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Single Best And Worst Flights?

Fri Oct 31, 2008 8:58 pm

What would you say have been your single best and worst flights? This could be evaluated on the basis of service, whether the flight was on time/delayed/cancelled, customer service, comfortable seats, food and IFE, a combination of these, or others. Hopefully a variety of opinions will be discussed!

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RE: Single Best And Worst Flights?

Fri Oct 31, 2008 10:00 pm

Best flight:

It's a tie with PHL-GLA in Envoy with US, and ZRH-LCY on CityJet for AF. On the US flight I had great service (not to mention I was a non-rev), the food was good, the AVOD had some interesting films, and the approach from the west into GLA is sublime.

For the other one, ZRH is, of course, a great airport...although the gate area I left from left a lot to be desired. I was as shocked as most Americans when I was fed lunch on a 1.5 hour flight, and once again the approach into LCY was...well, you know.


PHX-ORD as part of a (intended) PHX-ORD-MAN on AA (and UA) back in 2005. The PHX-ORD segment, of course, was put into flow control, which originally was going to have us sit in the terminal for an extra two hours. After about 30 minutes, the flight was cleared to board, with the explicit message that we were going to depart PHX. Well, after we push out, we sit in the penalty box for about 2 hours. It was hot, stuffy, and worst off the pilots knew we were going to be waiting there for a long time. The service was minimal, very few apologies, etc. Wound up having to take a flight ORD-LHR on UA and then LHR-MAN on BD.
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RE: Single Best And Worst Flights?

Fri Oct 31, 2008 10:31 pm

All my flights with BA so far has been just great. I really love BA.

Worst flight?? I dont have any worst flight actually
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RE: Single Best And Worst Flights?

Fri Oct 31, 2008 11:19 pm


Delta, BOS-SLC, May 2007. It was a Wednesday, so the flight was relitively empty and I ended up getting an entire row to myself. And it was an ex-Song aircraft, with very nice IFE. I scooted over to the window seat and made a game of looking out the window, trying to guess what we were flying over, and switching to the "airshow" mode to see how close I was, as well as watching an interesting documentary on the History Channel. The choice of snacks from the snack basket was a nice touch, too.


United, DEN-IAD, just before Christmas 2005. My original itinerary was SMF-IAD-CLT, but due to a schedule change (they dropped the SMF-IAD redeye I had originally booked), I got stuck flying SMF-DEN-IAD-CLT. The DEN-IAD leg departed at something like 11:45pm, and arrived at some ungodly hour like 5am or something. To make things worse, I got stuck sitting in an aisle seat in the very back row of the A319, so I couldn't recline, but the guy in front of me could, and did. I spent the entire flight trying to sleep with my head propped up on my hand, unable to streach my left leg, and generally unable to find any comfortable position. Once at IAD I had to try and not fall asleep while waiting for my next flight.
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RE: Single Best And Worst Flights?

Sat Nov 01, 2008 12:10 am

Best....Back in 1985 JFK to MEX aboard Eastern Airlines. Flew up in first class aboard the L-1011. Was served champaign, caviar, a full steak meal, and hot fudge sundaes from a desert cart from some of the classiest flight attendants I can remember. Flying will never be the same.

Worst....aboard American Eagle/American Airlines from MSN to BDL via ORD. Flight left Madison on time, made it to Chicago in 15 minutes. After landing, we sat on the tarmac for 3 hours waiting for the airplane parked at our gate to be repaired. In defense of the crew aboard the regional jet, they too were livid with the ground crew and the captain even turned on the cabin PA so the passengers could hear him blessing out the ground dispatch via radio. I missed my flight to BDL, and ended up having to shell out 200 bucks for a hotel room....airline would not cover. Bad trip.
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RE: Single Best And Worst Flights?

Sat Nov 01, 2008 1:41 am

Can't say I've got a worst off hand, but I do have a best.

This May, I flew MCI-TPA on WN. Got to the airport earlier, took the registration number, and when I ran it through the database, I found the aircraft had been delivered 9 days prior. So, inside, it had that "new airplane" smell. Everything was in pristine condition. No scratches on anything, clean floor, leather, everything. The insides of the overhead bins were still not scratched up. Plus, there were at best 30 people on board, so it was a blast of a flight. On the way out, I asked the pilots how they liked the new bird, and they had a smile, so it was fun.

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RE: Single Best And Worst Flights?

Sat Nov 01, 2008 2:03 am

Worst is pretty easy:

US Airways Express (opb Mesa), CRJ-900, ATL-CLT. We board the CRJ-900, which in the US Airways configuration is absolutely wretched - same ol' regular CRJ seat pitch, misaligned windows and to boot, the seats are rock hard and super-thin. Not comfortable at all.

So we board, and we sit. And we sit. Finally, after about 30 minutes past departure, the captain finally gets on and says there was a slight ground-hold into CLT (strange, given great weather in the Southeast on a Saturday night at 8 p.m., not exactly peak traffic time...but oh well, I guess I'll accept it...), so we taxi out towards Rwy 26R. However, as we taxi, we take a route as if we're going to the new runway - OK, nothing too absurd. But before crossing 26L/08R, we make a turn on the taxiway, and all of a sudden, I know we're in trouble. So, finally, after another 15 minutes, we're told that we're back in a groundhold and taking another hit for an hour. Of course though, the captain says all the other flights are delayed because of this same hold, so our connections our good.

Knowing the weather in CLT, knowing that the FAA website showed no delays into CLT before leaving the Crown Room to go to the gate (thank God I'm a member there, even when stuck on US) and knowing what I know from travelling a lot (90+ flights this year as a revenue passenger), I got on the phone and made arrangements for someone to pick me up in CLT (fortunately, my final destination was GSO, so not too far of a drive for someone to come get me).

During this time, the F/A starts getting on the intercom about how "our special crew" (her exact words) would do us a favor and come through the cabin with beverages, despite this flight calling for no-service (crock that is, since I got a full service on my US mainline flight CLT-ATL that morning on a 737, and I've gotten full service plenty of times on CLT-ATL on Delta). She was going out of her way to shower praise on herself, which absolutely disgusted me - you don't deserve any special praise for doing your job, and it got real old having to hear her talk about herself for 15 minutes while I (and several others, with captain's permission over the intercom) using our cell phones to make arrangements since I had little faith in making my connection.

In flight was nothing special - the standard (for April) US Airways service on a 250 mile hop. I simply worked during the flight.

Upon landing, she went back into the whole spiel about this being a "special flight crew" etc.. When someone had the audacity to unbuckle 5 feet away from the gate (not getting up, but simply unbuckling; not something you're supposed to do, but no major sin as long as you stay seated), she gets on the intercom and says that she will call the captain and tell him to stay there until everyone's seat belt is back on - she then gets up and does a manual inspection of everyone's seat belts, wasting about 10 minutes of everyone's time (and causing a few more missed connections). I understand the safety need, but come on - if you're seated, you're fine. She then finally gets back on the mike once the door is opened and gives us one more self-gloss announcement.

On the way out the door, I told her that I thought the over-the-top self-gloss was way too much and uncalled for, and that this United Premier Executive and Star Alliance Gold would avoid Mesa Airlines for any future travel. I have no patience for someone that's going to make themselves seem like the greatest thing like sliced bread when you're doing nothing special.

Best flight: Hmmm. I've had several great ones, such as the crew on a BA 747 inviting me up to the Flight Deck during flight over Newfoundland (an experience of a lifetime - this happened back in 2000). Had several great Delta crews - one on an ATL-STL flight that was the definition of above and beyond service (was fortunate to have him on a flight the next day as well!) and another on a GSO-ATL flight.

Another great flight was my one flight on a DC-10, Continental MCO-EWR back in the 1990s. Was flying in BusinessFirst, my first time in an international premium product (flew regular First Class a lot by that point, but never a seat like BF). Was great having all that recline, etc. Meals were choice of lobster or stuffed chicken, salad, roll and ice cream. Was absolutely great meal, especially on a 937 mile flight.
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RE: Single Best And Worst Flights?

Sat Nov 01, 2008 3:50 am

July 2008: YYZ-SYD via YVR. 20+ hour flight, time passed by fairly quickly AVOD was awesome, and those AC 77L are simply an amazing aircraft.

December 31 2007: MDW-YYZ via DTW. New Years Eve got to MDW at 6am for a 8am flight to DTW then off to YYZ. Flight was CANCELLED! I was put on a flight to YYZ then via ATL on DL for a 10am departure. Stood on the tarmac for 2 hours at MDW, because of stormy weather in ATL. Finally got to ATL, missed my connection, got on the next flight out to YYZ, arrived home at 6:30 pm. WHAT A DAY!!! Shouldve just got a direct ORD-YYZ.

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RE: Single Best And Worst Flights?

Sat Nov 01, 2008 10:16 am

Best Flight: OS in Y VIE-MXP in Summer 2002. Daytime flight, good load. Apart from the fabulous OS service, the pilots really turned it on for us. Since the flight took us over the Austrian/Italian alps, they made a scenic flight out of it, narrating the whole trip, dipping the wing to enable passengers to see the particular mountain/glacier/town being pointed out. To boot, perfect flying weather, clear skies, no bumps, haze, anything!

Worst flight: CZ PEK-Guangzhou June 2007. Due to a weather-related delay caused by massive storms in the PEK area, we were trapped in the terminal for three hours. Regular gate changes, no english-language announcement, stuffy terminal, seating at a premium. When approaching the gate, we were simply told to go and wait. Once on board, the flight was absolutely full. My colleague and I scored the middle seat behind each other. Next to me on window side a rather portly Chinese guy. On the other side, the passenger decided to use the PC the entire trip, hogging the armrest. Combine that with CZ's legendary knee-crunching lack of legroom, a hot and stuffy cabin, inedible food and the inevitable delay aboard before push-back made for a memorable flight for all the wrong reasons.

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RE: Single Best And Worst Flights?

Sat Nov 01, 2008 1:58 pm

I've had a number of fantastic flights and others I would rather forget, all on a variety of airlines and routes. However, the two below are the stand outs for me.

Best flight: QF SYD-LHR economy in Nov 2001 on our honeymoon. Enjoyed the food, the movies, the views, the service. Didn't even mind an additional 2 hour technical delay in BKK and despite spending virtually a day on board I was actually sad to leave the aircraft.

Worst flight: BA in 2005 - LHR-NRT in economy. I hadn't enjoyed my first ever flight on BA, SIN-LHR, earlier on this holiday. I hoped that this would be better. I was wrong.

We were told by our travel agent prior to departure from Australia that BA had rebooked us on the morning flight because the times had changed. A lie as the later flight was still operating. Because of this we had to leave our hotel in Paris before 5:30am in order to catch the connecting flight to LHR. We were then told they couldn't book us window seats despite us having had a request in for months - must have got lost when they changed our flight. The check-in staff were no help whatsoever.

On the positive side we were bused between our CDG-LHR flight to our LHR-NRT flight terminal as BA were trying to look after a Japanese tour group on our flight - they were afraid they would get lost (some did anyway). Very friendly there.

There was a 2 hour delay due to a problem with a door, but by this time we were airside and had spent all our pounds. It was hot and stuffy in the gate lounge, there were no water fountains and the shops only took pounds, not euros.

Once on board we found that we were seated near the rear of the 744 in the centre rows, the last place I wanted to sit. I hate turbulence and I love to look out of the window. It was pretty warm and stuffy inside too, at least until the airconditioning finally kicked in.

So I had a rough flight, was bored by the IFE and lack of views and arrived the next morning in NRT in a bad mood feeling like the flight took forever. I've had other unpleasant flights where I have felt horribly sick, but this particular one had no redeeming features to make up for the suffering.

In contrast, the two legs that we had flown on Qantas - SYD-SIN, NRT-SYD - were fantastic. Time just seemed to pass faster. If it wasn't for the honeymoon flight, the SYD-SIN leg would have been my No 1.

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RE: Single Best And Worst Flights?

Sun Nov 02, 2008 10:15 pm


BKK-SIN flying Cathay Pacific. Excellent performance all round. Great Airline. Always a pleasure flying with them.


BKK-DXB flying Emirates. Where do I start? My first time flying Emirates and what high hopes I had. First of all got to check in at Bangkok airport and the check-in que's were horrendous. It took one hour to check-in but I was glad that the check-in agent confirmed I had an aisle seat as I had asked for one and prefer it. Then about 1 hour 20 mins before departure I decided to do some duty free shopping but was surprised to see my flight had "last call" displayed on the flight board. Panicking I ran to the gate where they were indeed boarding people but I could not understand why they were doing it so early.

Anyway,boarded the plane and to my disappointment I had not been given an aisle seat as promised by the check-in lady. Then sitting in my seat I was most surprised that the cabin had not even been cleaned(at least where I was sitting). The seatback in front of me still had an old newspaper in it,sweet wrappers and dirty tissues from the previous flight!

After being boarded so early we then proceded to sit on the plane for about an hour and a half. Even after about 1 hour sat on the plane they were still letting passengers on the plane which annoyed me as I could have got that duty free after all and possibly had a few drinks in a bar.

Then we took off and food was served. I had read in the flight booklet one of tonights meals was supposed to be Sea Bass so I asked the F/A for the Sea Bass. She gave me a cold dis-interstesd stare and did not say a word. The passenger next to me handed me a photo-copied menu on a piece of paper that he had recieved(and I had not). Apparently Sea Bass was not being served tonight. I then made my choice and the F/A responded by virtually throwing the meal on my tray and then turning around to serve the next passenger!

I always ask for an aisle seat because I enjoy a few drinks before a flight and I know I will be needing to use the toilet. I felt sorry for the poor guy next to me who had to keep getting up throughout the flight. And it annoyed me because I was promised an aisle seat at check-in and not given one. Seats were uncomfortable-It was a 777 so it could well have been one of those fitted with 10 seats abreast.The only good thing about the whole flight was the IFE!

In contrast though my connecting flight from DXB-LHR with Emirates was very good. A completly different experience.
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RE: Single Best And Worst Flights?

Mon Nov 03, 2008 12:46 am

Took Etihad RUH-AUH-KUL-AUH-RUH in C great flights,excellent service,big choice in food,confy seats and great Avod.

Well it might surprise some of you,it was on SQ.
Flew SIN-DXB back in April in F.Sevice was great as usual.Seats very bad in F,Not enough food for everybody.Even the crew were surprised to how bad catering was on this flight.To make things worse we were only 5 people in F.Wrote SQ a letter and got the usual garbage answer,plane avaibility,scheduling etc... Nothing about the food.
Another bad experience was also on SQ in F as well.
Flew HGK-SFO they run out of amnety kits,Reading light was playing all the time,Electrical power also,could not sleep a second o i couldn't use my CPAB,it was a long flight.
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RE: Single Best And Worst Flights?

Mon Nov 03, 2008 7:40 pm

My best flight was on BA0855 from Prague tot London Heathrow. Where do i start, everything was ontime, i got my selected window seat 20F on the A320. The crew were incredibly friendly and the food/snack sandwich was really nice and just hit the spot. Upon approach we had amazing views of a sunny London and a nice long taxi meant plenty of photo opportunities. Overall it was a really enjoyable flight that was hastle free.

Now i hate bashing Ryanair because they offer amazing deals but the one time i pay top dollar (£28RT) i have a 6 hour delay at stansted. It was amazing the lack of information that was provided. We were told to ring the operations department on the phone they provided, there was a huge lack of customer service! After 6 hours we were told the aircraft was on final approach by an employee who had just started his shift and he seemed to run the whole operation after that. The flight was without fault but because of the delay i only had 2 hours in Venice!!

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