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Business Class Man To Florida

Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:08 am


am looking to go to the Florida panhandle for a major holiday blowout in september and as such am looking to fly business to make it really special. my most obvious route is man-mco with virgin but have doubts if the upper class experience from manchester is as good as that from london.
alternatively ba to either mco or tpa which is in the old club world cabin.... if i want new club world then its into mia and a long drive north
can anyone tell me if there is a huge difference between old and new club class with ba or would virgin uc be better either from man or lhr-mia

sorry for confusing post hope it makes sense
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RE: Business Class Man To Florida

Mon Jul 21, 2008 12:16 pm

Quoting Holte (Thread starter):

Hi, I make this trip about 6 times a year, LGW-MCO , I have tried Virgin and BA and come down on the side of BA, both products are similar but the BA cabin crew are that little more polished and mature. I did a trip report on one holiday.


The food service is excellent and the wines are great, and afternoon tea one hour before you arrive sets you up nicely. I prefer the "old" cabin in Club, the new layout is a bit too "white" for a nine hour flight, the browns and blue are easier on the eye. If the menu offers the chicken curry go for it, really great flavours.
Travel tip, BA & Virgin can arrive at the same time in Orlando, be off the plane QUICK, or be stuck behind 200+ kids at immigration. Big grin
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