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Air China Or British Airways From LHR - PEK?

Tue Jan 29, 2008 8:29 pm

My Dad is taking a business trip to Beijing from London in March. He knows I have an interest in aviation and therefore asked me about what airline to fly as I have done a lot of long-haul flying.

The only two airlines currently flying non-stop from London to Beijing are Air China and British Airways. He has seen a price with BA for £590 rtn in WT and about £850 in WTP. I don't think he has decided yet if he if he will pay the extra money for flying in Premium Economy...but I will let you know! Also, will AVOD be installed on some of the B777s by March? Have they started installing them and how often are they doing them?

But I don't really know much about Air China...what is their service like? Either a B744 or A343....neither of which have PTV's whereas BA do. Do they have any plans to install them in the near future? What classes do they offer on this route?

Also, I have read that China Southern are starting the PEK-LHR in March. Is this true, and if so is it uploaded yet to book?

Any comments appreciated....basically want to know what you think is better...Air China or BA. Im not sure what price Air China are offering at the moment on this route in March, but I doubt my Dad will want to pay any more than the £850 WTP price.

Many thanks.

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RE: Air China Or British Airways From LHR - PEK?

Tue Jan 29, 2008 9:09 pm

Take Air China - they normally manage to reach the runway  Wink

Seriously though, I flew a LHR-PEK return with CA a few years back and the service was fine. No seatback PTVs, but the catering was nice, crew friendly and the seat comfortable - it was in the A343, although I think they send the 74M more often now. There was a whacking 5-6 hour delay on the way out, but that was due to a lightening strike, which could hardly have been prevented by the airline, and some engine problems on the way back, but this didn't delay us.

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RE: Air China Or British Airways From LHR - PEK?

Tue Jan 29, 2008 9:31 pm

Does he have any VS preference? If so he can get VS miles on the CA flight. Don't know if that info is of any use!!

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RE: Air China Or British Airways From LHR - PEK?

Thu Jan 31, 2008 9:59 pm

CA is OK but not good.

The FA's english is poor (not a criticism,just fact).

IFE is very poor, eg. on my flight they showed a film, then half way through showed an in flight fitness programme. When the film resumed , they hadn't stopped it running so we missed the middle half hour. Other reports have said they showed a pirate version of a film ie could see silhouettes of people getting up to use the loo.

Soft drinks only are served in economy (beer counts as a soft drink). no spirits at all.

Seat pitch is good ,34" unless you're in the back row centre section on the 74M.

BA is pretty good in comparison.

They haven't started fitting AVOD to the 777's so its unlikely to be there by march, but BA's standard IFE is tons better than CA.

If he can afford it I would recommend WTP on BA especially if he's on business and wanting to be as fresh as possible on arrival.

Hope this is helpfull,

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