-154M Aeroflot
1x RA-85644 Tu-154M Aeroflot
1x RDPL-34137 ATR-72 Laos Airlines
1x RP-C2015 YS-11 Asian Spirit
1x S5-AAF CRJ-100 Adria Airways
1x SE-DON DC-9-40 SAS
1x SE-DTG 737-700 SAS
1x SE-LEZ F-50 Skyways
1x ST-ATX Il-76 Transavia Export
1x SU-GBD A-320 Egyptair
1x SU-GBL 737-500 Egyptair
1x SU-GBU A-321 Egyptair
1x TC-ALK 727-200 Air Alfa
1x TF-ATH 747-300 Iberia
1x TF-ATI 747-300 Iberia
1x TF-ELC 737-300 Flyglobespan
1x UR-14002 An-140 Aeromost
1x V3-HDN Cessna 172 Tropical Airlines
1x V3-HFV Cessna Caravan Tropical Airlines
1x VH-EKG Saab 340 Kendell Airlines
1x VH-EKK Saab 340 Kendell Airlines
1x VH-NMQ Cessna 402 Airnorth Regional
1x VH-OGH 767-300 Qantas
1x VH-OGV 767-300 Qantas
1x VH-PEK Cessna 402 Kakadu Airways
1x VH-VOG 737-800 Virgin Blue
1x XA-ABC 737-200 Aviacsa
1x XA-AMU MD-80 Aeromexico
1x XA-LMM DC-9-10 Aerocalifornia
1x XA-SHJ F-100 Mexicana
1x XA-SJE 727-200 Aviacsa
1x XA-TCG F-100 Mexicana
1x XA-TPV 727-200 Aerolineas Internacionales
1x XA-UCL 737-300 LA Azteca
1x XA-UDE DC-9-30 Aerocalifornia
1x XU-U4A An-24 PMT Air
1x YK-AGA 727-200 Syrianair
1x YL-BAS F-50 Air Baltic
1x YR-ATG ATR-42 Tarom
1x YR-VGN Saab 340 Carpatair
1x ZK-CIF Cvr-580 Air Fiji-opb Air Chathams
1x ZK-JNB 737-300 Qantas-Jet Connect
1x ZK-JNN 737-300 Qantas-Jet Connect
1x ZK-LOU BN Trislander Great Barrier Air
1x ZK-MCO ATR-72 Air New Zealand
1x ZK-PIZ BN Islander Mountain Air
1x ZS-NNN DC-9-30 Sun Air
1x ZS-OVG 737-200 Nationwide
1x ZS-OZR 727-200 Nationwide
1x ZS-SBK 747-400 South African Airways
1x ZS-SIL 737-200 South African
1x ZS-SJU 737-800 South African Airways
1x ZS-SNA A-340-600 South African Airways
1x ZS-XGX F-28 Fellowship AirQuarius-SAA
8x unknown airplanes
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RE: How Many Tail Numbers Have You Flown On?

Sun Dec 02, 2007 3:42 pm

Quoting Access-Air (Thread starter):
02DEC90 B767-222, N612UA, MCO-ORD UNITED 21873

Do you know the significance of this plane?? N612UA, on 9/11, was crashed into the South Tower of WTC as UA175.

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Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Janne Laukkonen - FAP

I won't post my whole list, but a couple notable ones are:

N665US, 747-451, Northwest Airlines, NRT-DTW, Nov 2007
N783UA, 777-222/ER, United Airlines, SEA-NRT, Oct 2007
N177UA, 747-422, United Airlines, DEN-ORD, Mar 2006
N234NW, DC10-30, Northwest Airlines, HNL-MSP, Nov 2006
N665US, 747-451, Northwest Airlines, LAX-MSP, Jul 2007
N358AA, 767-323/ER, American Airlines, SFO-HNL, Nov 2006
N361AA, 767-323/ER, American Airlines, LAX-DFW, Jul 2007
N368AA, 767-323/ER, American Airlines, CDG-MIA, Sep 2007
N525UA, 757-222, United Airlines, JFK-LAX, Sep 2007
N623US, 747-251B, Northwest Airlines, GUM-NRT, May 2007
N656UA, 767-322/ER, United Airlines, DEN-LAX, Feb 2007
N676NW, 747-451, Northwest Airlines, NRT-LAX, May 2007
N705TW, 757-231, American Airlines, DFW-SAN, Jun 2006
N777UA, 777-222, United Airlines, LAX-DEN, Feb 2007
N779UA, 777-222, United Airlines, LAX-DEN, Mar 2007
N802NW, A330-300, Northwest Airlines, DTW-CDG, Sept 2007
N860NW, A330-200, Northwest Airlines, SFO-NRT, May 2007
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RE: How Many Tail Numbers Have You Flown On?

Mon Dec 03, 2007 9:06 am

Here only the ones I have flown on my own, I mean where I was on controls:

38x D-ABXX Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
34x D-ABJD Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
32x D-ABET Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
32x D-ABXW Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
31x D-ABEI Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
30x D-ABXL Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
30x D-ABXZ Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
29x D-ABEL Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
29x D-ABIY Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
28x D-ABXU Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
27x D-ABXM Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
27x D-ABXY Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
26x D-ABWH Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
25x D-ABIK Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
24x D-ABIM Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
24x D-ABXP Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
23x D-ABIC Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
23x D-ABIU Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
23x D-ABIW Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
23x D-ABXS Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
21x D-ABEW Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
21x D-ABIN Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
21x D-ABIP Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
21x D-ABIR Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
20x D-ABIS Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
20x D-ABJC Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
20x D-ABXO Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
19x D-ABEF Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
19x D-ABEU Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
19x D-ABIE Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
19x D-ABIT Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
19x D-ABJB Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
18x D-ABED Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
18x D-ABJA Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
18x D-AGET Boeing 737-700 Hapag-Lloyd
16x D-ABIF Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
16x D-ABIH Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
16x D-ABIX Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
16x D-ABJE Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
16x D-ABXR Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
16x D-AGEQ Boeing 737-700 Hapag-Lloyd
15x D-ABEA Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
15x D-ABEB Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
15x D-ABIZ Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
15x D-IOSA PA 42 Cheyenne Lufthansa
15x N4130W PA28 ATCA
14x D-ABXT Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
13x D-ABES Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
13x D-ABII Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
13x D-ABJI Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
12x D-ABEP Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
12x D-ABIB Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
12x D-AHFA Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
11x D-ABEC Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
11x D-ABID Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
11x D-AHLH Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
10x D-ABEH Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
10x D-ABEK Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
10x D-ABXN Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
10x N4133K PA28 ATCA
10x N4134T PA28 ATCA
9x D-ABJH Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
8x D-ABIA Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
8x D-ABIO Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
8x D-AHFC Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
7x D-ABEO Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
7x D-ABIL Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
7x D-AHFG Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
7x D-ALCB McDonnell Douglas-11F Lufthansa Cargo
6x D-AHFD Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
6x D-AHFF Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
6x D-AHFZ Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
6x D-ALCE McDonnell Douglas-11F Lufthansa Cargo
6x D-ALCI McDonnell Douglas-11F Lufthansa Cargo
6x N1565A BE33 ATCA
5x D-ABER Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
5x D-AHFE Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
5x D-AHFM Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
5x D-AHFN Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
5x D-AHFW Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
5x D-ALCD McDonnell Douglas-11F Lufthansa Cargo
5x D-ALCJ McDonnell Douglas-11F Lufthansa Cargo
5x D-ALCP McDonnell Douglas-11F Lufthansa Cargo
5x N1569A BE33 ATCA
4x D-ABEN Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
4x D-AHFJ Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
4x D-AHFR Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
4x D-AHFU Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
4x D-AHFV Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
4x D-AHFY Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
4x D-AHLP Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
4x D-ALCF McDonnell Douglas-11F Lufthansa Cargo
4x D-ALCL McDonnell Douglas-11F Lufthansa Cargo
4x D-ALCN McDonnell Douglas-11F Lufthansa Cargo
4x D-ALCS McDonnell Douglas-11F Lufthansa Cargo
4x N1563A BE33 ATCA
4x N1564A BE33 ATCA
4x N1570A BE33 ATCA
4x N5530A BE33 ATCA
4x N5585Y BE33 ATCA
3x D-ABEE Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
3x D-AHFK Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
3x D-ALCQ McDonnell Douglas-11F Lufthansa Cargo
3x N1569P BE33 ATCA
3x N38071 BE33 ATCA
3x N3808Q BE33 ATCA
3x N5587K BE33 ATCA
3x N8173C BE33 ATCA
2x D-ABEI Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
2x D-ABJF Boeing 737-500 Lufthansa
2x D-AHFH Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
2x D-AHFI Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
2x D-AHFL Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
2x D-AHFP Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
2x D-AHFT Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
2x D-AHFX Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
2x D-AHLR Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
2x D-ALCA McDonnell Douglas-11F Lufthansa Cargo
2x D-ALCG McDonnell Douglas-11F Lufthansa Cargo
2x D-ALCH McDonnell Douglas-11F Lufthansa Cargo
2x D-ATUI Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
2x D-IOSB PA 42 Cheyenne Lufthansa
2x N4175V PA28 ATCA
2x N5540P BE33 ATCA
2x N5544A BE33 ATCA
2x N5581T BE33 ATCA
2x N5609S BE33 ATCA
2x N6311Z BE33 ATCA
2x N9299B PA28 ATCA
1x D-ABEM Boeing 737-300 Lufthansa
1x D-AHLQ Boeing 737-800 Hapag-Lloyd
1x D-ALCC McDonnell Douglas-11F Lufthansa Cargo
1x D-ALCM McDonnell Douglas-11F Lufthansa Cargo
1x D-ALCO McDonnell Douglas-11F Lufthansa Cargo
1x N4133D PA28 ATCA
1x N4139A PA28 ATCA
1x N4163W PA28 ATCA
1x N4188T PA28 ATCA
1x N5519A BE33 ATCA
1x N5521A BE33 ATCA
1x N5582X BE33 ATCA
1x N5599P BE33 ATCA
1x N8101C BE33 ATCA
1x N8242T BE33 ATCA
1x N8252T BE33 ATCA
1x N8268T BE33 ATCA

Total: 145 and ATCA is airline Training Center Arizona, flight school of LH...
and my flight memory says: 251 unknown aircrafts. I dont log the reg of the ones where I have been passenger...

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RE: How Many Tail Numbers Have You Flown On?

Mon Dec 03, 2007 12:29 pm

VH-ANA Ansett Boeing 727-277/LR
VH-BYR Private Cessna 172
VH-EBT Qantas Boeing 747-338
VH-IMD Jetstar Boeing 717-2K9
VH-JQL Jetstar Airbus A320-232
VH-OJD Qantas Boeing 747-438
VH-ORX REX Regional Express Saab 340B (twice)
VH-QOA Qantaslink/Sunstate Bombardier Dash 8-Q402
VH-QPA Qantas Airbus A330-301
VH-SBV Qantaslink/Sunstate Bombardier Dash 8-Q315
VH-SDA Qantaslink/Sunstate Bombardier Dash 8-Q202 (twice)
VH-SWL Warner Seaworld Aviation Eurocopter AS.350B2
VH-TAK Qantas Boeing 737-376
VH-TJM Qantas Boeing 737-476
VH-VBM Virgin Blue Boeing 737-76N
VH-VBT Virgin Blue Boeing 737-7BX
VH-VOA Virgin Blue Boeing 737-8BK
VH-VQL Jetstar Airbus A320-232
VH-VQO Jetstar Airbus A320-232
VH-VXO Qantas Boeing 737-838
VH-ZXA Qantas Boeing 767-336/ER
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RE: How Many Tail Numbers Have You Flown On?

Mon Dec 03, 2007 4:24 pm

Quoting Transpac787 (Reply 9):
Quoting Access-Air (Thread starter):
02DEC90 B767-222, N612UA, MCO-ORD UNITED 21873

Do you know the significance of this plane?? N612UA, on 9/11, was crashed into the South Tower of WTC as UA175.

Sure I do.....Matter factly when I found out all the Reg numbers of the 9/11 attacks, I quickly went to see if any were in my flown on list.....Of the plans in my list some have crashed....
Here is a list of the planes in my list that have crashed:

09JUN85 PA32-260 SIX, N55059, SQI-SQI PRIVATE 32-7300031 ----Witten off and Pilot died....
17APR86 BEECH B99, N42AK, MVN-STL AIR KENTUCKY U-148 ----Written off as Nature Island Express
17NOV87 CE-402B, N6384X, SQI-ORD PROPHETER 402B-1347 ----Crashed flying for Ameriflight, staus unkn?
14DEC88 FH-227C, N377NE, ORD-PIA BRITT 510 --- Wheels Up Landing ACA as Aerocaribe..ferried to MID & Scrapped
18APR90 BAe3101, N334PX, RFD-MSP EXPRESS I 706 ---- Crashed on Approach to HIB on 01 Dec 93
02DEC90 B767-222, N612UA, MCO-ORD UNITED 21873 ----Used in WTC TWR 2 on 9/11/2001
17AUG02 DC9-51, N763NC, ORD-DTW NORTHWEST 47716 ---- W/O May 05 at MSP after collision with NW A320 N368NB.

As far I can tell.....this is it....unless I missed one.....


p.s. Im not even going to attempt to list all the planes that have been WFU/Scrapped....That would probably copmprise of 50% of the list..... Sad
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RE: How Many Tail Numbers Have You Flown On?

Mon Dec 03, 2007 7:17 pm

I don't have the free time that most of you has to put all my flights made in my whole life...  Smile  Smile  Smile

Only as a remark, this year I have flown, according my, in 209 planes mainly in the BCN-MAD-BCN route but with interesting flights to whole Africa...


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