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Paying For Extra Baggage Online - Weight Issues

Thu Nov 06, 2008 12:37 pm

Hi All

I was thinking last night about the times I have flown BA and paid for an extra bag or two online before flying and I got thinking.....

Is there not a weight issue with this or at least a potential one?

I fly regular trips LHR > EZE via GRU and I imagine that the 744 goes pretty heavy if not MTOW most times. Now what would happen if every passenger paid and took an additional 2 or 3 bags at 23Kg each....I know its not likely but not totally impossible.

I guess the questions are:-

- Is there a quota whereby they say ok - "we can allow 240 (for example) more extra bags to be possibly bought online for checkin assuming thet will ALL weigh 23Kg each?

- How do BA limit potential overweights (plane wise) with a system like this with the potential to add much extra weight?

- Could you arrive at checkin and be told you cant check in a bag you have paid for because of weight issues?

Hope the question isnt too general....just thought it might be interesting to learn....

Thanks all as always

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RE: Paying For Extra Baggage Online - Weight Issue

Thu Nov 06, 2008 1:01 pm

Every airline has loading priorities.

Basically it is:


There are times that Cargo gets more important than baggage but I am quite sure that there is no restriction in terms of accepting baggage. If for any reason there is no space anymore it is simply left behind and will be sent to the destination on the next possoble flight as Rushbaggage.

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