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HNL Disappointing Visit!

Sun Aug 24, 2008 1:18 pm

Like most airports in the U.S., we all know that things have changed since 9/11, but a complete ban on photography? It had been several years since my last visit to HNL and I was looking forward to taking some photos with my two children out a the end of Lagoon Dr. Within 3-4 minutes and having taken zero pictures (it was a quiet time), we were approached by airport police and told that photos were not permitted facing the runways. That was quite surprising and disappointing. The officials were friendly and apologetic, so we understood and just left.

On our way out, I did not want to waste a trip to the airport, so we "weaved" in and out of the cargo area off Lagoon Dr. ans arrived at a location in the parking lot of what appeared to be Island Air maintenance. A Dash 8 was parked on the ramp for what have been Photo #1. As we exited the car and and proceded to the fence, we wer "intercepted" by some jack ass that had a Harley Davidson that worked there and wanted to know if I had a photo permit. I told him we didn't. He then started lecturing me why we cannot take pictures. He could not have been anymore rude. I knew that arguing with him would be a losing a battle. He wanted to know what I was going to do with the pictures. After I told him they are for personal use and I sometimes put them on the Internet, he then became more of a jerk and accused me of assisting terrorists! He said that guys like me are what help he terrorists! What a paranoid MORON! Once again, we exited immediately and just accepted the fact that we were not welcome at this airport.

In the end, I headed to Iroquois Pt. and I caught some nice landing shots. For you local guys, is this normal? Do they have a clue that chasing innocent tourists away is not good for their local economy? I would like to here the experiences of what you have encountered. Thank you!

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