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EK Pricing

Thu Mar 20, 2008 4:14 am

I am looking at a trip from YYZ - LHR / LGW this summer, and EK quoted my best fare at 13 604,14$. Now, I'm used to LH with their 6 000$ fares, but this is rediculous! By the way, this is a Y fare. Anybody have any thoughts on why this is such a high price? Cheers
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RE: EK Pricing

Thu Mar 20, 2008 6:55 am

Humm yes, I think there's a problem here but I did a quick search with random dates in july and found fares from 1045 USD with DL (LH was at 3549 USD by the way but I'm sure it would be possible to find better fares with a meticulous search  Smile ).
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RE: EK Pricing

Thu Mar 20, 2008 7:15 am

Quoting Heathrow (Thread starter):

On EK? So you'd be flying YYZ-DXB-LHR/LGW?

My guess, without having looked into a GDS, is that EK simply doesn't have a fare for YYZ-LON, so it tries to combine a YYZ-DXB and a DXB-LON fare. Unfortunately, several lower fares include a paragraph that disallows combinations with other fares, which would then force the pricing logic to go to higher fares.

If you're prepared to risk it - considering all the uncertainties that this brings with it - I'd suggest you try getting quotes for YYZ-DXB and back, as well as DXB-LON and back; that'll probably come out much lower, though you'll obviously have the risk of not being protected if you YYZ-DXB flight is delayed and you miss your connection to LON.

Quoting Heathrow (Thread starter):
I'm used to LH with their 6 000$ fares

For Y??? Do you always book fully flexible fares? At least from Germany to Canada, those flights regularly go for much less than €1000 (I think the current special fares are somewhere in the range of €300-€600).

Where do you find these fares???
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RE: EK Pricing

Fri Mar 21, 2008 3:51 am

You may want to consider booking with Canadian Affair, as they book you with 'charter' airlines like Air Transat, MyTravel, Thomas Cook, etc. I tried for some random dates in July and got just under $1000 return. With the choice of airlines you end up with daily service to LGW, 2x weekly to LHR.

There's also Zoom to LGW, for about the same price. Their schedule is a bit less frequent, but still around 3/4x per week.

These may not be the best if you're looking for a refundable fare, but, at least on Air Transat, the service is quite good, and the seats are not cramped at all.


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RE: EK Pricing

Sat Mar 22, 2008 4:00 pm

Quoting YXD172 (Reply 3):
These may not be the best if you're looking for a refundable fare, but, at least on Air Transat, the service is quite good, and the seats are not cramped at all.

I respectfully disagree. Transat with it's 9 abreast A330 is definitely cramped.

Heathrow, where did you get these fares from? I tried to book a 2 week trip with AC in Z (lowest Executive First, both trips with 77W) and here's the result:

Fare Summary
Passenger Type Adult
Base Fare 2799.00
Fuel Surcharge YQ 224.00
Taxes, Fees and Charges
Canada Airport Improvement Fee SQ 20.00
Canada Security Charge CA 17.00
U.K. Passenger Service Charge UB 39.46
Canada Goods and Services Tax (GST/HST #10009-2287) XG 1.00
U.K. Air Passenger Duty GB 160.22
Total airfare and taxes before options (per passenger) 3260.68
Number Of Passengers 1
Grand Total - Canadian Dollars $3260.68

Note the UK departure tax - disgusting.
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