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Info And Help Please After Flight Change

Fri Oct 17, 2008 3:24 pm

Hi to everybody, I have a question perhaps you guys here can help me and give me some info.
I bought 3 month ago for me and my friend 2 Business Class tickets from Cancun-Madrid-Cancun. leaving cancun the 10th of november and coming back the 25th of november. I paid the flight via internet, and after they charge it on my credit card and they send me the confirmation from the airlines i Bought all the rest of my flights and hotels and car rentals that I need during my stay in Europe. So I bought flights to sevilla, barcelona, madrid and mallorca and i rent a car and i also paid the hotels for my stay in the difrent citys. now send me an e-mail telling me that I am going to fly not the 10th of november because the airline change the flight and that I am going to fly the 11th now, so 24 hours later. This is going to be horrible for me because all my other flights and hotels i have to change now and i am going to loose money and time.
Can they do that? And what rights do I have?? Please some info and help. Thanks.
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RE: Info And Help Please After Flight Change

Fri Oct 17, 2008 4:09 pm

Sounds like the flight isn't daily and they changed the days it operates. I'd call them and see whether they can put you on another carrier on the 10th or, alternatively, whether you can fly on the 9th (or whenever the flight operates before the 10th). Unless you bought a super-cheap ticket (I don't know what is), they shouldn't have any problem letting you go prior to the 10th.
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RE: Info And Help Please After Flight Change

Fri Oct 17, 2008 10:11 pm

I talked to them and they jsut offer me 3 things:

1.- To fly the 8th of november ( but that cost me extra money I have to live in a Hotel than for that 2 extra days)
2.- To fly the 11th of november but than i loose my conecting flight
3.- To give me my money back, but than now 3 weeks before I fly I will not find an other good Business Class fare out there.

I told them to put me the same day on the Iberia flight but they did not even answer that asking....
So what can I do?
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RE: Info And Help Please After Flight Change

Tue Oct 28, 2008 12:20 pm

It sounds to me like have offered you three fair alternatives and have complied with their responsability.

I often take the risk of flying one airline into a city and then using another to get to my final destination for costs etc and until now (touch wood) I have never had a problem.

Of course the danger with doing this is that if something goes wrong with your first outbound lets say, your second airline has no obligation to help you as you have separate reservations and the flights are not a connection per say.

My personal advice would be to take the flight on the 8th and take the hotel hit. Think of it as some bonus holiday...I honestly dont think you have too many other options in truth.

It sucks but I cant think of anything else you could do.

As for your "rights" about this CUN - MAD - CUN change you'll need to read the terms but the fact you have been advised of the change etc in plenty of time (thats probably debatable) you may be on a hiding to nothing chasing this.

My advice, go on the 8th and enjoy!!!!

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