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Should I Book Ted For 2009 Trip?

Mon Jun 23, 2008 5:03 am

so i've started putting together my 2009 world airport tour and i'm looking at inexpensive ways to get from SJU-HNL, i've noticed that US/UA has a fare of 515 ow for SJU-HNL but i've also noticed that all the SJU service is on Ted, which, i understand is going to be disbanded sooner rather than later, so my question becomes, will UA still serve SJU after Ted goes away?or will i pretty much be left hanging? the time and money tolerances will be tight (I'm planning to take the Island Hopper to Guam the day after i get to Hnl) so i'm wondering if i'm better off to spend a little more and not fly UA, or be adventuresome and hope UA has some way to get me to HNL, should they abandon the PR market after the demise of Ted.

Any suggestions are appreciated

Travel date is may 3 2009, fwiw
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RE: Should I Book Ted For 2009 Trip?

Mon Jun 23, 2008 8:31 am

HI buddy,

all flights will still operate the same its then only called uniTED ! They just get rid of the brand TED , will change the Ted Aircrafts into United (install First Class thats about it) . You are still part of the United Family, if they change and your ticket has been issued they will take care of you (not if United will go belly up but I doubt this).

Patrick (berlin, germany)

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