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Anyone Ever Flown On Miat?

Thu Aug 28, 2008 5:42 am

I have to o to Ulan Baator this September and on the specific dates that I need to travel, the only option is Asiana to ICN connecting to MIAT's daily 738 service to ULN.

I understand that MIAT has had some equipment shortages lately causing them to substitute one of their two 738's on the ULN-SVO-Berlin route., normally operated with an A310. I've laso heard of some significant delays. Also, I seem to get no response from any of the email contacts listed on their website. I've sent messages to thier offices in Seoul, Tokyo, Berlin, and their headuaters in Ulan Baatar and have yet to receive any responses.

Couldn't find any trip reports, so any info. would be helpful. Hopefully the unreliability/flake factor is low for this small carrier (?).
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RE: Anyone Ever Flown On Miat?

Thu Aug 28, 2008 5:31 pm

no, sorry can't share any personal experience. But there seems to be a lot of these type of threads showing up. Trying going to this site:, where you can find reviews by the flying public.

From what I have red the reliability isn't great and the service is nothing special, but MIAT beats Korean on the same route. Asiana is a 5 star airline so it probably beats MIAT in terms of service. But I'd fly MIAT just to add it in my logbook.
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